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The Hidden Features of iOS 11 – Latest Tips & Tricks

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The newest Apple major software is available for refurbished iPhones and iPad. Now cheap iPhone users can download iOS11 to enjoy the flood of new changes. These changes will help you to improve your refurbished iPhone 7 plus experience. Using latest iOS features can be daunting as well and maybe you need a complete information what new features are loaded in the Apple latest software update. After reading this guide, you will be able to reach every feature of iOS 11 and the advantages you can have after using it.

“Now you Can instantly Transfer Settings from one Device to Another Using iOS 11”

If you are using a new iPhone or iPad running iOS 11, you can easily transfer your settings to any other Apple product faster than before.

Share Wi-Fi Password More Easily – iPhone 7 Plus Deals

When someone is trying to connect to your network, you can share your credentials easily using Bluetooth. Both devices must be running iOS 11 to use this facility.

What is Augmented Reality?

AR (Augmented Reality) demonstrates its user experience by adding 2d/3d effects to the live view in such a way that it seems real.

ARKIT enhances motion features and camera experience using augmented reality features. It will help developers to build immersive AR apps using iOS 11 and above.

Draw your Screenshots

Apple iPhone users have been demanding since many updates to bring screenshot draw feature, finally, perhaps Apple has heard them and introduced this feature in its latest iOS 11 updates. You need to take a screenshot and tap on the bottom left which will take you to the editing page. Here you can use a number of tools to edit your screenshot as you wish.

Document Scanning Function

Apple iPhone Notes App automatically detect the picture and crop it without any instruction. You can edit the photo with Apple pencil and can be converted to PDF format also. The inline drawing can be used in mail app and you can search handwritten words too.

One Page Control Center

Unlike iOS 10, Apple has made the control center one page again. Now user can have everything on the little section. It is also customization as you can remove, add rearrange apps in a pull up the menu. Similarly, you cannot remove following apps, hopefully, in future, Apple may provide this feature too:

  • Airplane Mode
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Cellular Data
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • AirDrop
  • AirPlay
  • Rotation Lock
  • Personal Hotspot
  • Music controls

Do not Disturb Feature Just Got Improved

Apple iPhone do not disturb feature helps its users a lot while they are sleeping, or busy somewhere such as driving or in a meeting, this feature doesn’t distract you by keeping notifications, calls, and messages away from you. iOS 11 is improved with Do Not Disturb While Driving feature that means on driving you will not be distracted by phone notifications, including calls.

Screen Record without Mac

iPhone user can find a new screen record option in Control center settings. Now, you are not required any third party app, you can do the recording on just tapping the icon.

Files App to Organize new Files

iOS 11 is just loaded with a new feature that allows users to find the installed apps on Dropbox, iCloud, and Box. Using this app, you cannot only bookmark favourite file but also customize their colour too.

 Airplane Has just Improved-it Remembers Settings

Previously, if you go to airplane mode, it didn’t restore the settings you were using. Now in iOS 11, the user can enjoy the previous settings even they have switched to airplane mode. If you had switched on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it will remain on even after on Airplane mode.

Enjoy indoor Maps

iOS 11 provides a new feature of Indoor Maps in Maps app category. Now you can easily approach to the shops, streets, and your favourite markets using Indoor Maps option. Another important feature of this app assists you in finding the right lane while you are driving. It also shows the speed limit and the road you are driving.

Music Player Contains a Source icon

If you are using Music Player app and want to approach output source icon, just tap on the control center of the music player, it will show you the available output sources. If you are connected one of the available outer sources, the icon colour will be turned into blue.

iOS 11 Facilitates Multitasking

Multitasking can be said one of the biggest features of iOS 11 on iPad. It allows the user to use more than one apps and both apps can be controlled on single time. Moreover, App Switcher has also brought a new layout that makes easy for the user to switch to the app he wants to move.

One Handed Keyboard

iPhone users have been using third-party keyboards. In iOS 11 Apple has added a one-handed keyboard to bring its users back. Now you can type easily without stretching your fingers and thumb too much.

Live Photo Editing

In 2015 Apple first introduced live photos with iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Now iPhone 7 plus deals users can enjoy an advanced feature with iOS 11 Live Photo Editing that allows users to trim and mute the photos loop sound. iOS 11 also carries an option to add different visual effects to the photos. For instance, you can make fun with the looping videos. you can add bouncing effects, loping and long exposure.

Apple Pay Cash has Just Got Improvement

Apple pay cash is a new app that allows its users to send money using their credit or debit card. Your family and friends can receive it or transfer to their banks. Currently, this feature is available in iOS 11.2 beta 2. You can also receive money by your friends and family through this method.

App Store has a Massive Update

In iOS 11 Apple App Store is completely changed from top to bottom. Important apps are highlighted and less important apps are not given many highlights. Users can see that apps and games are separated into different tabs. It looks quite a smart move as it will not mix both categories and user will not annoy to find anything. Previously, the mixture of everything was creating a lot of fuss. iOS 11 new update is definitely going to help its users. Moreover, developers can respond to the review now.

Updated Lock Screen Notifications

Apple is famous for its user interface since the invention of the first iPhone and every new update brings us something new and attractive that is useful for the user too. This time in iOS 11, users all notifications are combined at one place, you need to swipe down for a single time only to go through all notification updates. 

Data Tracking is Improved

iOS 11 has equipped with some attractive features of tracking your mobile data. Now you can easily figure out how much data you have consumed. iPhone users are not required to install a third party app to enjoy these settings while they can have access from their mobile directly.

Siri is Advanced

iOS 11 comes with an advance Siri, that has much improved as compared to its previous versions. It can translate to you many languages as per user command. It can also be used to scan QR codes for task management.

Emergency SOS

If you press the power button five times, you can access the local authorities in an emergency. The user can set the preferences in settings.

Turn iPhone off without the Lock Button

iOS 11 has been updated with a new feature where a user can switch off it’s iPhone if the power button is not working correctly. You need to go to General in settings, tap the shutdown bar and swipe the slider appearing on the top screen. To power on, plug into power your phone, it will start automatically.

iOS 11 helps to Free Unwanted Apps

if you are running 16 GB iPhone, you need this feature a lot. Most of the time user run out of the space, a new feature in iOS 11 helps the user by displaying a number of unwanted apps. If you select some of them, this feature will offload them instantly.

Create PDF Version of Safari Pages

In iOS 11 user can easily turn Safari pages into PDF from the sharing menu. You need to “Create a PDF” from share sheet to make new files.

Which Devices can Support iOS 11?

The Compatibility of iOS 11

iOS 11 runs on all devices that have an A 7 0r better chip. Following devices are compatible with iOS 11:

  • iPhone X, 8 Plus, and iPhone 8
  • iPhone 7, and 7 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6S, and 6S plus
  • iPhone 6, and 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPad mini 2,3, and 4 including iPad Pros

iOS 11 in a Nutshell

After taking every aspect into consideration, the new striking features of iOS will take is users o the next level. Though a lot of features have come with improvement but augmented reality will have its own strong impact on the mobile industry that will set a new track to bring revolution in mobile technology.

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