Best Upcoming Phones 2018 | Alpha Smartphones

Find out the best buy phones for 2018

The New Year has only just started, but already the anticipation of the new releases of phones has started. Here we will take a look at which phones are being released this year, and which are the best buy mobiles.

With the new iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy s8 due out this year there is plenty to get excited about. These aren’t the only new phones being released and this is our list, of what is new and exciting for the year. in the smart phone world.


iPhone 8

The iPhone 7 may still be new in our minds but Apple has been working on the next version for a while now. The iPhone 8 is set for release in September this year to mark the iPhones 10th anniversary.

Rumours are already out about its new features and the OLED screen it will have. We have also heard whispering of wireless charging but this has been mooted for years so we are not holding our breath, as always it will be eagerly anticipated as the new best buy mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung are normally first out of the block every year with a new phone however this year may be the exception. The release date of the S8 has just been delayed and rumours are suggesting it will be April before we see it. Leaks suggest it will be an awesome phone, as well as the standard speed boost, it is rumoured to include a finger print screen sensor, an all OLED screen front with a 4K screen display, and an integrated home style button.

Assuming Galaxy has resolved the fire issues of the S7, this will definitely be on our best buy mobile list.

HTC 11

Due to be released at the MWC next month it is rumoured that it will also be renamed, other than rumours on the name there are few rumours around as to what new features the phone will include. Still one to watch though!


Set for launch next month leaks hint at a more stylish look, and solid build quality. According to LG the focus is on aesthetics and usability. It is definitely one to look out for and if last year’s model is anything to go buy it will, yet again, be on our best buy mobile list.

OnePlus 4

OnePlus continue to stand out by offering high end phones at a mid-range price. Their newest addition is due out in the middle of the year with early rumours of a higher screen resolution and an improved camera. It may even have a glass body, though this is still being hotly debated, so we will just have to wait until later in the year to find out. With its appealing price tag if this phone meets expectations it will definitely be on our best buy mobile list.