Most Popular Mobiles at Alpha Smartphones

Most Popular Mobiles at Alpha Smartphones

With growing technology smartphones have become an imperative part of our lives. We have become dependent on them for various reasons such as communicating with someone, reminding us of a certain thing, setting a morning alarm, keep a track of our medical history and much more. You can find smartphones in different sizes, colors, shapes and prices. The cost of the phone is directly proportional to the features it offers.

A mid-range smartphone comes with a set of necessary features, whereas an expensive mobile phone is bound to take your breath away. Besides offering outstanding features, an expensive mobile phone defines your class and status. The phone comes handy in a number of situations. Among the most prominent and expensive smartphones of the world, we have Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series. Both iOS and Android come packed with such amazing features that one instantly falls in love with them. We understand that it is not easy to buy a brand-new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S series phone, but there is an alternative as well. You can get your hands on your favorite mobile phone without causing a dent in your pocket. You can always opt for reused or refurbished smartphones.


Apple iPhone

Another popular phone on Alpha Smartphones is iPhone 6. Recently they have also added iPhone 7 to their website. No matter which phone you opt for, you are bound to get something extra-ordinary. These phones may be reused or refurbished, but they for sure don’t like it. Most of these phones are even with a scratch.

Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 5s are to find among the most popular mobiles and most sold on Alpha Smartphones. These two Apple products have been sharing their popularity in the longer period of time, supported by users of different preferences. It is well known that both iPhones have a durable hardware, which actually does not need any upgrades since it is performing without any issues longer than the usual time frame of 2 years. What makes one decide for one model or another is actually the screen size. In the case of Apple iPhone 5s, it is a user-friendly 4-inch screen, which could be easily operated with only one thumb. On the other side, Apple iPhone 6 is a better choice for those who prefer larger screens offering a wider surface for searching the Internet or watching multimedia.


Samsung Galaxy S Series

Since Alpha Smartphones excels in selling high-end smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and other phones of this series, therefore these are among the most popular phones available in their website. All of these phones are in the best condition possible, some of these even come with original accessories and original boxes. Also, the company tends to provide a one-year warranty for most of these mobiles phones. You can get them delivered at your door step in no time.


Samsung Galaxy Vs Apple iPhones

Samsung Galaxy S Phones stand side by side with Apple iPhones when talking about the most popular mobiles and best-selling as well. Ranging from S5 to S6 and S6 Edge this series of smartphones follow modern, functional design accompanied with Android operating system. These devices are proven by their users to be actively in charge for an extended period of time without coming to any serious malfunction or another kind of nuisances. Models S 6 and S 6 Edge are considered as an alternative to iPhone 6 for those users who do not want to go with an Apple’s smartphone. These two models have the same basic technical characteristics considering a processor, cameras with optical image stabilisation, while the design slightly differs. What might serve in favour of Samsung S6 comparing to S5 is bigger and fast chargeable battery (about an hour and 20 minutes), which is non-removable and lasts for 12 hours of continuous browsing, even more by Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.


HTC – An Other Options to Look at

HTC One M8 and HTC One M9 are further solid and attractively designed flagships among the most popular mobiles at Alpha Smartphones. These metal phones could hardly be compared in their exquisite beauty but because the HTC M8 is slightly thinner of it’s next version, it feels more comfortable in hand. Considering technical differences HTC One M9 has an upgraded camera sensor, moved to the front of the smartphone but besides that, there is no any significant evolution. In performances and appearances, both of HTC mobiles can undoubtedly compete with formerly mentioned smartphones.

According to our experience, reliability, consistency of quality and attractive design are criteria which make them the most popular mobiles and best sold at Alpha Smartphones. In the near future, there are no signs of decreasing their popularity among satisfied users.


Best place to Buy Refurbished Smartphones

The important question here is where to find a place that is reliable and it will offer value against your cash. We suggest you have a look at Alpha Smartphones, these people are the best when it comes to selling refurbished and used smartphones in the entire United Kingdoms. They ensure that their user gets the best thing possible. To further improve and enhance their quality, they tend to provide one-year warranty with the refurbished phones they sell. You can find any phone you want on their website, but below we have listed their top selling smartphones.



Alpha smartphone is the best place to buy a high-end mobile phone within your budget. Their bestselling mobile phones include iPhone 6, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. These phones are in perfect condition and some of them come with original boxes and accessories.