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15 Things that Siri can do for you on your Refurbished iPhone 5S

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iPhone 5S is a phone that comes packed with a number of amazing features. The phone offers a 4.0-inch display having a screen resolution of 630x 1132 pixels. The camera is also great, an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 1.2-megapixel front one.

The phone is fast, it is efficient because of its 1 GB RAM and 1.3GHz process. But do you know what is the best feature of your refurbished iPhone 5S it is Siri.

An outstanding virtual assistant that can help you do a lot on your phone. You can tell Siri to call you brother and it will, you can tell it to leave a message for a certain person in your contact list, it will do that as well.

With every upgrade, Siri gets better. The latest update even lets you change how Siri pronounces words, isn’t this cool.  There are multiple other things that Siri can do for you, below we have listed most of them.


15 Things that Siri can do for you on your refurbished iPhone 5S:


  1. The first cool thing that Siri can do for you is to make a reservation for you at your favorite restaurant.
  2. Do some cool mathematical calculation, for instance, you tell Siri “What is 10 percent of 3” it will give you the answer in no time.
  3. Siri can tell you regarding the phone that is flying over your head, all you have to say is “What Planes are overhead” and you will be presented a chart contain information regarding planes that might be nearby.
  4. Siri can read a tweet by people for you.
  5. It can find reminders and appointments.
  6. Can tell you the weather forecast.
  7. Currency Conversation! Yes, sir can do that for you all you have to say is what is 5 euro in pounds and it will give you the answer.
  8. Siri can add reminders for you, tell it to remind you for a certain thing at a certain time
  9. Similarly, Siri can delete a reminder for you, just tell Siri to delete a certain reminder, make sure you take the reminders name correctly. If you don’t remember, tell it to show you all the reminders list and then choose.
  10. Siri turn on and off Wifi, Bluetooth. It can increase and decrease volume and brightness.
  11. Siri can read a text message for you.
  12. It can set and delete alarms and timer on your refurbished iPhone 5S.
  13. Siri can email someone.
  14. Siri can provide you directions to a certain place.
  15. Siri can tell you all about movies, rating, reviews etc.

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