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Why Should you Prefer to Buy Apple iPhone X?

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Buy iPhone X

For the first time in history, Apple has introduced two big screen smartphones with even better specifications and meticulous exterior: iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus for sale. Both flagships share some features in common and also possess a lot of differences including higher price of iPhone X that has become the hot topic as being the most expensive iPhone X deals in the market.

A detailed comparison will help you to decide which cheap phone is better for you and fulfilling your requirement in spite of both sets are awesome in performance and have good user feedback too. We can simply say, Apple has injected some kind of excitement in both models.

iPhone X Provides an Ease of Use

iPhone X interestingly comes with a different appearance as there is lack of Home Button and Touch ID. If you are using iPhone x, it provides comfy feeling while swapping multiple apps. Simultaneously, iPhone X takes more time approaching different tasks as compared to cheap iPhone 8 Plus. For instance, switching between the apps, the user has to swipe up and hold the finger for a while, while you have to double tap the home button in iPhone X.

Similarly, apps ending process takes more time with iPhone x, long press screen button and then swipe the opened apps while iPhone 8 plus simply requires swiping up. Both smartphones provide ease of use function in parallel. One cannot ignore the appealing exterior textures fully loaded with unique features any device can have.

Best Combination of Design & Display

Apple iPhone 8 Plus deals comes with rare aluminum with glass and available in Gold, space grey, and silver colours. Similarly, iPhone 8 plus weighs almost 202g; comparatively heavier than iPhone 8. Meanwhile, iPhone x is prepared with a steel frame and glass rare that is available only in space grey and silver.

In the terms of weight, Apple iPhone X comes in between cheap iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus; 174g. Both smartphones are equipped with the power button on the right side, a lightning port, volume buttons on the left edge.

iPhone x and iPhone 8 plus both come with the dual camera system, while iPhone 8 has single lens camera only. Although the biggest difference between the latest three Apple iPhone devices is the industrial design but still iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus looks similar to cheap iPhone 7. On the other hand, cheap iPhone X for sale has no touch ID and maintains all screen front with various sensors.

How is iPhone X Different from Traditional iPhone?

Apple iPhone X is something different as the traditional best iPhone offers every year; since many years, Apple was depending on same style and a few technology enhancements. But iPhone X can be said a broken hierarchy that can attract anyone with its stunning and captivating looks.

In the beginning, the myriad of sensors may put its user in a complex, but with the time, you will feel it more comfortable and easy to use as compare to other smartphone devices. iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X have a glass back that enhances their beauty but still question comes on the durability.

To adjust the white balance on the screen, Apple iPhone X like refurbished iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus uses True Tone technology (a truly advanced ambient light sensor) that keeps the light and temperature balance around its user.

The quality of the True Tone technology makes the pictures more natural and realistic that reduces eye strain as well. So there is no space to criticize this function although it is not optimized yet for all apps. Perhaps upcoming days may bring a more clear picture and performance feedback of these latest smartphones.

Face ID & Animus

Apple iPhone X encourages its users to set up new Face ID to secure the device as this function has replaced Fingerprint scanning. You need to only move your face a couple of time to maintain a new Face ID setup.

The new feature is not only interesting but also provides you real-time security, Face ID will not proceed until it matches your facial features as you have saved in the new setup. As compared to other smartphones available in the market, Face ID scanning is much better with iPhone X deals. The smoothness and fast face tracking was something missing in already available devices.

How Does FaceID Help the User to Secure the Phone?

Face ID is quite an intelligent feature in new Apple iPhone X as users have found it a very useful and quick addition to access the main screen. In spite of the popularity of this feature, Apple has introduced a new way to unlock this device through facial recognition. The true depth camera of Face id is a new security feature that scans users face and unlocks the device when the perfect face spot matches.

The pin code option is also available if you are not interested in Face ID, but it’s not important when you have bought an expensive phone only to try its new features. The initial user feedback on Apple iPhone X Face ID feature is extremely positive. The user has found it amazing as it doesn’t create any trouble even in the low lights.

Apple Face ID feature is far ahead of its competitor. The new advanced technology of Apple that is famous for its reliability, we can see it in the new device too. No problem if you are in a dark room, or in a low light, its advance sensors captures your expressions quickly to unlock he phone. The user may find mere transitions, but still, it requires a little time to open it.

FaceID Even Works in Low Light

As for as if you have worn glasses, still, Face ID is capable of reading you face but it depends infrared rays go through the lenses you are using. However, some reports are also coming that Face ID doesn’t work in certain lighting condition but it is suggested to hold the phone a little closer to your face.

What Problem User can Have Using iPhone X?

Yet, there is a major issue with the Apple iPhone X users that they can’t check the notifications including messages until they hold their device for face recognition. For instance, if the iPhone for sale is on the table, and you want to check new messages or want to operate it remaining on the table or some flat surface, you can’t use it using your finger or thumb directly.

You need to pick it up for face recognition again and again for the breakup usage. This thing annoys most of the users, as they do not find it comfortable if your hands are buying somewhere.

The other amazing feature of front face camera specially made for Face ID function is it can be used to send animojis to your friends and family. You might have heard of talking animojis that enable you to create live facial expressions using True Depth Camera. You can send animojis faster and share it socially. Sending expressions to your friends is a kind of a huge fun that you must not miss if you have iPhone X.

iPhone X with No Home Button, But Brings Many New Features

Apple has just moved away from its famous Home Button in iPhone X, if you have bought this device, you will be going to learn many new things to operate it. You will experience following things if you are going to use it:

  • Swiping on the screen has been changed- swiping up returns to the home screen
  • Swiping down from the right corner will lead you to the control centre
  • Swiping down from the centre or left take you to the notifications
  • Swipe left or right for app switching
  • Siri can be accessed by pressing right side button for a while
  • Double pressing the side button takes you to the Apple Pay
  • Top volume button and side button will take a screenshot

High-class Dual Lens Camera

Apple is incredible when it comes to camera performance and its result. Only Samsung can compete Apple iPhone through its powerful lenses. But this time, in Apple iPhone X the function of the camera is led to its new peak. iPhone X camera is upgraded with dual lens.

The user can zoom and produce DSLR style effects by just a simple tapping on the screen. The function of Portrait lightning is also fine that creates light effects on captured shots that can be changed both life and after taking pictures.

If we talk about the front-facing camera, TrueDepth helps a lot to take a perfect selfie while keep focusing on your face and adds depth to the background scene. This feature works perfectly especially for one who loves to post images instantly on social media.

Speed & Memory

Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X are loaded with the same A11 Bionic processor. A 11 is much faster 6 core processor than its successor A10 fusion installed in refurbished iPhone 7. New processor comes with enhancing performance that ultimately boosts up battery timing to delay mobile operations to the maximum time. The 3 GB of RAM is quite purposeful to set multitask at a single time without hanging or slowing down the machine.

iPhone X Battery Life

Like other smartphones, iPhone X comes with the traditional battery saving options. But still, iPhone X battery life is better than cheap iPhone 7 as claimed by Apple. While an option of wireless charging is installed that can be said a new feature but you need to add the charging pad in shopping list as it is not included in the package.

Wireless charging pads can cost you around £30-£50 that doesn’t create any fuss as if one can spend enough money to buy a new iPhone X, definitely few bucks are not going to be the problem.

Is iPhone X Worth to Buy?

Although the lack of Home Button annoys in the beginning interaction with new and easy features will blow your mind. It’s not all about the hardware quality, but its killing look matters more than its performance. Within few hours you will be feeling quite smooth and comfortable while using this device.

FaceID feature is also striking as it is providing more security and style to an iPhone lover. Yes, it may be a little expensive and we can expect a decline in price in upcoming iPhone X units. If you want a fancy, stylish, big size screen phone with better battery and camera performance; buy iPhone X is the best available option that doesn’t lag in even in a single specification.

Few Tips to Operate iPhone X Easily

How to Wake Apple iPhone X?

iPhone - X

You can follow various ways to wake iPhone X such as:

  • Tapping iPhone display
  • Pressing side button
  • By opening iPhone X Leather Folio

How to Navigate Apple iPhone X Home?


Users can navigate home by swapping up the bottom of the screen.

How to Put Apple iPhone X to Sleep?


You can put iPhone X to sleep by pressing the side button or you need to close its leather folio.

How can we temporarily disable the FaceID?


We can disable the FaceID by pressing the side button five times while remaining on the Lock screen.

How to Use 3D Touch on iPhone X?


This function is same as previous Apple iPhones have, you need to deep press on app icon to use 3D touch.

How to Use Reach ability Function on iPhone X?


To use reachability, you must be running iOS 11.1 or later. By default, it is disabled on iPhone X

How to Force Restart iPhone X?


User need to follow two easy steps to force restarting iPhone X:

  • By pressing and hold side button for few seconds until the device restarts
  • Press and quickly leave the volume up/down button

Should you Buy iPhone X?

 Yes. If you’re an Apple iPhone X fan or want to buy iPhone X, this is the best phone to buy from Alpha Smartphones. We can’t shell our eyes away from the beautiful OLED screen, and using signs to move around iOS is pure delight.

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