Apple Watch 7 Top New Features

24 September

Apple Watch 7 Top New Features

  • Apple Watch display borders are getting thinner, after several years of not changing them. ...
  • Screen 70% brighter: The Apple Watch 7 features a 70% brighter display. ... ...
  • Apple Watch 7 charges faster, at least. The Apple Watch 7 can hold the same amount of battery power for as long as the Apple Watch 6.
  • Apple hasn't made any changes to the Apple Watch's display borders for several years. As a result, the Apple Watch 7's screen is about 20% bigger than its predecessor. Even though the chassis size hasn't changed, the Apple Watch seems larger this year thanks to its narrow 1.7mm bezel.
  • Apple Watch 7 has a 70% brighter screen than its predecessor. Those are big claims we need to verify ourselves, but there was a noticeable difference last year between the Apple Watch and its 50% brighter display, so we're hopeful. 
  • Apple Watch 7 has higher battery capacity, as well as faster charging than the Apple Watch 6. According to Apple, the USB-C cable on the Series 7 iwatch will make charging 33% faster.


Apple Watch 7 Release Date, Price and Pre-Orders


The Apple watchos 7 series 3 starts at 399. Although Apple hasn't announced official pricing for every model, we expect a larger model to start at £429. For Cellular support, which lets your Apple Watch optionally work untethered from your iPhone, we're guessing you'll spend £499 for the smaller size or £529 for the larger size.

Apple Watch 7 pre-orders have not yet been announced. In recent weeks, rumors have circulated that the smartwatch is suffering production delays, potentially delaying its launch. Apple is rumored to release Watch OS 7 series 2 "later this fall," but it has not specified when or how we'll be able to buy it.

Apple Watch 7 Design

Several years have passed since Apple changed the design of its smartwatch. Despite the curved squircle's iconic status, rumors of a redesign were certainly exciting. There were a few leakers saying the iPhone 7 would have a flat edge, but we never saw it.

The Apple Watch 7 has a more rounded design than previous models. Without handling the new smartwatch, it's hard to tell just how smooth the chassis is, but it's clear Apple is going for a softer overall aesthetic. 

This year, the options for cases are quite diverse. Silver and dark grey are the most popular aluminum colors. However, you can also find different shades of green, blue and red. In addition to stainless steel and titanium, Apple also offers the Apple Watch 7 with a premium price tag.

Even though the Apple Watch 7 has the same swim-proof rating (up to 50 meters), it's more dust-resistant this year. The Series 7 has an IP6X certification so you might be excited if you're into outdoor sports. In addition, the watch's geometrics have been altered to increase durability.

Apple Watch Series 7 bands will fit all sizes since the watch this year is not as bulky as previously thought. In 2014, Apple added a Solo Loop option to its silicone band - this year there will be more Nike and designer options available.


Apple Watch 7 Display

Apple Watch 7's display is probably the biggest upgrade in what seems to be merely an incremental update. Display borders for Apple Watch haven't been changed in several years. In comparison with the Apple Watch 6, the display on the Apple Watch 7 is up to 20% larger. Despite the same chassis size, the Apple Watch seems larger, thanks to its 1.7mm bezel. 

Additionally, Apple Watch 7's display is 70% brighter than before. The user-facing display has changed 50%, compared to last year's watch. However, we are optimistic about this year's update. As a result, the Apple Watch 7's screen will have less trouble holding up in direct sunlight, and you'll be able to check time and notifications quickly.

Apple Watch 7 Features

Although Apple watchOS 7 doesn't bring as many new features as we might've hoped, watchOS 8 will bring several software upgrades. upgrades. updates. The new OS brings timers, digital keys, tracking for Tai Chi and Pilates workouts, and mindfulness apps. To learn more about 5 underrated features coming to your Apple Watch in watchOS 8, take a look at our guide. 

Are you interested in trying watchOS 8? The public beta of watchOS 8 can be downloaded here.

Apple Watch 7 offers one feature that's been on our wish list for some time. The Series 7 gains a full keyboard to facilitate typing out messages thanks to its larger screen. This was one of the features we told Apple Watch 7 it should steal from Galaxy Watch 4. 


Apple Watch 7 Battery Life


As with Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch Series 5 before it, the Apple Watch 7 has a battery life of 18 hours. The performance and display quality could be better, but the daily charge is justified by the improved performance.

The new USB-C cable that comes with the Apple Watch 7 can charge it up to 33% faster than before. There is no benefit to the Apple Watch 7 alone - the new charging cable will also boost charging speeds on other Apple Watch models.

Apple Watch 7 Outlook

With the Apple Watch 7 not yet out, it's still too early to make any concrete judgements about the watch. Competitors have stepped up to the plate: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Fitbit Charge 5 and others provide compelling alternatives to Apple Watch. Despite the display upgrades, we're not too bothered that the Series 7 won't ship right away because of the lack of real health upgrades and unchanged battery life. We have a comparison of the Apple Watch 7 vs. Apple Watch SE right now if you're looking for buying advice.
Updates to Apple Watch 7 can be found on this page. Our wait for Apple's new smartwatch will continue as we track availability updates and speculate about new features.

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