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Here’s the Newest Apple’s iPhone X – Review the Smartphone Revolution

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Apple iPhone X

A lot of people are talking about the latest Apple iPhone x that has gained the attraction of everyone due to its meticulous design and stunning features. Though it is coming with a little higher price as compared to other mobiles but it seems it has the worth of its price.

An extremely beautiful device 5.8 inch OLED Display, curving back glasses, and stainless steel band create a dazzling reflection.  It is more adjustable in hands if we compare it to the iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy 8, less slippery, thicker, delivering a different experience and a strong opponent for its rivalries.

For Apple it wouldn’t be wrong a first class set of its own. Increased screen size, OLED display, and advance LCD panels with no home button. It is also the first iPhone providing True Face ID scanner that means a more advance and stylish way to unlock your phone easily. You have not the style in hand but your security cannot be breached through.


Super OLED iPhone X Display:

Apple iPhone x possesses the most powerful screen density Super Retina Display” with 1125 x 2436 pixels. It is one of the highest resolutions iPhone has ever introduced. It provides a vibrant crystal clear display that we can expect from an OLED display.

Smartphone ranking depends a lot on screen size and the style, same with the iPhone x that dictates a huge screen with no Home Button, will be  a bit inconvenient for its users, but will be used to it with the time.


Face ID- loaded with the Latest Camera System:

We have noticed that Apple does experiment every year as it did last time to remove headphones jack and this time the home button in iPhone X and gives an end to Touch ID Authentication and has made it more convenient for the user to unlock phone from the facial recognition by adding Face ID Feature into the latest Apple iPhone.

Moreover, this feature works great due to the supportive camera behind it loaded with all the latest technology that helps to produce better results with impressive speed. It is equipped with many sensors and also has an IR depth camera that throws thousands of Infrared dots to read the match that you have originally stored into the phone system.

Apple iPhone X Face ID feature will not work if the user is not paying attention; it means it is highly impressive as compared to other mobiles that were offering this technology in the name of fun. According to Apple, this feature learns your face even you have made changes to your face by changing the hair style, or you have glasses, it will learn it.

Now there are least chances to make this feature fool as we used to do with the previous smartphones those were not actually built up for the security purpose but one can say an initiative that Apple has proved now.


No Home Button:

Apple iPhone X has given a new way to open up with the smartphone- no Home Button that has changed the interface experience in the Mobile industry itself actually. That is what a class actually like about this company that is never afraid of doing experiences and these daring steps make it successful too.

You need to only tap on the screen, or just pick it up; the display is just playing in your hand. Apple also has changed some features approach such as if you want to use card reader function, it will ask you for facial recognition.


Experience the Impressive Front and Back Camera:

The front camera of iPhone X is coming with the multiple new features including the animated emoji that will response to your face. Portrait mode lovers can have this feature on the front camera, amazing filters in Snap chat have been added, and the point is Apple has made a great move to focus on the front camera s compared to the rear one due to the inkling behaviour of the users to the selfies. The rear camera has been redefined also it has dual lenses with the brighter f/2.4 telephoto lens.


iPhone X Core Specs:

iPhone X is loaded with much impressive faster CPU as compared to iPhone 7. It is equipped with six cores that provides swift programing and gives better AR and gaming experience. The latest A11 Bionic chip means to enjoy mobile games with the extreme graphics flawlessly.

The efficient cores offer 70% extra speed for a flawless experience. Though Apple has not opened up about the RAM but according to internal resources Apple iPhone X is loaded with the 3 GB RAM.


Improvised iPhone X Battery Life:

According to the Apple officials on launching ceremony, iPhone X gives two hours extra battery timing as compared to the iPhone 7. It means iPhone X is coming with the faster charging capabilities.

You will also have adapter and USB C Cable. Previously the fast charging option was only limited to the iPad pro Tablets, but this time iPhone X will not let you down.


Initial Verdict:

From exterior to interior Apple iPhone X seems the best smartphone that is loaded with more improved features, from battery to the processor, body to the display, camera to the latest Facial ID Recognition, Apple has penetrated its engineering to this smartphone.

Though, one cannot give a comprehensive review until we have it in November hopefully. Also seems a little higher in price but it is going to be very popular indeed.

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