Advantages of Buying a Refurbished Mobile Instead of Buying a New One

Advantages of Buying a Refurbished Mobile Instead of Buying a New One

Advantages of Buying a Refurbished Mobile Instead of Buying a New One

Buying a new mobile is an expensive process, however there is another option; you can buy a refurbished mobile. There are many reasons, you may be thinking of buying a refurbished mobile, and many concerns you may have in doing so. However, there are many advantages to, buying a refurbished mobile.

Money Savings

This has to be the main advantage, of buying a refurbished mobile. Refurbished phones are always sold at discounted prices. This can be especially helpful, if your phone has been lost or stolen, or you are still part way through a contract and upgrading would be expensive. New phones are very expensive and when almost new phones can be bought so easily at a cheaper price, it seems crazy to spend so much money. At Alpha Smart Phones we can help you make these savings.

Environmental Impact of Buying a Refurbished Phone

Buying a refurbished mobile is helping the environment. A refurbished phone is a recycled product, which you are keeping out of landfill, and restricting environmental damage.

Warranty When You Buy a Refurbished Phone

When you buy a refurbished mobile, from a reputable company, you will generally get an additional warranty. This not only gives you peace of mind but, should there be any issues with the phone, this will enable you, to get any issues or faults resolved, free of charge, in the warranty period.

Lower Defect Rate in Refurbished Phones

Before being resold, refurbished phones are inspected, serviced, and tested. As a result of this testing, they generally, have a lower defect rate than new phones. Buying a refurbished mobile also means that any original factory errors will have been identified and corrected.

Source of Refurbished Phones

There are a lot of techies, who must have the newest phone on the market, as soon as it is released. They will part exchange their old phone, which most of us would consider new, to purchase the latest model. These almost new phones are then refurbished and resold. Some other refurbished phones are actually new phones, which have been returned unused, because the owner changed their mind. If you are lucky enough to find such a phone, it will be a true find, as it has had, even more testing than a new one!

Love Your Phone?

You just want to replace the phone you already have, you love it, but it is no longer being produced. When new models are released, it can be almost impossible to find an exact replacement for your phone. Buying a refurbished mobile will allow you, to replace your current mobile, with the same phone.

You Want to Keep Your Existing Contract

Buying a refurbished mobile allows you to retain your existing contract. This may well be much more cost effective, than taking out a new contract with a new phone. The benefits of many older style contracts are favourable, to the new contracts, currently on the market.

Worried People Will Know It isn’t New?

Who will know it is refurbished? If you don’t tell people it is refurbished, no-one will have a clue. Once it has been through the service and testing process, you are effectively, buying a new phone.

If you chose an appropriate reseller, like Alpha Smart Phones, there aren’t really any disadvantages to buying a refurbished mobile.