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All iOS11 Settings That you Should Enjoy on Refurbished iPhone 6s

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Refurbished iPhone 6s

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Apple might not have changed the entire iOS, but with iOS 11 somethings have been revamped. For instance, you have a completely new Apple store, a different UI for messages and a couple of more things. There are several settings that are different in iOS 11. In this article, we are going to talk about the different settings that you should know about to enjoy iOS 11 on your iPhone 6s.


Refurbished iPhone 6s Running iOS11 – Enjoy New Settings


Customize Control Center:

We have been hearing rumors regarding customizable Control Center and with iOS 11 they have become a reality. You will find a new customize control section in Control Center Section, tap on the Customize Control option and you can add additional controls at the bottom of the newly designed control center.


iPad & Secondhand iPhone 6s Storage:

Check out the brand-new storage space for both iPad and iPhone. Go to Settings, from there to General and at the top, you will see a new visual chart. It will show you the amount of memory that you are left with.


Automatically Offload Apps with Storage Approvals on Refurb iPhone 6s:

The new iOS 11 comes with smart storage recommendation and ability to automatically offload Apps to create space for new ones. For instance, you want to download an app, but there is no space. The phone will automatically delete those apps that you haven’t used in a while to make space for the new one.


Do not Allow Background App Refresh:

Looking for ways to save cellular data, then you much use the feature to disable background App refresh on the Cellular network on your iPhone 6s running iOS 11. To do so, head to Setting, tap on General, then on Background App Refresh option. Again, tap on Background App Refresh and enable only the Wi-FI only option.

Used iPhone 6s Unlocked

Finally, there is another way to Shut down your iPhone 6s other than pressing and holding the Power button. Go to General, from there to Settings and at the end, you will see the Shut Down option.


AirDrop Section in General:

Another thing that has been moved to General is the AirDrop Section. Go to Settings, General, you will also see the switch Airdrop between Everyone, Contacts Only and Receiving off option.


Merged Search & Siri Section on iPhone 6s Unlocked:

You can control Spotlight settings along with Hey Siri and other Siri functionalities from the Merged Search and Siri Section in Settings.


New Emergency SOS Section on Apple iPhone 6s running iOS11: 

The new Emergency SOS section provides you the ability to customize the function that will take place when you press the Sleep/Wake button 5 times in a row. Now pressing the Sleep/Wake button 5 times bring forward the SOS emergency call service and the Power off option.


Disable Video AutoPlay in App Store:

App Store is full of auto-playing videos, this is okay when you are using a Wi-Fi, but using a cellular network can be troublesome.  Your data package might come to an end because of these Auto-playing app. You can now change this setting on your iPhone 6s running iOS 11 by going to iTunes & App Store section, tap on Video AutoPlay option and check the Off to stop playing the video automatically.


Stop Reviews & In-App Rating for App:

Just below the AutoPlay video section, you will see the In-App Rating and Reviews option. Disable this and you will not see any more annoying popups to come forward while using the app, requesting you to rate or leave a review for the app.


Turn off Cellular Data Directly on your Used iPhone 6s:

This is perhaps the best update, at least for some. No longer do you have to go to Settings in order to enable and disable cellular network. You can do it right from the Control Center. When you update to iOS 11, you will notice that in the new Control Center is this a cellular data option. Tap on it to enable and disable it. Also, if you use the 3D touch in the connection box, you will be able to see additional options such as Personal Hotspot, AirDrop etc.


New Password and Account Section:

Refurbished iPhone 6s running iOS 11 saves your account details and their passwords such as iCloud, Facebook and Google. You then don’t have to manually enter the passwords; the section will automatically let you enter the passwords in the apps.


Access Note from Lock Screen:

The good news is that you don’t have to unlock your phone to write down something in your Notes, you can do it from the Lock Screen of your iPhone 6s. To do so, go to Setting, tap on Notes section and from there enable the allow access on the lock screen option.



To make the best of your iPhone 6s unlocked, you should know all about the new iOS 11 Settings. You can now enable and disable cellular network directly from the control center, access notes from the lock screen, save passwords in new password and account sections, stop the auto-playing video in Play store and much more.

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