Top 5 Most Valuable Used Mobile Phones to Buy

Top 5 Most Valuable Used Mobile Phones to Buy

Top 5 Most Valuable Used Mobile Phones to Buy

Many of us are looking to buy the best phone on the market but our budget won’t stretch that far. The used phone market is a good place to look for the same model at a cheaper price. There is a huge selection of used mobile phones to buy, either on the internet or from a local reseller.

When you are looking at which used mobile phone to buy, you will check reviews, ask the experts, and test out all the phones, but still your selection will be subjective. One way of letting the market tell you, which is the best quality phone, is to look at the resale value of all the phones.


Which are the Best Used Mobile Phones to Buy?

The market leading phones and the highest rated phones will always be in greatest demand, commanding premium prices in both the new and used markets. Theses phones will continue to hold their value, should you be looking to resell the phone again in the future.


Current Top 5 Rated Smart Phones

The current top 5 rated smart phones on the market are all new releases. There are not many of these available yet, on the used phone market but if you hunt around you will find them. Whilst you will pay a premium price for them, these phones will retain their value longer than older or lower rated phones:

  1. iPhone 7 Plus
  2. iPhone 7
  3. Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge
  4. Samsung Galaxy
  5. LG G5


Which Phones Keep Their Value?

Some mobile phones always retain their value better than others. When buying a used mobile phone it is worth considering, how long you will be keeping it for and if you do want to resell it in the future, which are the best used mobile phones to buy.

Although many sites rate the Samsung as the best phone on the market currently, iPhones still hold their value better. Consequently they will always be more expensive to buy but if you are considering reselling at a future date they will also hold their value better.

The current market leaders in the smart phone market are Apple and Samsung both phones command premium prices. When looking at the resale value of both, after 18 months, the iPhone retains 53% of its original value, as opposed to, 42% for the Samsung.

Other Points to Consider

Even with the market leaders, some phones are better received than others, for example, the Galaxy s7 appears to be more impervious to depreciation, than the s7 Edge. One of the most important points to consider, when buying a smart phone, is the mark up charged for unique features. These mark up prices, are often lost on resale value, as statistics show they tend to depreciate faster, than the more standard models.

For the moment the most valuable used mobile phones to buy remain the iPhone and Samsung brands. Though even within these, if you want the best return on your money, stick to the standard brands. If you are unsure which phone to buy and would like some advice, here at Alpha Smart Phones we will be able to help you for sure.