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Purchased Refurbished iPhone 6? Here How Can Check if The Phone is Stolen?

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iPhone 6 for Sale UK

When buying a refurbished iPhone 6, there are many things that you need to keep in mind. One of the most important thing that you need to make sure when find iPhone 6 deals, whether the phone is stolen or not. Previously finding this was a difficult thing, but thanks to the advancing technology it has become simple and effective.

For quite some time buy iPhone 6 UK has become the supreme target for thieves. More and more people are reporting that thieves are snatching away their iPhone 6 second hand,. After all, a small device that cost about hundreds of dollars is a pretty effective way to money especially when they are easily available.

All thieves have to do is pick someone’s pocket and then get a good amount in exchange. Back in 2010, it seems that Apple did come up with a solution, Find My iPhone 6. However, this wasn’t as effective as it is supposed to be. Once the phone is off, or someone erases the content, you won’t be able to track the phone any longer.

Increased Security Measurements – iPhone 6

To further increase the security of iPhone, Apple has introduced the Activation Lock back in iOS 7. What exactly is the Activation Lock? It is a feature that does not let you activate or enter a new Apple Id without entering the one old Apple ID. Unlocking the phone without the old Apple ID is nearly impossible. It is highly less likely that a thief might have knowledge regarding the previous iPhone Apple ID and its Passwords.

You can never check the device’s activation lock status before head of time. A thief might sell off a stolen phone over the internet and the buyer won’t even know once he/she gets his hands on it. But thanks to Apple, they have introduced a new feature via which you can check the refurbished iPhone 6 buy now activation lock status. This will help you identify whether you are buying a stolen device or not.

How to Check the Activation Lock?

There are a couple of steps that you need to do in order to check the status of your phone. To check a phone’s status, you will need its IMEI status. IMEI is basically the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. Every iPhone 6 buy now has a unique identity, also check the serial number of the phone. To get this follow the steps below.

  1. First thing first, you need to go to Settings App on the phone.
  2. Then you need to tab on General.
  3. Once there look for about, and tap on it.
  4. Now scroll down to the very end and you will find both the numbers.

Write down these numbers for future use. After you have the number follow the steps below

  1. You need to head to Apple’s Activation Lock Status site from your computer.
  2. Once there, you will need to type in the Serial Number of the IMEI in the box.
  3. After that, you will have to verify that you are a human by typing the CAPTCHA code.
  4. Finally, click on Continue.

Wait for some time, if someone did steal the phone, you will be able to see it in the next window.

How to Interpret the Result?

Cheap iPhone 6

The next window will show whether the activation lock is off, it means that someone stole the phone. However, if the phone is on, it can mean a couple of things.

The Phone is stolen: If the activation lock is enabled, it means that the device is stolen. The thief wasn’t able to disable the activation lock. Tell the seller to disable it, if they refuse it means that the phone stolen and you should not buy it.

The Seller forgot to turn off Activation Lock: There is a possibility that the seller forgot to turn off the activation lock. You can request them to disable it. If they say okay, you are good to go.

So, when you buy iPhone 6 for sale UK, you need to check if someone stole it or not. You should always ask for the IMEI or the serial number from the seller and then check it via the website.


The tool is not part of any police system, so it not possible to cross-reference police reports for a stolen iPhone 6. You can only check the activation lock status of the refurbished iPhone 6.

If you are buying a phone that is running iOS 6 or below, this tool is not going to be of much help.

This is highly unlikely that the thief gets hold of old Apple ID and Password. But if they do, this tool will no longer be effective. They can easily remove the activation lock and sell the phone. You would never know that they actually stole the phone.

There are different places where you can buy a refurbished iPhone 6 from, but we suggest that you get it from Alpha Smartphones. Reason being that they will ensure that you buy only the best possible thing. Buying a refurbished iPhone 6 from them, you ensure that someone did not steal the phone.


Buying a refurbished iPhone 6 can save you a lot of money, you can get a good iPhone 6 for sale UK in exchange for minimum price. However, you need to check if someone stole the phone and is now selling it or is it truly a refurbished phone from Alpha Smartphones.  Apple introduced Find My iPhone to resolve this problem, but this wasn’t effective, so they came up with the activation lock feature. Through this feature, you will ensure that the phone you are buying is refurbished iPhone 6 for sale UK and not stolen.  All you need is the serial number or the IMEI of the phone.

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