Benefits of having a Black Friday Or Cyber Monday Sale

25 September

1. Cyber Monday Is Terrible for Productivity

Tens of millions of Americans use their work computers to find the best deals on the Monday after Thanksgiving, which is a workday for most 9-to-5ers. 52% of respondents to a Robert Half survey (reported by CNBC) said they would check for Cyber Monday deals from their desks. Cyber Monday is by far the most popular day of the year for "workshopping," followed by Amazon Prime Day.

There aren't many employers can do to stop determined deal-seekers from online shopping at the office, especially on the West Coast, where most retailers wrap up their deals by early evening Eastern Time. Robert Half did not calculate the precise productivity loss associated with Cyber Monday, but it is likely to be millions of dollars (if not more).

2. Black Friday Is More Mobile

Cyber Monday is marginally more mobile-friendly than Black Friday. Marketing Land reports that 34% of all Black Friday purchases in 2018 came from mobile traffic sources, while Cyber Monday purchases came from 28%. According to TechCrunch, Cyber Monday sales totaled more than $2 billion on smartphones.

3. Black Friday Is Great for Electronics Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest retail events, but the two events have distinctive focuses. In particular, Black Friday is a good day to buy heavily discounted electronics, such as TVs, mobile phones, PCs and PC equivalents, AV equipment, and home office equipment.

Although Black Friday is great for shopping for electronics, it's not the absolute best time to shop. Christmas shopping day is not a holiday. The smart electronics buyer waits until January when retailers must liquidate aging stock that isn't selling during the holiday season.

4. Cyber Monday Is Great for Home Goods and Soft Goods

Contrary to popular belief, Cyber Monday is a better fit for clothing and home goods, such as furnishings and fixtures. Make sure the retailer you purchase clothing from has a generous return policy if you're shopping on Cyber Monday.

5. Black Friday Is More Stressful

Black Friday shopping veterans know how crazy it can get, despite the fact that stress is subjective. Brick-and-mortar Black Friday shoppers experience long lines in the early hours of the morning, thick crowds in storefronts, backed-up parking lots, heavy traffic on nearby streets, the argument over limited-quantity merchandise, and many other dangers.

The Cyber Monday shopping frenzy contrasts with Black Friday. Getting up earlier than usual and the lengthier load times on busy shopping sites are the biggest inconveniences.

6. Cyber Monday Is Prone to Scams

In the retail data security industry, headlines are only made by the biggest, flashiest, and most disruptive incidents. For every Target or Home Depot data breach that leaks tens of millions of individuals' financial and personal information, there are hundreds or thousands of smaller-scale cyber thefts.

It's no wonder Cyber Monday is an e-commerce scammer's heaven: fake websites designed solely to steal credit card information, fly-by-night businesses that steal your money and disappear, and phony or counterfeit products sold under false pretenses. Cyber Monday is not the only day to be aware of cyber security threats.

Final Word

Cyber Monday 2019’s all-time e-commerce record isn’t likely to stand for long.

Cyber Monday sales have increased almost without interruption since the dawn of e-commerce. As e-commerce platforms expand and consumers become more comfortable buying a wider range of products and services online, it’s now crystal clear that the future of retail is digital. 

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