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What is the Difference Among iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s?

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iPhone 6, 6s Deals UK

A stunningly appreciated Apple iPhone 6 was followed by Apple iPhone 6s. Among users, a perception about the newer product was kind of ‘little different’ and accordingly iPhone 6s couldn’t get a warm welcome. Consequently, Apple faced a disappointing sale of iPhone 6s deals. Earlier, iPhone 6 for sale bagged heavy revenue.

iPhone 6s vs. iPhone 6 for Sale

iPhone 6 for sale continued as better sale able and acceptable product. While apparently, both the products look identical, the major changes/differences are contained inside the casings.  An ‘apple to apple’ comparison will make it easy to understand how better (or disappointing) Apple iPhone 6s is compared with iPhone 6 for sale.


External looks show no major differences.


There are minor differences in their dimensions as can be seen below:

iPhone 6 – iPhone 6s

           Size (mm)               138.1 x 67 x 6.9mm                      138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1mm

          Size (inch)              5.44 x 2.64 x 0.27in)                    (5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28in)

          Weight.                  129gg   (4.55 oz.)                                43 g (5.04 oz.)

         Chassis                  6000 series Aluminium                  7000 series Aluminium

Evidently, iPhone 6s is slightly bigger in size/dimensions but when we look at the weight difference iPhone 6s is about 11% heavier. It is worth mentioning that iPhone 6s is 3 times stronger than iPhone 6. But the increase in weight is not due to improved chassis.  It is rather due to the addition of improved 3D Touch display technology in iPhone 6s.  A new module, that enables iPhone 6s to detect pressure on the screen, is added inside display which makes the set a bit heavier. However, the smooth build and feel of iPhone 6 are retained as such. Screen to body ratio as well as a number of pixels (326ppi) is same in both the products.

3D Touch – Good or Bad

This addition in iPhone 6s helps primarily in previews of web links, emails etc. and Pop open on further pressure. It is also useful for other app icons to activate different commands, it is really good so far. But the bad point is that it is not applicable to all third party apps (which do not support 3D touch display).  Therefore despite its valuable potentials, users’ opinion and adoption is just kind of mixed. So for all iPhone 6s deals when you consider iPhone  2 lovely for sale UK, 3D touch feature may or may not be a big plus.

Performance Comparison

To evaluate overall performance a comparative chart below indicate all the differences between iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 for sale UK. Assessment is done in terms of hardware and its performance:

iPhone 6 – iPhone 6s

Clock Speed: 1.4 GHz 1.8 GHz
Processor: Apple A8 Apple A9
Coprocessor: M8 Motion M9 Motion
RAM: 1 GB 2 GB
Orig. Storage (GB): 16/64/128 16/64/128
Current Storage (GB): 32 32/128
Battery Life (Hours): 10-50 10-50
Display Size: 4.7″ 4.7″
Resolution: 1334×750 1334×750
Pixel Density: 326 ppi 326 ppi
Contrast Ratio: 1400:1 1400:1
Ion-Strengthened Glass: No Yes
3D Touch: No Yes
Taptic Sensor: No Yes
4G/LTE Internet: Yes Yes
Wi-Fi (802.11): a/b/g/n/ac a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth: 4.2 4.2 (Full)
Rear Megapixels: 8 MP 12 MP
Rear Aperture: f/2.2 f/2.2
Rear Pixel Size: 1.5µm 1.22µm
Max Video Res: 1080p 4K
Touch ID: 1st Gen 2nd Gen
Apple Pay (NFC): Yes Yes
CPU A8 Dual core 1.4 GHz Cyclone A9 Dual core 1.84 GHz Twister
Original iOS: iOS 8 iOS 9
Fastest iOS: iOS 10 iOS 11
Maximum iOS: iOS 11 iOS 11
Primary Material: Al 6000 Al 7000
Water Gasket: No Yes

Only CPU change have boosted iPhone 6s performance by 70% while GPU improved graphics by 90%. That stands as a big plus in favor of iPhone 6s deals.

Fingerprint Reader & 4G Speeds Improvements

Speed improvement is another consideration. iPhone 6s is twice quicker a fingerprint reader as iPhone 6 due to second generation Touch ID used in it. However, this has not been considered as some significant improvement by iPhone 6 users as reflected by the reported figures of iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6s sale in UK.

Similarly, the use of a 300Mbit-capable modem in iPhone 6s, replacing 150Mbit-capable modem used in iPhone 6 to enhance 4G speed has not been considered of much improvement by users in iPhone 6s deals.


Slight changes that too only in front camera (5MP from 1.2MP) in iPhone 6s couldn’t receive much of appreciation while expectations were for all blazing guns to keep the photographic crown, lost to Galaxy S6. The tangible improvement compared with iPhone 6 for sale alone has anyway come as a disappointment.

Battery – Life & Charging Features

This is sad news to note that Apple didn’t pay attention to already existing battery issue identified in iPhone 6 for sale, which was one big negative point. The battery replacement in iPhone 6s is rather downward as the still smaller battery (1715 mAh Vs 1810 mAh)  is kind of stagnation of unacceptable feature.

Apple has still not taken care of slow charging problem as its iPhones for sale take about two hours which is almost double of rival products.

Except for optimized performance due to the new A9 chipset, there is no significant enhancement seen in iPhone 6s in an overall comparison with iPhone 6 for sale. This dissatisfaction has led to spreading the perception that Apple has concentrated more on cosmetics and gimmicks and less on improvements iPhone 6 needed.

In the Nutshell iPhone 6s

if viewed alone is a fine smartphone but as a follow up of widely accepted successful iPhone 6 for sale is a considerable displeasure. As Apple is still selling baseline 16GB model of iPhone 6, that  reduction in price, the choice becomes harder for the newer product that otherwise stands as a fine smartphone.

Commendable improvements which are significant and claimed by Apple as plus points hidden under the surface are:

  • Faster performance
  • 3D Potential
  • Stronger chassis

These should be considered to go for iPhone 6s deals given the choice is between both the Apple products.

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