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AirPods compatibility: Products That Work With Airpods?
AirPods can work with any device that's running iOS 10 or later, watchOS 3 and macOS Sierra, or an Apple TV with tvOS 1 or later – so that includes iPhone 5, SE and the iPhone 6 and onwards. You will need an iCloud account though as that's what 'links' them to your devices
iPhone Power Cables and Adapters: Is Fast Charging Worth The Price?
Power adapters for iPhone. You can connect iPhone to a power outlet using its charging cable (included) and a compatible power adapter
Is It Worth Getting AirPods With Wireless Charging Case?

As In order to provide consumers with more convenience, AirPods become increasingly high-tech. As an example, wireless charging will soon be available, but at a higher price. Perhaps you are wondering: Does it make sense to get AirPods with a wireless charging case?

AirPods and AirPod cases are becoming increasingly popular, and the general consensus is that no matter what option you choose, you will get a high-quality product. The additional feature of wireless charging might be enough to make some people want to spend more.

The AirPods Wireless Charging Case is a wireless charging case for your AirPods that powers through a wireless charging pad. Learn how it works and whether it is worth the additional cost.

Is the AirPods Wireless Charging Case Worth It?

In short, yes. Its added convenience and increased charging options make it well worth the cost. Many newer AirPod models come with an AirPods Wireless Charging Case, such as the AirPods Pro and the 3rd generation AirPods. In addition, a wireless charging case can also be bought separately so that it can be attached to existing AirPods.

So In a wireless charging case, how do AirPods differ from AirPods with a charging case? One of the most significant differences is wireless charging. If you use this case, you can charge it wirelessly by placing it on a wireless charger. Instead of plugging it in, you can power it up wirelessly. However, you can still do this in certain situations if the latter is preferable. 

It is important to keep in mind that wireless charging does not charge the case as quickly as wired charging. The traditional wired charger might be a better choice if you need your AirPods charged quickly.

Based on the wireless charger you use, the AirPods case will take a different amount of time to charge. If fully charged, you can use the AirPods for about five hours of listening and three hours of talking. Putting AirPods back into the case intermittently will give you over 24 hours of listening time. When charged, the case acts as a charger for the AirPods. 

AirPod cases can be charged wirelessly, and it is a simple process, simply place it on a wireless charger. Look at your AirPod case's LED indicator when it's charging - it will turn orange, and to check when it's fully charged, wait until the LED indicator turns green.

Please keep in mind that battery life will wane over time with most chargeable, battery-operated products. Most gadgets have this feature, including your mobile phone, laptop, and AirPods. If you own the product for a year or more, you won't see the same number of charged hours. However, it won't deteriorate completely or severely. 

The wireless charger available on AlphaSmartPones is just that. This wireless case charger is compatible with AirPods and comes with multiple features and a sleek look.

It will also charge your phone, since our wireless charger is Qi-enabled, so it will not only work with your AirPods but also with other Qi-enabled devices. This product is equipped with a temperature control module, which provides peace of mind by preventing overheating of the device while charging, removing the risk of short-circuiting and surges. With a round shape, a reflective black surface, and either a black or rose gold border, the charger is thin and stylish. Although it may not be as large as some chargers, it is a very attractive product. 

The device provides a fast-charging solution for your AirPods, ensuring that you have a fully-charged case for many hours of continuous listening and talking throughout the day. The USB-C connector also allows for efficient device charging.

In order to prevent the charger from slipping during the charging process, the bottom has rubber, which prevents the charger from slipping. Slippage could cause the charger as well as the device it is charging to be damaged. Furthermore, it prevents the charger from scratching any surface it is placed on. You can leave your AirPods protective case in place while charging since the charger can transmit power through any material such as rubber, plastic, or TPU. By removing the protective case, you prevent any damage or breakage from occurring and ensure that your AirPods will remain intact and safe for a longer period of time.


You can add convenience to your everyday life by purchasing a wireless charging case for your AirPods. Wireless charging cases can be somewhat expensive, but they are very useful. 

Wireless charging helps simplify the charging process and reduces the need for outlets and wires. Putting your AirPods case on the wireless charger for charging makes the charging process easier. If it is more convenient or if you want your AirPods to charge as fast as possible, in addition to charging wirelessly, you can still charge via a wire.

If you are going to use your AirPods case, be sure to get a protective case, to ensure the device is protected from inevitable drops and bumps, and to reduce scratching. 

As well as a charging case for AirPods and a protective case, you will need a good quality wireless charger that provides fast and efficient charging, as well as allows you to keep your protective case on your AirPods while charging to prevent any damage.

AirPods Max Wireless Bluetooth Headphones- Buy With Confidence

The over-ear head headphones are completely innovated and redesigned. Wired and Wireless AirPods are designed to create optimal acoustic seals, which are flexible with different head shapes. It is designed for a perfect fit, which makes you immerse in every sound you listen to. It ranges from cushion to canopy 


Canopy Style

Canopy is designed in such a way that it distributes the weight all over the head section. The reparable knit mesh is used during the manufacturing of the canopy spanning the headband. The remarkable combination of, flexibility, strength and comfort, The soft material coating is done on stainless steel. For consistent grasping and seal stay where you set and extend smoothly. The beautifully anodized aluminum cups adopt a fantastic mechanism that allows each cup to swing comfortably without disturbing the pressure.


Cushion Style

A custom-depict mesh textile encapsulated the ear cushions to provide pillow-like easiness while listening. Crafted with acoustically designed memory texture, the ear cushions amazingly create an immersive seal that is the foundation of incredible sound. You can actively control sound, and volume, activate Siri, answer phone calls and skip between tracks with the digital crown.


Audio Quality For Audiophiles 

Airpods Max combines allegiance and unparalleled listening experience delivered by industry-leading active noise cancellation for the sake of an unparalleled sound enjoying the experience. In order to produce sound with ultra-low distortion across the audible range, each sector of their engineered-built driver works to grow these features. you will be able to enjoy the new feeling of clarity in every sound ranging from deep rich bass to efficient middle sound quality crystal clear highs without any distortion. To cancel the useless sound effects, there is a surprise encapsulated in Airpods Max which is a total of six, in order to detect sound in your environment their faces are outward, in order to measure what you are hearing there is an extra set of 2 inward-facing microphones. To separate your voice on audio call beamforming microphones play their role. So in the cyclonic condition, you can clearly hear the sound. The dynamic driver designed by apple plays role in producing a high-quality frequency range and also hands in hand in providing you the best experience of sound and delivering your best music with astonishingly high quality. The driver’s dual-neodymium ring magnet motor checks and remove the error that can harm the smoothness of the sound across the entire audible range so even at a high pitch, playback will be clear precisely.


Spatial Audio

Spatial audio applies passage audio filters and exquisitely adjusts the prevalence that each ear gains to place sound partially anywhere in space for an entrancing listening awareness. The point uses detectors in the AirPods Max along with detectors in the iPhone or iPad to trace and note the motion of a person's forehead as well as the locality of their device, visualizing the motion data and redrawing the sound area so that it stays harbor to the system even as the forehead moves.


Transparency Mode

Transparency Mode can be powered for users who are puzzled about Active Noise Cancellation muffling the sounds in the surrounding, which is helpful when it's vital to hear what's going on.

Transparency mode turns low the Active Noise Cancellation so AirPods Max holders can listen for vehicles, hear airport declarations, and more, without disturbance to the power of their audio, they are listening with ease. On AirPods Max, Transparency mode can be powered on by pressing the noise control button which occupies the topmost position in headphones. Adaptive EQ gives an excellent sound experience by adjusting the music that's playing to the single fit and packing music of the headphones on the head. The inward-facing microphones in the AirPods Max allow what you hear and then properly maintain the rhythms and pitches of the music for a rich, non-stop experience.


H1 Chip

 The other best feature of Apple Airpods Max is its h1 chip, which is also the main feature of Airpods, Airpods pro. For blocking outside noise, these Airpods are engrossed with Apple Active Noise Cancellation technology, for listening through sound around other people it has the feature transparency mode. Apple, whose products encapsulate attainable grandeur and are some of the foolproof mobile devices available, The company’s H1 chip serves to make the Bluetooth slide experience that much smoother and is integrated into the company’s AirPods and some of its Beats products.


Greatest Battery Life 

The AirPods Max battery life spans up to 20 hours of listening to your favorite playback, watching series or seasons, or talking on the phone weather video or audio with both Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio empowered. Apple's synchronizing was held with the volume at 50 percent or above.

A five-minute charge provided by headphones charges with a Lightning cable for 1.5 hours of listening time. It consumes properly two hours for the AirPods Max to charge to full. The AirPods Max has been deprived of power buttons, with Apple instead depending on various power modes to secure battery life.


Case Specialty 

The most amazing feature of AirPods Max is that it preserves charging when AirPods Max reaches the stage of low charging, the case will secure its charging life.


Magical Features 

  • One head detection
  • Announce notifications
  • Always on Siri 

AirPods Max automatically stops its function when you take them off just to make sure that you will enjoy the distortion-free music, when you put them on it will readily resume the playback when you powered them on. in this way you will hardly miss a single beat. With the feature announce notifications Siri can actively update you with all the incoming features. Siri will act like your favorite personal assistant by making you informed with different updates by simple “Hey Siri”.


Why Should Buy From Us

AlphaSmartPhones provides you with all the features of AirPods Max Wireless Bluetooth Headphones at very high quality and budget-friendly rates. If you have read all these with a smile and nodded then you will definitely need to buy these AirPods for yourself. You can check our further budget-friendly deals for yourself. It’s so enjoyable. joined with the smooth fabric of the ear pads, these are genuinely easy pairs of headphones that you can wear for hours without suffering a bit of weakness. Beyond that, the foundation of these things is clearly Apple. They are obviously stunning in every way. The cool aspect of the aluminum ear cups, the enjoyably smooth-yet-resistive potency of the outlying farms and the complicatedly woven mesh on the canopy are top-notch.

Buy this amazing gadget from our site and free yourself from all sorts of genuineness as we take all the responsibility for the product’s quality. So you can easily trust and buy Apple Airpods Max with efficient performance and low rates. 


We have a great selection of adaptors to choose from, including all types of top brands at the lowest prices such as Samsung, Apple, Speedy adapters, etc. A spare adaptor is always beneficial as it keeps your phone fully charged. There are now 14 shapes and sizes of plug sockets ranging from Type A to Type N, with power supplies ranging from 100 to 240 volts because there is little global standardization. With 80% of countries adopting more than one type of electric socket this can make getting ready for a holiday or business travel much harder. Various regions have endeavored to systematize power outlets across manifold countries. For example, Type C is used extensively across Europe, however, due to documented reasons each country has its own unique set of power outlets which all use different types of plug sockets, frequencies and voltages

Where To Buy A Power Adaptor 

In major airports, power adapters are more likely to be available, although the array of adapters may be limited. Before shopping at an airport it's recommended to research the exact type of adapter required. Expect to pay 50% more for travel accessories in airport newsagents, electronic stores and pharmacies. In an airport shop, you will be the last person to purchase a power adapter before departure, so be sure to check the return policy so you can easily exchange or refund an unsuitable or faulty product.

Some of the best and trending adapters on our site are Official Samsung 25W Charging Adapter USB-C (Black) for Samsung Galaxy S series, Genuine Apple 12W USB Power Adapter [iPhone Charger/iPad Charger/iPod Charger] Type-A Plug - White, 20W Speedy USB-C Power Adapter For Apple IPhone 13 And All USB-C Port Cables, etc. It will be more convenient and cheaper to buy the correct power adapter in advance of your trip. High street stores normally sell popular types of travel adapters to popular locations but for the widest choice, it is recommended to buy a power adapter online. AlphaSmart phone provides you the opportunity to buy a power adapter online with budget-friendly deals.

Choosing The Right Adaptor For Your Mobile Phone

The first thing you need to think about is what you need when picking out a travel adapter, charging hub, power bank or wireless charging pad. The power supply is imperative. Manufacturers typically note on the specs of their devices the charging power they can deliver. On average, smartphones range in power from 18 to 65 watts, tablets from 45 to 90 watts, and laptops are likely to be 65 to 100 watts. For smaller devices like headphones, a 5W or 10W charger is usually sufficient. Secondly, the charging standard needs to be compatible with this level of power. Devices often support multiple standards that offer different power capabilities, such as super-fast charging. Some smartphones which are made in China utilize proprietary standards that deliver tremendous power. The devices come with chargers, so this is not a problem. Still, if you plan to purchase a multi-charging hub or power bank, you need to know the fallback charging protocol.

  • Type of connector - The type of connector used to connect your charger with your mobile device.
  • The voltage received by the mobile charger as input is the input voltage. It would be either 12 V DC for car chargers or 120 V DC for home chargers.
  • Output Voltage – It is nothing but how many volts of the output current or power is produced by your charger.
  • Output Current – It is the amount of output voltage that is being created.

Various Types of USB Cables

USB -A These are called Standard-A connectors. The original USB connectors are rectangular and flat. The USB-A connector is the most widely used. The USB ports in these devices support most Universal Serial Bus versions from USB1.1 to USB3.0.USB-B These are called standard B connectors. The top of these is usually round or rounded, and the sides are usually square-shaped. Every version of Universal Serial Bus supports these as well. There is another USB-C connector type, referred to as Powered-C, which is suitable for USB 3.0. This connector type is asymmetrical in shape and oval in shape, and it is small and thin. There are more differences between Type A and Type B than just looks. One of the important dissimilarities is that it’s two-sided. That means there is no ‘right-side’ for this coupler 

It supports USB 2.0. 3.0. 3.1, and 3.2. USB C comes with a 24 pin wire that can communicate videos and data as promptly as 10 Gb/s and power up to 100 watts. So, we can use it for authority peripherals, transport data from one device to another, and accusing high-powered devices. USB-min

type-A and B connectors are major versions of USB A and B. They are used in smaller devices for conveying space, like portable cameras games controllers and mobile phones. They are only available a USB 1.1 and 2.0 speed, they come in the variant of 4 and 5 pins. Micro USB for minimizing space in devices, micro USB is used, devices like smartphones, game controllers, and tablets are compatible with these types of ports. they have two configurations that are one for USB 2.0 and the other for USB 3.0. Lightning cable. Apple devices are usually compatible with lightning standardize the way of charging by coming up into existence with the iPhone 5 in 2012, providing the ability to connect with other comes with a thin lightning connector on one side and a Type-A connector on another side. Apple 30, pin connector is probably 80 times larger than this shows the littleness of this lightning is completely reversible just like Type C connectors. it can also be used for uploading and downloading photos, videos, and other media. using lightning to headphone adapter, it can also be compatible with apple earphones.

Important Things To Notice While Buying Mobile Adapters:

In order to purchase the right mobile phone adapter for your mobile device, you should be aware of all the important specifications. Despite the fact that modern smartphones are becoming more popular, the number of desirable specifications has been greatly reduced, making it easier for everyone to purchase a mobile phone adapter. Likewise, if one is buying a charger to connect to the car or home current, the voltage is not something that should really be considered or considered important.

Apple Introduces Gorgeous New Green Finishes For The iPhone 13 Lineup

We’re always looking for ways to make our lives easier and more fun, but sometimes we have to sacrifice a bit of our personal style to achieve this. Nowadays, we can find a lot of beautiful, new finishes for our iPhones. Whether it be a new green or a sleek new black, these finishes make our devices look sleek and modern. We’ve seen some pretty amazing finishes before, but none compare to the new green iPhone. This is a new green finish that’s both elegant and luxurious. The finish is extremely subtle, so you won’t see any signs of this when you use your phone. It has a polished matte finish that makes it look almost like a glass screen. It comes in three different shades, which are the most popular shades for the iPhone.

This Is The Perfect Smartphone Chip: The A15 Bionic

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 are powered by the A15 Bionic chip, which lets you enjoy incredible experiences such as Cinematic mode, offers terrific graphics, and is tightly integrated with iOS 15. A15 is a high-performance mobile workstation that handles the most demanding tasks, is capable of even faster machine learning computations, and with a custom-built image signal processor (ISP) coupled with powerful camera hardware, allows you to take amazing photographs. With the A15 Bionic, more powerful, power-efficient processors, and power optimizations made possible by the tight integration of hardware and software, the Kindle Fire HDX is the most versatile tablet of our generation.

Sophisticated and Durable Design

The new iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, crafted using multiple layers of metallic ceramic materials applied across the surface, is perfectly complemented by the surgical grade stainless steel band and textured matte back glass. The display is larger and more powerful than ever before. The new iPhone series features an elegant color-matched aluminum frame and precise-milled back glass, colorful Super Retina XDR displays, and are available in. The entire lineup is also protected by the exclusive Ceramic Shield front cover and retains an industry-leading IP68 rating for water and dust resistance.

The Most Advanced Camera Systems on iPhone

  • iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have the best cameras on an iPhone ever. They're supercharged with new technology from Apple and work seamlessly with the new iPhone Operating System.
  • Apple launched iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Max to introduce new Wide, Ultra Wide, and Telephoto cameras that capture stunning photos and video, and enable impressive new pro camera capabilities like macro photography and video.
  • The triple-camera system on iPhone 13 includes a Wide camera featuring a new wide-angle sensor, a Depth camera with 6-lens technology, and a Portrait camera with a Retina flash for high-quality portraits.
  • Powered by Apple’s new Neural Engine in the A15 Bionic, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 offer powerful computational photography features, including Smart HDR 4, Deep Fusion, Night mode, Portrait Mode with Portrait Lighting, and Photographic Styles.

Featuring iOS 15

The New Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro and Green iPhone 13 ships with iOS 15.4, which features the ability to use Face ID while wearing a mask, a new Siri voice option, expanded language support for Visual Lookup, new emoji, and much more.

New Software Features on iPhone make it easier to stay connected, take advantage of powerful updates, and work smarter with iPhones.

Face-Time Calls now feel more natural with spatial audio and Portrait mode, Share-Play delivers a way for users to share experiences with friends and family while on a Face-Time call, Focus helps users reduce distraction, notifications have been redesigned, and Live Text uses on-device intelligence to recognize text in a photo and allows users to take action.

Apple Maps takes beautiful directions and explores to new heights. It features the amazing 3D city-driving experience and walking directions in augmented reality.

Loving color For All

The design of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro is absolutely stunning. People love the design of these devices, and we're excited to introduce our stunning new alpine green and green finishes. These new colors join our wide range of gorgeous colors on our iPhone lineup. The new colors give customers more options when buying an iPhone, and we can't wait for them to enjoy the features, performance, and capabilities of the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro.

Refurbished Phones Can Have A Longer Lifespan Than You Think
Refurbished phones can have a longer lifespan than you think. It's a common misconception that refurbished mobile phones have shorter lifespans than new ones. It all depends on how the phone has been refurbished
Alternative With Better Battery Performance: Truly Wireless Apple Airpods 3rd Generation
AirPods Pro can be recommended in good faith as a replacement for AirPods if you must remain within the AirPods family. There is no difference between this and the 3rd generation AirPods, and the secure fit makes them even more comfortable.
Best Christmas December Sale 2021 |Mobile Phone Deals & Offers

Have you been thinking about getting a new phone but are worried about spending the money? Smartphones still succumb to wear and tear even when they're protected by display shields and custom phone cases. You can save some money when it comes time to buy a new smartphone if you're interested in the best models. This week we rounded up all the best smartphone deals that cover every aspect including Samsung Galaxy deals, iPhone deals, and other bargains.

Our site has all the best phone deals. Take advantage now, you'll be glad you did...

One of the top phone deals of 2021 is what you need if you want a new phone and you want it at a good price. We're glad you're here because we're the UK's leading authority on mobile phones & accessories, which makes us an ideal partner for you. The best prices on phones today are accessed by a crack team of deal hunters and specialized deal-hunting technology.

We created this guide to provide you with the best prices on the best mobile phone deals, from AlphaSmartPhones. There's a wide range of smartphones at their cheapest available price, from the Apple iPhone 12 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 20, down to the Apple iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S20.

Browse a selection of the best phone deals below, or view ALL PHONE DEALS right now. Listed below are a variety of ways that you can sort the deals,

  • Best phones
  • Best cheap phones
  • Best Android phones
  • Best wireless chargers

Apple iPhone Deals - Best Buy

More than a decade after the Apple iPhone debuted, the series is still going strong. With the release of the midrange iPhone 11, the flagship iPhone 11 Pro, and the large iPhone 11 Pro Max, 2019 has seen not two, but three new models (a trend that has become common in recent years). Apple announced four new flagship devices in the year 2020 - the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, and Apple has also recently brought back the iPhone SE (the second-gen iPhone SE represents an excellent mid-range flagship alternative similar to Google's Pixel 3a). This means there will be five new Apple phones in 2020, providing more options than ever before for anyone looking to upgrade their iPhone.

It is sometimes difficult to find Apple iPhone deals. While prepaid and unlocked iPhone deals on new and slightly older models are still available, bargain hunters can find prepaid and unlocked deals with carrier sign-up offers or by simply going refurbished. It's a good idea to check out recently discontinued devices such as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, which are great flagships from 2018 that are now a lot cheaper, but still relatively new when it comes to everyday smartphones.

Deals on Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones

Galaxy smartphones remain the dominant players in the Android smartphone market more than ten years after their launch, and they could potentially be considered Apple's main competitors in the U.S. (though Apple presently enjoys a greater market share in the U.S. than all Android phone brands combined). In keeping with its name, the Galaxy S10 represents the tenth generation of Samsung's main flagship line, but Samsung got in on the 2020 spirit in February when it announced the new flagship for the S-series, the Galaxy S20. As alternative flagships to the S-series devices, Samsung also offers a Note series of phones that feature larger screens and stylus pens. The Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are more impressive than the S-series devices in our opinion. Besides the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung also introduced the Galaxy Fold, a larger (almost iPad Mini-like) smartphone that turns into a flip phone when folded.

With three next-generation Galaxy devices available in 2021, the release strategy hasn't changed much from last year, including the Galaxy S21, the larger Galaxy S21 Plus, and the premium Galaxy S21 Ultra (which is our least favorite of the bunch). Samsung didn't exactly reinvent the wheel, but these are all solid phones. There are plenty of deals to be found on recently released smartphones like these when you take advantage of the below carrier offers; however, if you don't mind last-gen phones, you can also find some great prices on carrier-unlocked devices like the Galaxy S10, Note 10, and other 2019 flagships.

December 2021: the best Christmas mobile phone deals

Investing in a mobile phone deal is likely to be one of your most valuable investments. We will be glad to help you find the right price handset deals. There are a lot of factors to consider with your next mobile phone deal, whether you're looking for the most powerful flagship phones, a budget phone, or just the best iPhones

Lastly, we offer guides devoted to each of the three big handsets if you are in a position where you know you want one. You can also look at our Samsung phone deals, Apple iPhone deals, and iPhone deals guide for a more detailed look.

Black Friday Phone Deals 2021:Our Predictions

 Experts make 3 predictions for Black Friday 2021

1. Smartphones: Black Friday is the best time of year for Apple discounts. AlphaSmartPhones tend to offer the best deals of the year. One thing to keep in mind: Avoid any other retailer Black Friday sale. We will offer better prices than Apple's faux holiday sale etc.

2- Airpods: At the start of the holiday season, we offered air pods of 2 generations - for just in a very inexpensive price. It's a price I haven't seen so far this year, which leads me to think that these amazing pods won't get cheaper than that during the holiday season.

 3- PS4: Unfortunately, buying a PS4 is going to be near- impossible this holiday season. So my advice is to hunker down and try to score one during a PS4 restock event before the holiday rush. Sure, we'll see PS4 black on games and accessories, but the consoles themselves will be hard to find. I wouldn't be surprised if at least one store makes shoppers line up in the morning for a chance to buy it. To avoid all that, make sure to bookmark our PS4 camouflage tracker for the latest updates on when to buy the PS5.

iPhone Deals:

  1. Black Friday iPhones
  2. Black Friday Samsung phones
  3. Black Friday phone accessories

AlphaSmartPhones' present Black Friday phone deals offer the best opportunity all year round to bag a bargain on any number of coveted devices. Regardless of whether you're on team Apple or team Android, there are going to be fantastic options throughout this month. We've put together this handy guide to Black Friday phone deals to tell you everything you need to know, save you some hard-earned cash, and score you the right device. While there are already a few retailers and carriers here and there launching their Black Friday sales (which we've listed below), we would expect the vast majority to launch their best prices at the end of the month.

What are the top Best Buy Black Friday 2021 deals?

Since we've been covering Black Friday phone deals for a couple of years now, we've got a pretty clear idea about what should be coming down the line. Expect huge discounts on unlocked devices, big trade-in rebates from the top carriers, and maybe even a newly released iPhone flagship...

Our deals for Black Friday

This year AlphaSmartPhones bring a factor you haven't seen over Black Friday before – stock issues. A few key devices are struggling with both stock and delivery dates. This means if you see a deal you're liking, it is worth grabbing it straight away. Black Friday will fall on November 26, but you can expect a large array of Black Friday deals to drop way before that date. Retailers love an early sale, phone carriers included, so definitely expect to see discounts as early as late October. We'll be updating this page regularly throughout the year, including with the deals as they drop, so feel free to bookmark and revisit at a later date. This is when we'll hopefully see the best budget devices as well as big flagship discounts on the google pixel 6, iPhone 13 series, the OnePlus 9 and Samsung's Galaxy S21 trio. However, something to keep in mind this year is the stock issues we're seeing. A lot of big handsets like the iPhone 13 series, Google Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S21 range might struggle to stay in stock during Black Friday.

Black Friday phone sales at a glance at AlphaSmartPhones

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