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Take Control of Your Phone by Knowing Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Tips & Tricks

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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeIf you ask us, we will say that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is perhaps the best phone in the market. It comes with numerous specs.  The 5.7-inch display with the screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 makes it possible for you to enjoy watching movies and playing games on the phone.

To ensure the speedy performance of the phone, it comes with a 4 GB RAM. You will love what you can do with the camera of its camera, the phone has 16 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. All and All Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a complete package.

You can now buy this phone for way less than what it actually is at Alpha Smartphones. They are the masters in selling refurbished and smartphones. Each and every phone that they sell has a warranty with it and cheap mobile phones in best possible condition.

Why buy a new phone when you can get the same thing in way less price? These phones might be refurbished, but it is very hard to make that out. Also, you will not run into any problem, and in case you do, you can always reach back to Alpha Smartphones and they will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

To further enjoy your amazing Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, you need to learn about the amazing tips and tricks. Below we have listed some awesome tips and tricks that will enhance the overall experience of your phone. So, without any further delay, we suggest you get started!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Camera Tips

The first tip regarding the camera of your Galaxy S6 Edge is quick access. The camera quick launch has been part of best Samsung phones since 2015, yet many people are unaware of it. You can open the camera of your phone from an inactive display in very little time.

The time required to launch the camera is less than the time it would take you to lift it in order to take a picture. To quick launch the camera app, all you have to do is a double tap on the home button.

Head to the Camera App, and look for the Setting button. In the menu, you will see the Gird lines option. You need to enable this option. These lines will help you compose better pictures. You should also enable the review picture option. That way you won’t have to snap 10 bad pictures. All you will have to do is take one picture, review it before you save it. If you don’t like, simply discard it then and there.

When you are using the front camera for a selfie, we suggest that you tap on Mode, and from there select Wide Selfie option. You can now fit as many people as you like in the Selfie.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Tips

You can enjoy the Edge screen in numerous ways. For starters, you can set up shortcuts to your favorite apps and contacts. This way you don’t have to reach out and look for things, all you have to do is tap on the edge of the screen and they are in front of you. To assign your favorite apps or contacts go to Settings app, from there you need to tap on Edge Screen option. Under Edge Screen option, tap on People Edge or Apps Edge. Add what you like, head back to Home Screen, swipe in the Edge screen from the right and access all the items that you just added.

You can configure your information stream. To do so, head to Edge Screen menu, then tap on information stream and head to Manage Feeds. There are some feeds that are already present there, but you can download more feeds as well.

You can send an automated reply to someone who is calling. What you have to do is place your finger on the Edge’s heart-rate monitor and wait for 2 seconds. After 2 seconds the call will be canceled, and automatic response will be sent to the two other people.  You can customize the reply message by going to Edge screen Settings, then to Edge Lighting. Once there tap on Quick Reply option and edit the reply.

Download Booster

This is another effective and extremely useful tip of refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This trick will speed up the time it will take you to download a file that is bigger than 30 MB. What it does it that it combines your Wi-Fi speed along with your LTE connection and download the file.

To enable the option, go to Settings, from there to more connections and enable the Download Booster. Remember, this means you are using extracellular data, so if you are on a limited data package this option is not for you.

Auto Quality & Settings

People who love music, this is the best option for them. They can now customize the audio quality and settings of the cheap phone. If you are using headphones you can customize options like Sound Alive+, Samsung’s UHQ Upscaler, and Tube Amp Pro settings. This will improve and enhance the overall quality of the sound. Try each one individually and see how it works, select the combination that you like the best.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a great phone and there is no doubt about it. You can further enhance your cheap smartphone’s experience by learning some cool trips. For instance, you can access the camera in a matter of seconds, adjust the sound quality of your speakers, and increase the speed of downloading a file or an app.

You can also learn how to customize the edges of your screen, you can add apps and contacts. You can even cancel calls and send a reply message by placing your finger on the edge’s heart monitor space for just about 2 seconds.

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