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Which One you Should Buy? Comparison Between iPhone X & iPhone 8

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Apple iPhone 8

Apple released its three handsets on 12th of September; people were excitedly waiting for new iPhone models. It released iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. iPhone X is totally different from previous models of iPhone.

The home button has gone. Apple introduced face scan lock, while buy iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus still have the Home button with the fingerprint scanner which is same as older models of iPhone. This new smartphone also got the edge to edge display. The OLED shaped screen is new to Apple`s iPhone.

The arrival of three Apple iPhones together really made people confuse, which iPhone is right to buy. Here we will discuss major features of these three phones, so it might help you to choose right smartphone for you.


 Why you Want to Buy Apple iPhone 8?

  • Apple has used glass for back cover rather than using Aluminum of new iPhone. that gave a new look to iPhone rather than iPhone`s traditional looks. Apple has also introduced wireless charging in its new model; you just need the Qi-compatible charger to charge your new iPhone 8. The Qi-compatible charging port, this technology already introduced in some new cars and Starbucks. You can charge your iPhone at every place everywhere you want.
  • Apple has introduced same A11 Bionic processor for its all three new phones. This chip has really amazing surprises for you. You will find actual applications and games in games in App store. AR feature can be done by all recent iPhones but these new models are the expansion of AR.
  • If we talk about Camera of new Apple iPhones then the primary camera is same as iPhone 7, but it has improved larger and faster sensors. It is 12 megapixels and f/1.8, if you love to click then you will find it marvelous and excellent. Apple adds optical stabilization in it and also it can record 4k videos at different FPS e: g 24, 30.
  • Apple has added best battery life to its new smartphones. But Apple iPhone has touch ID feature, on the other hand, iPhone X has Face ID. You can just unlock your iPhone with just one look. You will prefer this iPhone if you don’t want to upgrade your unlock style and still prefer Touch ID system.
  • It is easy to hold in hand rather than iPhone X. Even iPhone 7 cases still fit on it.


Reasons you Not Want to Buy iPhone 8:

  • It has a few updated features in its camera. It has the smaller screen as compared to iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X things don’t seem too real as compared to iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X.


Why you Buy the iPhone 8 Plus?

  • It has many same features of iPhone 8, like wireless charging improved camera with portrait lightening. It has a great processor and has the larger display than iPhone 8.
  • It has the 5.5-inch display. And it really makes things real and also has amazing color tones. Its large display really made things real; you will love to watch videos on YouTube and also will love Instagram things.
  • It has best battery life. It supports Touch ID feature because may some people don’t want to move from touch ID feature and want to unlock their iPhone with a stare at the screen.
  • iPhone 8 plus is too much familiar with refurbished iPhone 7 plus even you can fit cases of iPhone plus to iPhone 8 plus.

Apple offers this iPhone in amazing three colors, Gold, silver, and black.


Why you Not Want to Buy iPhone 8 Plus?

  • A plus phone should have something extraordinary but iPhone 8 doesn’t have something different from all the smartphones of this age. It is same as iPhone with some upgraded feature.
  • It has a good display but not amazing as OLED display of iPhone X.

Apple offers this iPhone in amazing three colors, Gold, black and silver.


Why you Want to Buy iPhone X?

  • This is one of the amazing iPhones ever. Apple leaves its traditional style behind and releases this amazing and unique iPhone. It has got OLED edge to edge, 5.8 inches amazing screen with stainless steel frame.
  • It supports HDR video, and its OLED display has better contrast. It has amazing Face ID. You can just unlock your iPhone X with just one look at your iPhone. This feature is newly introduced to iPhone.
  • It has a unique feature that uses for Face Id and different type of selfies like Animoji or portrait selfies mode. You also have a feature with which you can click selfies with blur background. Other Apple iPhones don’t support these features.
  • It has a dual camera. It has better aperture than other smartphones, it has aperture f/2.4 vs. f/2.4. And also supports telephoto portrait lens.
  • Both camera; primary and secondary camera, supports optical stabilization even it can click fabulous pictures in Dark too.


Buy Apple iPhone X:

  • Apple removes Home button in iPhone X, and some people prefer Touch ID rather than Face ID. It is the most expensive smartphone of this age.
  • Such an expensive smartphone also needs a great care. You need to do great care of it as compared to other iPhones.

Apple offers this phone in two amazing colors, Black, and silver.


What do All Three New iPhone Models have in Common?

All three new Apple phones have many features in common. Wireless charging, IP67 water and dust resistance, same primary and secondary camera, same maximum brightness, same A11 Bionic, same solid glass at both sides, fast charging and 3D Touch.


Which New iPhone you Should Choose?

If you want to buy one of these and you are confused between these three iPhones. Looking for a smartphone with a large display then you should see  cheap iPhone X deals, but if you want Touch ID over Face ID then you should prefer iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus.

All the latest smartphones by Apple are just meticulous that meet the user requirement with challenging every latest smartphone with the latest features.

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