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Top Secret Tips & Tricks You Didn’t Know About your iPhone 6s

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Both iOS and Android comes with their merits and demerits. However, it is general belief that iOS is slightly more user-friendly if you compare it to Android. Android does offer more versatility in terms of memory and system level configuration, but there are millions that still prefer iOS.

If you are among the iOS users, you have come to the right place. We are going to teach some iPhone 6s rose gold secrets. Most of you might not even be aware of these tips and tricks.

Use iPhone 6s Keyboard as a Trackpad

Moving the cursor between the narrow lines of message apps has always been a hassle for a lot of people. Personally, I had a lot of trouble getting the cursor to the right place, but thanks to the new feature, everything is very simple now. Your iPhone 6s Sim free keyboard can double as a track-pad. To enjoy the feature, you need the 3D touch capabilities.

To use the feature, press and hold on your refurbished iPhone for a second or two. The keyboard will go blur and you will be able to see a small straight line, the cursor. Move on the keyboard and slide the small line anywhere you want. That is it!

Let iPhone 6s Define the Surface Level

There is another iPhone 6s built-in app that is hidden behind the compass. The app lets you check the level of the surface your phone is placed. To see the app, load the compass app and then swipe left. After that, you will see spirit level tool.

You can use this app to ensure that your photos are hanging correctly. Remember, it is a phone and it may not be as exact as a dedicated spirit, but it will come very handy. To use you can either place the phone flat on the surface or you can preach it on its side in landscape mode or portrait mode. Tapping the screen will show you the different; the red margin is the indicator.

Enjoy the Backspace Feature

There are a lot of time when one tends to make a mistake while writing on your iPhone 6s deals calculator. Previously, you would have to clear the entire calculation and start from the beginning.  However, the advancement in technology and Apple’s need for iOS to be user-friendly software, you have a backspace option now.

Instead of clearing all your previous calculations, you simply have to hit the backspace option. Then you can start from where you left. To enjoy the feature, simply swipe left or right on the screen displaying the digits. You can also convert the simple calculator into almost a scientific one, by putting your phone in a landscape mode with the app still open on the screen.

iPhone 6s Lets You Hide Private Photos

There are always photos and pictures that you want to hide from your friends. Apple has finally come up with the feature. However, the feature does come with a twist. It is not a password-protected way to hide your photos. It simply won’t display them in the Moments collections and the Years view. You will still be able to access these photos via the Albums screen.

To hide your photos, select the pictures from the gallery, then tap on the share button. After that look for the ‘Hide’ option and tap on it. Doing this will ask you, whether you want to confirm the action or not. Simply hit the yes button and make your photo go invisible.

Get Notified via iPhone 6s Camera Flash

If you don’t like the audio alert, there are other ways of getting the notification as well. This way is fancier and cuter. You can let the flash of your Apple iPhone 6s camera to notify you regarding the incoming message. This can be very handy especially when you are in a meeting and your phone is placed face down on the table.

To enable the feature, go to Settings and from there tap on General. Once in General look for accessibility, tap on it and the toggle on the LED flash alert option. That is all, now the camera’s flash will lit up every time you are notified.

iPhone 6s Allows you to Teach Nicknames

Siri is a pretty smart thing, Apple is working really hard to make it better and better. So, far they have done an excellent job. There are a lot of things that I get done via Siri, calling my mother, enabling low power mode being on the top.

The good news is that you can teach Siri the nicknames and speed up the process of calling your contacts. When you will open a contact, you will see a field specified for the Nickname. Type in the nickname. Now tell Siri to call Mom, Dad or any other Nickname that you have incorporated, it will do instantly.

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iPhone 6s sim free comes with amazing features. You can turn your phone into a spirit level tool, hide your private photos and use the keyboard as a trackpad. You can also use the flash of the camera to get notified for any incoming message. All and all, the phone offers numerous outstanding features.

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