Alpha Smart Phones

30 Day Return Policy

Mobile phones shipped from including used and refurbished smartphone can be returned not later than 30 days in accordance with date mentioned for your purchase receipt. However different products may have different terms and conditions for their return related to them so please keep reading further.


Return Policy for Refurbished Smartphone

If you have purchased a refurbished smartphone and you have encountered any issue while using it, you can request to return your phone within 30 days of the purchase date. Regardless of the brand, make and model of the smartphone, if you have to experience any issue with your purchased phone, you can return to us with no worries at all.


Return Policy for Used Smartphone

Though about used smartphone you must have read on its project page about its condition of the screen, accessories, back cover and more but still you can request a return if you find it damaged or out of order. For used smartphone, please check the product page and read all details thoroughly as timeframe to return these phones may vary. In most of the cases it will be 30 days however this timeframe may vary so it is advisable to check details on product page while you make a purchase.


Return Policy for Brand New Smartphones

Brand new smartphones come with manufacturer warranty. Hence customers are advised to contact the manufacturer to claim their warranty in case they experience any issue with the brand new smartphones. Luckily manufacturers of all brand new smartphones offer one year warranty from the date of purchase so you claim your warranty within 12 months time period.


Replace or Exchange Option for Brand New Smartphones

In some cases we may offer our customers to replace or exchange the purchased products. Customers can request to replace or exchange their brand new smartphones within 30 days from the date of purchase if the packaging has not been opened yet.


Items That Can’t Be Returned

  • All types of brand new, used or refurbished smartphones more than 30 days after delivery
  • Any product missing the purchase receipt that came along the package
  • Any product missing the original packaging
  • Any product missing any of the accessories that were sent along with the product
  • Any product that has been used, damaged or broken by the customer


Items You Can Return

Following items can be returned to within 30 days of purchase:

  • New, used or refurbished smartphone from that didn't work when you receive the delivery
  • It was broken when delivered
  • It is still in an unopened box



Any product: if it is found damaged or broken because of the mishandling by the customer, or parts / accessories are missing / damaged that could happen while customer tried handling / fixing them, may lead the customer to pay the fine for the damages occurred.


Postage for Return

Postage for the return has to be paid by the customer.