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15 Hacks Must to Know Before Buy Used or Refurbished iPhone

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Refurbished iPhones

Apple is one of the top smart devices selling brands. It offers best and most durable devices to its users. Every technology lover dream for it, if you have really good sense of smart devices then you can’t resist yourself to fall in love with Apple devices. It never refuses its users about the quality of its products, you can`t doubt its features and performance.

iPhones are Apple`s smartphones which are famous all over the world. iPhone is simply amazing. Everybody dreams about Apple iPhone but everybody is also familiar with this thing that it is a high street smartphone. Everybody wants to get hands-on latest iPhone smartphone but iPhone is an expensive smartphone not everyone can easily afford it.

But being not able to buy a brand iPhone isn’t an issue, you can buy used and refurbished iPhone in reasonable price. Here I am going share a few things with you people which will ease you buying used and refurbished iPhone.


Hacks to Know before Find Cheap iPhone Deals:-

Not every person is familiar with pros and cons of a used and refurbished smartphones. Maybe you meet up with a fake retailer. There are many people who sell fake and stolen iPhone. It is very hard to ensure that you’re getting the right and actual product. To avoid any kind of misshapen during the purchase of a used or refurbished iPhone read the points written below.


1.         Assured That you’re Not Buying a Fake iPhone:

Before buying your used or refurbished iPhone be sure you’re not buying a fake iPhone. There are many retailers who sell fake iPhones instead of genuine one. Some seller sells stolen iPhone, so be careful while buying your used or refurbished iPhone.

Before buying your iPhone check its system completely, check its weight also. If find something not casual to genuine iPhone device then never go for it.


2.         Be Sure Buying Right iPhone:

It is the most important thing to check about your used or refurbished iPhone to check that is your iPhone is right for your carriers. There exist two kinds of the smartphone, first one is GSM and second one is CDMA. The GSM phones work on T mobiles and AT&T networks while CDMA phones on CDMA networks such as Sprint and Verizon.

If you are an AT&T user then you should buy the iPhone 6s A1633 or the iPhone 6S Plus A1634.while if you`re T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon user should look for the iPhone 6S A1688 or the iPhone 6S plus A1687.


3.         Check Out Display Wisely:

When someone uses its phone too much, their phone`s display pixels get dead. Before buying a used or refurbished iPhones check out display carefully. It is good to check display with display checking tool. Make sure there are no dead pixels on the screen. It useless to buy a phone with a bad display so be careful about it.


4.         Check the Speakers:

Never skip this step while checking your iPhone. But you cannot check the speaker until you don’t have any audio file in it. There is another way to check out the speakers of your device. Just make a call and check the quality of speakers.


5.         Check Battery Life:

The battery is an important feature a handset. A good mobile is who that have a good battery life. Before buying used or refurbished iPhone, never forget to check out its battery life. A battery life which a good mobile provides you is at least one day.

To check the battery life of mobile at the spot, run too many features at the same time. Turn on Bluetooth and WIFI, set brightness to full and observe how mobile handle this battery strain. In this way, you will be able to judge the battery duration of mobile.


6.         Test GPS, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth:

Many people face problems after they bought a used iPhone. To avoid this risk, check out your device completely before buying it. Check the Data connectivity, WIFI, and Bluetooth connectivity carefully. And be sure about these feature by using them simultaneously.


7.         Checkout the iPhone Condition:

Always choose the iPhone for you which has good looks and there are no scratches, it is still shiny and it doesn’t look old. The look of your is the only thing that is noticed by everyone in first sight. And the first impression is the last impression. So always choose a phone with good looks.


8.         Verify the IMEI or the MEID Number:

Every phone has its unique identification number which is its IMEI number. Through IMEI number you can get all details of phone and you can also be able to know that this phone is stolen or not. To check IMEI number GO to settings> General > about and you will get all information about the phone. You can also check IMEI number via dialing *#06# and then you can verify it online on many sites.


9.         Take IMEI Verification:

After getting IMEI number take verification ahead through Apple`s check Activation status tool. Enter the IMEI number and it will inform you about the status of the device. In this way, you will be sure that the device is stolen or not.


10.       Test the Camera:

Nobody wants to buy an iPhone with the bad camera with which even you can’t capture pictures or videos. So be sure about iPhone`s camera before buying. Take pictures and make the video before buying used or refurbished iPhone. In this, you will check picture taken with the phone are of good quality or not.


11.       Check Charging & Hand Free Ports:

With the check of software, hardware inspection is also necessary. It is too important to check charging and hands-free ports. To check charging port put the phone on charging immediately and observe the charging manner.  To check headphone port, put headphone and start some audio to check.


12.       Check the Buttons:

Check all the buttons of the device completely. Press Home button, volume keys, and power button. Check out all these buttons are soft and easy to use.


13.       Check Touch ID and 3D Feature:

Apple`s Touch ID feature makes sure security. Before buying must check these important features. 3D Touch is different from Touch ID. 3D feature is introduced in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus.


14.       Device is Not Water Damaged:

Water damage issue is not with brand new iPhones.  Apple launched Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S plus with Water damage indicator. It can indicate when iPhone comes in contact with water or any other liquid. This indicator turns red when in contact with water. So make sure you are not buying a water damaged device.


15.       All Accessories are in Box:

If you are buying an iPhone then make sure your iPhone box consists of all the things your iPhone is going to need like USB cable, SIM eject tool, manual, adapter and ear pods.


 Top 5 Places to Buy Refurbished iPhone:

If you are searching for an authorized company to buy cheap or refurbished iPhone. Here I will discuss some top and certified companies to buy cheap and refurbished iPhone.


1.         Alpha Smartphones:

Alpha Smartphones is also one of the best companies who sell brand new, used and refurbished smartphones. It is experienced in this industry and work over here more than ten years. This marketplace provides you product with amazing policies and warranties. It is the only company which provides you return back policy.

2-        eBay:

eBay is the world`s best place you will look for buying cheap and refurbished iPhone. It offers you one year warranty on refurbished iPhone. And a wide selection of i Phones is available on eBay. Delivery depends on the seller. eBay offers large variety of refurbished iPhone that’s why people attract toward it.

3-         Amazon:

Amazon is the second best place where to shop cheap used or refurbished iPhone, it the largest online marketplace.  Amazon also offers the large variety of refurbished iPhone. to buy refurbished iPhone from Amazon just search for refurbished iPhone and choose “cell phones and accessories”.


4.         Gazelle:

This company only deals with used phones. This company buys and sell phones. It is also a reputable company. Plus point of Gazelle is that it provides you guarantee for its products. To buy your used or refurbished iPhone from Gazelle, select “buy” option, click on “iPhones” and further proceed the procedure. It also provides you a chance to sell used mobile over here.


5.         Swappa:

Like Gazelle, Swappa also sells used smartphones only. Although it doesn’t have the large variety of mobile phones like Amazon and eBay it offers the good variety of phones you need. To buy your cheap used phone from here just visit click on iPhone and search for your desired model and buy it.

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