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Vital Tips & Tricks for Cheap iPhone 7

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Cheap iPhone 7 Deals

You may think that cheap iPhone 7 for sale is similar to iPhone 6, but you are wrong. Both the phones may look alike, but there is a lot that iPhone 7 has to offer. The phone is a complete package. It comes with a 4.7-inch display screen, having an outstanding resolution. The camera of the phone is another advancement when we compare it to its predecessor.

iPhone 7 Sim free has a 7 MP front camera and a 12 MP rear camera. The phone comes with 2 GB of RAM and Apple A10 Fusion processor. All and all, it is safe to say that the iPhone 7 unlocked is fast and efficient.

The phone offers numerous features. Until, unless you do not meticulously go through each setting, it is highly unlikely that you discover all the amazing tips and tricks it offers. This is where this article comes handy, you don’t have to go search on your own. We have listed the some essential tips and tricks to enjoy your iPhone 7.

Adjust iPhone 7‘s Home Button

Yes, you heard us right. You can now adjust the home button of your iPhone 7 to three different level. This was something that many of you might have noticed after realizing the missing jack. In case you have missed it, we have shed some light on it. Since the Home button is more like a trackpad than a button, thus you can adjust it to your liking.

To adjust the Home button i.e. finds the perfect condition that feels more natural to your finger follow the steps. Go to Settings, from there head to General. Tap on it and then look for the Home Button option. Now simply adjust the level of the feedback.

A Different Way to Restart your iPhone 7

Unlike iPhone 6 deals, you will need a different way to restart your iPhone 7. The main reason behind this is the lack of Home Button. Previously you had to press the Power button along with the Home button to restart your phone, but with iPhone 7, it is different. You will have to press and hold the power button and instead of the Home button, you will press and hold the volume button.

We do believe this will take some time, especially when you have been an iPhone user with a long muscle memory. However, it is a very easy trick to remember.

iPhone 7’s Depth of Field Effect

The camera of iPhone 7 is better than iPhone 6 in terms of hardware. Likewise, iPhone 7’s camera offers some really great features. Among the prominent features, we have the Depth of Field Effect. This means you can take a picture while keeping the focus on the subject and artfully blurring everything else.

Now you do not need high-end professional photo editing software. iPhone 7 camera can do a lot of tricks for you. To use the Depth in Field effect, first access the Portrait Mode by your Phone. The option is available on the carousel of different camera modes. Once you select the option, now take a shot and let iPhone 7 do its magic.

Rest Finger to Unlock Feature Option

iPhone 7 comes with iOS 10, and this OS changes the way you unlock your iPhone 7 with a touch ID. Unlike its predecessor, where you had to place the finger to unlock your phone, with iPhone 7 you will have press down. In case you do not like this update, you can always get back to the conventional way.

To use the Rest Finger to Unlock feature option, go to the Settings app. There tap on General and search for Accessibility. Under Accessibility, you will find the Home Button Option. Then simply toggle on the Rest Finger to Open feature option and you are good to go.

iPhone 7’s Camera Shortcut

At times, you want to capture a moment, but by the time you open the app, the moment is gone. However, this all can be avoided with the knowledge of iPhone 7’s new camera shortcut. You can launch the camera on your phone without unlocking it via the icon present on the lock screen. The tip was introduced with iOS 9, but there are still some unaware of it.

However, the icon is gone with the upgrade. In its place, we have the new and easier way to get straight to the camera of your phone. Now all you have to do is swipe left from the lock screen of your iPhone 7, and capture the moment you want to.

Alpha Smartphones- iPhone 7 Deals

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Every smartphone that they sell comes with a warranty, so if something goes wrong while your phone is under warranty, you can reach out to them. Even if the phone is out of warranty, just give them a call and they will repair it in no time. You will not be disappointed by either buying a phone from them or getting it repaired via them. Check out Alpha Smartphones and check out the most amazing deals.


iPhone 7 comes with numerous upgrades from its predecessor. It has a better camera, it is fast and efficient and it has a revamped Home button. Instead of a home button, you have a trackpad like technology, something that you can adjust to your liking.  The camera of the phone offer’s Depth for Field effect, swipe left to access it from the lock screen button, enjoy the rest to unlock feature option and much more.

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