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6 Tips to Speed up your Samsung Galaxy S6

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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7

There is no doubt that refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 is an outstanding phone. It comes with a 5.1-inch display with impressive screen resolution. We can assure you that you will love taking pictures on the phone because of its 16 MP rear camera.

For all these Selfie lovers, Galaxy S6 is one of the best you can get. It offers a 5 MP front camera. The phone is strong and robust. It is also fast and efficient because of its Exynos 7420 processor and 3 GB of RAM.

You can do as much multitasking on your Samsung Galaxy S6 as you want, and it will never stuck. Or we believe it to work as smoothly as possible, but in the end, it is a machine and it has its limits. Despite the outstanding hardware, if you overload your phone it will slow down.

Too many pictures, too many applications running in the background are going to cause a decrease in the performance. However, you don’t have to worry as we are going to present you with 6 simple steps that you will you increase the overall performance of your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Read Tips to Speed up your Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6

You bought a new Android and it is running fast, but with time it will begin to slow down. You don’t have to worry, follow the steps below and get your Galaxy S6 performance back in no time. If you are in search of a place to find a Samsung Galaxy S6 at a low price, we suggest you check out Alpha Smartphones . They have the best smartphone deals when it comes to selling refurbished and used a mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6- Identify The Problem

The first thing that you need to do is look for the problem. Once you are able to identify the cause only then will you be able to resolve it? You need to find out whether it is an app, the system itself or some hardware causing the problem. You need to check out the amount of RAM each app is using.

Also, install Trepn on your mobile phone, this is an excellent app for producing system-wide profiles or app-specific. It also contains different methods that you can use to display accumulated data. The best thing is that you can save data offline for viewing it later. The app will let you find the specific issues, once you identify that you can move to next step.

Free Some Space on your Samsung Galaxy S6

Once you have analyzed everything, the next step is that you free some space. You can do that by either removing some pictures and keeping them somewhere else or you can remove the unwanted apps. Go to Settings, from there to Applications and then uninstall the apps. Doing this will for sure save a lot of space and improve your Galaxy S6 performance.

Another way to free space is the remove the files that you have downloaded and you no longer need them. Go to Settings, storage and then tap on Downloads. Now select all the files that you want to remove and tap on the bin button.

Free some Space by Removing the Cache Memory on your Phone

Most of the apps that you install tend to use the data cache in order to speed up their operations. This is effective to a certain point, but if you are running short of space you need to remove those data caches. To free the space, Clear Cached data option and then tap on Okay to proceed.

You want more files to delete, you can always find them in the miscellaneous file section. Now select the types of files that you want to remove, for instance, the backups, playlist files, files received via Bluetooth and so on.

Widgets are the Most Battery Consuming Things

We know that the widgets might be really useful, but they also tend to use a fair share of the smartphone’s resources. If you have the widget running that you are no longer using, we suggest you disable them. You can activate them whenever you need them. There is no harm in it, but this small thing will save some memory space.

Disable Unwanted Animations

We know how much you love having animations on your phone, but this can really be a consume a lot of your phone’s storage. They might look great, but they will slow down your phone. Go to your launchers settings and there disable the unnecessary extras to increase the performance of your phone.

Close Down Apps to Free RAM

Although Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a 3 GB RAM, with too much multi-tasking the phone is bound to get slow. However, if you close the apps that are running in the background you will be able to free some space in your RAM. The more space you have in your RAM, the better will be your phone’s performance. Press and hold the home screen, and then swipe away the apps that you longer use.

Restart your Device

This is another effective way to get a slow-moving device to run fast. Doing this will remove the apps that are using the RAM and it will also clear out the cache. Since all the unnecessary tasks will be stopped, so when your phone gets back up, you will have a smooth-running phone.


Samsung Galaxy S6 is an excellent phone with a 3 GB RAM, but too much multitasking can slow it down. However, you don’t have to worry about it. Following simple steps like removing unwanted apps, or deleting unnecessary pictures can save up some memory and boost the overall performance of the phone. Also, restarting your phone will clear cache and RAM, thus the phone will perform better and more effectively.

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  1. Clearing out your phone should be a regular activity; just as many people forget to ever empty the recycle bin on their computers, this is the same for smartphones. Over time they fill up with unwanted files, photos and documents. One tip is to disable Whatsapp from saving pictures onto your phone – it’s totally unnecessary (I have never had a use for it), and can really help when your device starts to get full. One of ways technology has not advanced far is in terms of memory cards and extendable memories; iPhones are obviously poor at this, but their solution is to point people towards the Cloud.

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