Common Mistakes Made By People While Buying a Used iPhone

Common Mistakes Made By People While Buying a Used iPhone

Common Mistakes Made By People While Buying a Used iPhone

Thinking to buy a used iPhone? Well, this is not a bad idea but you need to conduct enough research before you buy one. Insufficient research can probably be the most common mistake, people make, when buying a used iPhone. There are some very important things to check, before you buy a used phone. Here we will cover the most important.

What model do you want?

Window shopping for a phone, on looks alone, will not mean you are buying the right phone for you. The process for buying a used iPhone is in many ways, the same as buying a new phone. First, you need to decide, what features you want, and which model is best for you.

Many people, once they have made this decision, find the phone and buy it without making any further checks. If these checks aren’t made, buying a used iPhone can become a very costly mistake.

Buying, a Black Listed Phone

This can happen; if the phone has been stolen, payments have not been made on the phone, or an insurance claim has been made against the phone. Only the original owner of an iPhone can request, that it be removed from the blacklist. If a phone is blacklisted, it cannot be reconnected to any network.

Check for Blacklisting Before Buying a Used Iphone

There are tools available on the web to check if an iPhone has been blacklisted, to check the phone before buying a used iPhone, you will need the IMEI number from the phone. If the seller is not willing to give you the IMEI number, walk away. Removing the phone from the blacklist, does not guarantee, you will be able to use it on your network. Check first, or contact us at Alpha Smart Phones and we can help you.

Check the Phone for Damage

There are obvious checks that can be carried out, to check the phone, if it is useable. The phone might have been dropped in water, it could have had a bad fall, or even had the body replaced. One of the first checks to carry out is to check, the IMEI number on the body, and in the OS match.

Useful checklist of basic checks to make when buying a used iPhone:

  • Examine the exterior, check for scratches and dents, small ones are fine, but hairline cracks of the screen, will cause issues in the future.
  • Check all the buttons for usability.
  • Plug a charger in and check it is charging.
  • Take a photo.
  • Listen to music.
  • Surf the web, over wifi and the cell network.
  • Make a call.
  • Send a text.
  • Look at the display and check if there are any dead pixels.

Check the Warranty and Support Status

Enter the phones serial number on Apple’s website, this will tell you the current warranty and support status of the phone.

Will the Phone Connect to Your Network?

When buying a used iPhone check first, that it can be connected, to your current network. Insert your sim card and check it will connect to your network.

Buying on the Internet

If you buy a used phone on the internet, you will obviously not be able to carry out a lot of these checks. So, an important part of buying from the net is, making sure you have a return option, if anything is faulty, or you have any connection issues.

Once you have done this basic homework you should be safer buying a used iPhone. If you have more questions please let us, at Alpha Smart Phones, help you.