Tips & Pointers to Consider Before You Buy a Used Phone

Tips & Pointers to Consider Before You Buy a Used Phone

Tips & Pointers to Consider Before You Buy a Used Phone

Buying a used phone can save you a lot of money if you’re not too concerned about having the latest thing. However, there are several things you should pay attention to before you buy a used phone. There is always a risk that the phone could have been stolen, have functional issues, or simply not be what it was reported to be in the advertisement. That’s why it’s important to do your research and be vigilant when you plan to buy a used phone.

Make Sure It’s Unlocked

There is no point in buying a phone that you can’t actually use with you current SIM. Ensure that the phone is unlocked and can work on the network you receive your telephone service from.

Know Your Pricing

Research the costs of the smartphone you want. If you know what it costs to buy it brand new in stores, then you’ll be able to figure out which phones are overpriced when you go to buy a used phone. Without this knowledge, you can easily be scammed into paying far more than a used phone is worth. Also, take the condition of the phone into consideration when searching. A super cheap phone may seem appealing until you realise too late that it has every problem a phone can have. Cheapest isn’t always the best.

Pick Your Sources Carefully

It can be tough to decide where to buy a used phone from. The very best method is to meet a seller in person, as you can test your SIM, inspect, and try various features of the phone before you pay and walk away. However, this may not always been possible, or you may want a better assortment of phones to choose from. In this case, you can try mediums such as Alpha Smart Phones and others to locate a phone to your liking. In fact, you can couple many online shopping methods with an in-person meeting to increase your chances of both finding your preferred phone and not being scammed.         

Issues to Look Out for With a Used Phone

There are several things to pay attention to when you plan to buy a used phone. For one, ensure that any cosmetic damage is reflected in the price. If the damage is severe and the price of the phone is too close to that of a brand new equivalent, use this either as a negotiation point, or as a red flag to back away from the deal. When you meet with the seller, ensure that it is in a location convenient to a thorough check of the phone. Check everything, including how well the adapter connects, and whether it powers the power consistently, or has to be jiggled into a certain position.

If possible, have a spare adapter on hand so you can gauge whether it is the adapter head or the phone charge port itself that is damaged. Insert your SIM and ensure that it connects to the network, even if the seller told you the phone was unlocked. Open the back cover and see how the battery and other ports look. If you can be somewhere with Wi-Fi, try out some applications to see how quickly they start and if any glitches appear right away. You may not be able to catch everything, but the more research and testing you do before you buy a used phone, the fewer surprises you will have in the long run.