Safety Precautions to Consider Before You Buy a Refurbished Mobile

Safety Precautions to Consider Before You Buy a Refurbished Mobile

Safety Precautions to Consider Before You Buy a Refurbished Mobile

Before you buy a refurbished mobile phone, there are some precautions you should take, to ensure, not only you are buying a high quality phone, but also that you are protected should anything go wrong.

Default Factory Settings

When buying a refurbished mobile it is important, to make sure it has been reset to the original factory settings. This will remove all trace of the previous owner. If it has been correctly restored this should also wipe clean the phones memory. If you find any information or settings from the previous owner, this is an indicator that the phone has not been correctly refurbished and you should contact the seller.

Pre-installed apps

Check the phone, to ensure only the default applications are on the phone. Any previously installed applications or games, that have been downloaded, may incur monthly charges. Preinstalled games or applications are a further indicator, that the phone has not been fully refurbished, and may even have spyware on the phone. If you notice any unauthorised payments, or monthly charges, on your bill, you should contact your service provider immediately.

Phone Accessories Included When Buying a Refurbished Mobile

Did you receive all the standard accessories with the phone? Are the accessories you received, the factory issued ones? When buying a refurbished mobile, you must check that the correct charger and computer cable have been included. The wrong charger may not fully charge the phone, or it may not operate correctly. It can even damage a phone. Again the correct cable to connect to a computer should be included.

Warranty Period

Most sellers of refurbished phones include a warranty period, with the sale. This will protect you, from any damage that may not be obvious, before you purchase it. Mobile phones endure bumps, knocks, jolts and even some water damage. Before you buy a refurbished mobile, you need to have reassurance, that such damage will be covered.

The Reseller

Only buy a refurbished mobile from; a reputable dealer, retailer or the manufacturer. If you are not able to verify the credentials of the seller, we would recommend you don’t purchase the phone. A reputable dealer, will be able to provide details of the refurbishment, and will hold details of previous owners.

Model History

Some models of phones have a history, of problems associated with them that, persist even after refurbishment. Always research a model’s overall performance and reviews before you buy a refurbished mobile. Whilst you may be able to buy one of these cheaper it may have inherent issues that can’t be resolved.


Buying a refurbished mobile, should be cheaper than buying a new phone. If they are the same or a very similar price, you should question why, and consider not buying the phone. Again if the phone is very cheap, you should consider there may issues with the phone, that are not immediately apparent, and the price may be too good to be true.

If you are unsure about anything or have any questions, about buying a refurbished mobile, please contact us here at Alpha Smart Phones, and we will do everything we can to help you.