Compare a Used and Refurbished Mobile Phone Before You Buy One

Compare a Used and Refurbished Mobile Phone Before You Buy One

Compare a Used and Refurbished Mobile Phone Before You Buy One

These days we all have a mobile phone, some just make phone calls, and some use as mini computers. When replacing your phone, you could spend hours assessing which phone to buy. Another consideration is; do you buy a new phone or a refurbished mobile phone.

What is a Refurbished Mobile Phone?

Not all refurbished mobile phones are old, in fact some, are as good as new. People buy phones and then change their mind, and return them within days. Even though there is nothing wrong with the phone, and some haven’t even been used, they cannot legally be sold as new. These phones are then returned to the original seller, or manufacturer, who services them, and then resells them as a refurbished phone. Whist they aren’t new, they should work like a new phone. If they don’t then, they are not refurbished mobile phones.

How is a Phone Refurbished?

For a mobile phone to be truly refurbished, it must have been cleaned, serviced, and any faulty parts repaired or replaced, and then tested. The parts that are fixed can vary, though it is most commonly, the screen that will need replacing. The phone may also be given, a new battery. A point to note is that, the sticker indicating water damage is not generally replaced, and if water damage has occurred, this could affect any warranty, you get with are furbished mobile phone.

Refurbished Phone Vs Used Phone

Both refurbished phones and used phones have been used, however the term “used phone” has a more specific meaning. Unlike a refurbished mobile phone, a used phone has had nothing done to it, after its previous owner has finished with it, i.e. it is sold as is. Any faults, technical issues or problems with the phone, will not have been fixed. A refurbished mobile phone has been tested, repaired and cleaned.


A refurbished mobile phone generally comes with a warranty from the manufacturer or reseller. A used phone will have no warranty. When buying, either you should check, as part of your research, that a warranty is included or not.


A refurbished mobile phone will, almost always be more expensive than a used phone. It has been serviced and repaired, and generally comes with a warranty. A used phone has not generally been tested, and therefore, no value has been added.

Reasons to Buy a Refurbished Mobile Phone

The major reason to buy a refurbished mobile phone, rather than a new one, is obviously price. However, compared to a used phone, they will generally be more expensive. For this premium price, you can generally guarantee, that the phone has been serviced, and tested and you have the additional guarantee, of a warranty.

This doesn’t mean it is always best to buy are furbished mobile phone, sometimes the price of a used phone is right, and it is worth buying. In the case of buying a used phone, the pre-purchase checks, are even more important. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at Alpha Smart Phones, and we will be able to help you.