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Have Fun with iPhone SE, Galaxy S7 Edge, Refurbished Galaxy S5 Using Different Secret Codes

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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeSamsung Galaxy Smartphones are the best Android devices that you will ever come across. The phones have many hidden features and it is not that easy to know about each and every one of them. Some of these tricks can be done using the dialer on your cheap refurbished Galaxy S7 Edge. There are specific codes that let you communicate with the service provider directly and perform a number of tricks.

All you have to do is write these codes on the dialer and hit the send button. You will be amazed at what all you can achieve through these small secret codes. All you have to do is insert * or # at the front and end of each doe and send it.

They are pretty neat but are not terribly practical. Most people don’t need to know the IMEI number or how the local cell tower is doing. Still, if you want you can have a little fun with your phone and learn what is hidden beneath the surface. These codes tend to differ from every device and carrier, below are going to provide the most common ones. We have used these codes on refurbished iPhone, refurbished Galaxy S7 Edge, and refurbished Samsung Galaxy S5.

Field Mode

The first code that is on our list is *3001#12345#*, it is called the field mode. This is used to get information regarding the local cell towers and networks. Although we know most of you would never need this, it still is fun to know. You can flaunt in front of your friends.

General Test Mode

This works only on Android, with General Test Mode you can prompt a library of different phone functions that could be operated with a single push. These functions include Vibration, Front Cam, and Sleep. All you have to do is type *#0*# and hit the send button.

Discover your IMEI

If you lose your phone, you would need the IMEI number of it in order to locate or render the phone useless. You can blacklist your phone using this IEMI number. All you have to do is type the code *#06# on your phone, hit enter and note down the IEMI number, just keep this number safe for future reference. This trick did not work Verizon, however, when we tried it on a T-Mobile.

Call Forwarding

*#67# can you check the number that you phone forwarded while you were busy or you rejected the call. By default, it is the carrier’s voicemail service, but you can change it to other numbers as well such as your office number, home number or any third-party answering services.

If you are using a refurbished iPhone, you can change the number by going to Setting, from there to Phone and tapping on Call Forwarding option. On Android, you will have to tap on cheap Phone App, then look for the hamburger icon, Settings, Call and then head to More Settings. There you will find the Call Forwarding option.

Learn More about Call Forwarding

Using *#61# code on Galaxy you can learn more about call forwarding. For instance, the time span after which the call is to be forwarded to the message center. If you use this code on refurbished iPhone SE, the code will show the same information as the above.

Available Minutes

If you have a limited package, it is important to keep a constant check on what all you have consumed. You can learn about the remaining minutes by dialing the code *646#. This code works well with Galaxy phones, however, it does not work with cheap iPhone regardless which carrier you use. Also, the code will work only on postpaid plans.

Hide your Phone From Caller ID

If you dial #31# on your Android phone, you will be prompted with a message stating that your Caller ID is now disabled. This trick works only on Android cheap smartphones, you can re-enable it by entering *31#

Activate Call Waiting

You don’t have to call the help center in order to activate calling waiting, all you have to do is dial in the code *43#. Doing this will activate your call waiting.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, refurbished iPhone SE, and refurbished Galaxy S6 are best phones. It is not that easy to get your hands on one, but now thanks to Alpha Smartphones, you can buy refurbished iPhone SE, Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S5 and other cheap smartphones at a reasonable price.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6, and refurbished iPhone SE are amazing cheap mobile phones. There are a lot of hidden tricks to further enhance the experience of these cheap smartphones. You can learn about some of their secret codes. These codes are shortcuts to perform a number of function. You sure will love them.

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