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10 Best Android Tips Most of You Might Not be Aware Off

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Buy refurbished samsung galaxy s6With every passing second, smartphones are becoming better so are their features. What started as a call and text services is now more than just a device to reach out to people. With smartphones can you do enjoy social media, use Gmail ID, and get your office work done much more. Samsung being on the top when it comes to smartphones, today we will talk about 10 best Android features that you can enjoy on your refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6.

There is a possibility that some of you might know about these tips, however, there are many newbies out there who are looking for cool tricks. This is exactly what they are looking for.

Voice Search Even if your Screen is Locked

Don’t want to unlock your phone, but want to do some search. You can always use the voice search option. All you have to say is OK Google, and even if the screen is only you will be able to conduct a search. To enable this feature, go to Google Settings, Search and Google Now. Look for the Voice option and tap on it. Under the Voice, you will see the OK Google detection, turn it on.  Before you start using the feature, train Google to recognize your phone.

Remotely Reset and Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S6

Losing your phone is a problem, but what is more troublesome is the data inside. You would not want a stranger to access your personal and private data. But thanks to the advancement in technology, you can be saved. You now have the option to remotely reset your phone or turn it off. To do so, you will have to install Android Device Manager on your phone. Now go to Settings, Security and then tap on Phone Management.

Now if you lose your phone, access the Android device manager website and send a message to your phone. It will save you a lot worry.

Enable your Personal Dark Theme

Although the dark theme is no longer available in Android Marshmallow, it does not mean that you can’t have access to it. There is still to enable it. Go to Settings, from there you need to tab on Accessibility. After that tap on Inverted Rendering and finally, you will be able to get dark theme back.

Access your Chrome Taps on Other Devices

Chrome is an outstanding browser, and many use it as their default. If you are among the default users of chrome, you need to know this. You can access the Chrome tabs from other devices as well. You just need to connect to chrome, now when you open a new tab, you will see recent tab option. Select the option and you will be able to see all the URLs that you recently opened.

Lost your Phone Leave your Contact Details?

Many of us are very clumsy and they tend to forget their phone every now and then. This feature can be a real help, especially if someone honest finds your phone. You can leave a message on your phone along with your contacts details. This way the other party will be able to reach out to you. To enable the feature, go to Settings, Security, Lock Screen Message and there add your contact details along with other instructions.

Enjoy Scanning Document on your Samsung Galaxy S6

No longer do you have to invest in huge scanners, all thanks to the modern smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S6. They are quite a bit of versatile scanner in their own right. Although we believe the quality of the scan might not be as good as that of those jumbo ones, this seems to be more practical. You can use a third-party application such as CamScanner to scan your files.

Turn your Samsung Galaxy S6 into a Wi-Fi HotSpot

Tethering is a process that most of you must already be aware of. But with the new Android updates, there is a lot more that you can do with your phone. You can now turn into a personal Hotspot i.e. turn your phone into a Wi-Fi and let others around you enjoy the net. To do so, head to Settings, from there look for Mobile Hotspot and Tethering. Once there, you will see the Mobile Hotspot option, enable this option.

Make sure that you have password intact, after all, you would not like anyone to connect to your phone’s Wi-Fi and enjoy internet on your data package.


Since your phone has the ability to identify the direction may it be north or south, then you should take advantage of it. Download apps like AndroiTS or Smart Compass and turn your Galaxy S6 into a compass. This can be really useful when you are in the middle of nowhere and you have no idea where to go.

Barcode Scanner

Many few knew that could use their phone as a barcode reader. This is really great if you are in a saving mode and want to compare prices before making a purchase. There are numerous effective and outstanding barcode reading apps, you can download any one of your phones and enjoy. For our personal favorites, we have Barcode scanner, it really is a good app.

Let Samsung Galaxy S6 be your Fitness Tracker

Let Galaxy S6 be the fitness tracker that you are in search of. Since the phone has a lot of sensors to offer, it means that you can trace your running routes, number of calories burned, number of steps you took every day and much more. All this without an additional equipment strapped around your wrist. For starters, we suggest you download Google Fit, the perfect Fitness app on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a great phone, and these pretty neat and cool tips make it even greater. Being a high-end phone, it is not very easy to buy Samsung Galaxy S6. However, if you check out Alpha Smartphones, you will understand how easy it is to buy Galaxy S6. They might be offering used or refurbished phones, but their phones are in best possible condition and they offer a warranty plan with it.


Samsung Galaxy is an excellent phone, you can do a lot on it. It can be your Fitness tracker, you can scan documents through it or you can turn it into a compass. With so much advancement in technology, you can now even remotely turn your phone off or reset it. Besides this, you can do a search without unlocking your phone. All you have to say is OK Google and you are good to go.

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