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Find Top 5 Cheap Smartphone Deals – Alpha Smartphones

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Cheap Smartphones dealsSmartphones are essentially integral part of everyone’s life. Top of the list cheap smartphones are however considerably expensive and affordable for the majority of smartphone users. Rapid up gradations owing to more and more exciting features are continuously making the cost simply unbearable.

Cheap Smartphones

Soon a new smartphone laughs the flooded market with previous versions/model have to reduce prices considerably to attract customers. This way a great opportunity to purchase cheap smartphones erupts as a good-luck to potential buyers. Buying cheap smartphones, however, is not a kind of carefree task unless you have a thorough knowledge of make, models, specifications, category (New/refurbished or used) and the seller. The last one being the most important for it is the trust you may have that will make your ultimate deal a peace of mind.

How to Find Cheap Smartphones Deals?

This crucial question every mobile user must ask himself /herself and understand all nitty-gritty involved in cheap smartphones deals. Once you know all that you should investigate, the remaining process is just very simple and trustworthy. Thereon you can comfortably choose, decide and order ‘buying or selling’, to finalize the deal ‘in a day’ without actually visiting any shop.

Trustworthy Dealers

Through a bit of browsing, you can easily find out trustworthy dealers of mobiles, accessories and other electronic gadgetry. Among all, however, a few are very well known because of their business deals reputation. In the UK, for instance, Alpha Smartphones are best known as ‘one stop for all solutions’ for excellent deals because of customer’s care this company priorities always.

Alpha Smartphones

The main business line of Alpha Smartphones is selling and buying mobile phones. To provide matchless services Alpha Smartphones always kept within operationally feasible and ethically up to the mark limits. Thus even today Alpha Smartphones deals only in Top five makes of smartphones, namely:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • HTC, and
  • LG

Alpha Smartphones not only sell new mobiles but also sell & buy, refurbished and used sets as well. So you can comfortably look for cheap smartphones ranging from around £100 (LG) to £500 (Apple) onward, on their website Alpha Smartphones.

Another service company is very well is ‘Mobiles Repair’ that is carried out at extremely best level using original components. Including this, all mobile deals are always tagged with warranty thus leaving no stone unturned in winning customers confidence.

Top Mobile Deals at Alpha Smartphones

Cheap Mobile Deals UK

If you are looking for best of best deals on cheap smartphones, you are at right place to work out best in the simplest way. To guide you further about top deals of cheap smartphones that are most frequent, Alpha Smartphones is usually engaged in encompass:

Cheap Apple iPhones

Most in demand in the UK are Apple’s products which as refurbished sets (pretty like a new one) and as used sets (in very good condition) are always hot items. Alpha smartphones almost always have in stock the customers’ demanded models may it be iPhone 5 or below but the top of the list iPhone 7 deals and iPhone 6 deals are part of daily business.

Cheap Samsung Smartphones

For those who are more comfortable with Samsung products, Alpha Smartphones have a wide range of refurbished or used mobiles at very easily affordable prices (less than £200) with no less than 180 days (for used sets) warranty.  Best quality and factory refurbished products such as Samsung Galaxy S6 deals as well as Samsung Galaxy S8 plus Deals are always most on the run.

Cheap HTC Mobiles

Very much demanded smartphones in the UK and at Alpha Smartphones are customer’s favorite products from HTC which is pretty cheap smartphones. If you are really hard pressed and just need a smartphone good enough for the very easily affordable price then nothing may be better than HTC M8 or HTC M9 with baseline 16GB, that too refurbished from the factory. The price range is amazingly low.  Check it yourself from Alpha Smartphones to believe and placing an order before it is too late.

Cheap Sony Mobiles

Don’t be surprised if you could find Sony’s most liked products such as Sony Xperia, refurbished, of course with free sim at Alpha Smartphones stores.  In fact, that is the level of company’s concern, to come up with every customer’s expectations. Cheap smartphones such as these, though like the new one, cost you less than two hundred pounds. All purchases are 100% guarantee protected.

Cheap LG Smartphones

Cheap smartphones such as factory refurbished best quality smartphones with 16GB from famous LG are another offer Alpha Smartphones have for those who can go a long way with least cost and constant connectivity. If all your essential communications are being fully addressed by a cheap smartphone such as  LG G3 without any burden on your wallet then why not to enjoy this deal.

Top five cheap smartphones at Alpha Smartphones among all from above stated main smartphones manufacturers are:

i) Apple iPhone 7 Deals

Apple iPhone 7 deals

Despite launching of Apple iPhone 8 the previous model i.e. cheap iPhone 7 deals are still too great. It is partly due to the impression that new smartphone is not an appreciable up gradation. At Alpha Smartphones you can buy iPhone 7 deals as per current (approximately) for:

  • 32GB New form  £689.99
  • Used form £479.99
  • 32GB Refurbished f form £469.99
  • 128GB New form £689.99
  • Used form £539.99
  • 128GB Refurbished form £589.99

ii) Apple iPhone 6 Deals

Apple iPhone 6 Deals

Cheap iPhone 6 deals, still being a hot cake because of further reduction in prices, are among top 5 at Alpha Smartphones. Current approximate prices are:

  • 16GB New form £289.99
  • Used form £209.99
  • 16GB Refurbished form £229.99
  • 64GB New form  £339.99
  • 64GB. Used form £239.99
  • 64GB Refurbished form  £249.99
  • 128GB. Used form £895.99

iii) Apple iPhone 6s Deals

Apple iPhone 6s Deals

Available in 16GB and 64 GB storage capacities cheap iPhone 6s deals are a hot favorite for appreciably low cost at Alpha Smartphone:

  • 16GB Used form £299.99
  • 16GB Refurbished form £329.99
  • 64GB Used form £399.99
  • 64GB Refurbished form £469.99

iv) Samsung Galaxy S6 Deals

Samsung Galaxy S6 Deals

Best quality Samsung Galaxy S6 deals with 3GB RAM is also demanded frequently because the product is pretty impressive as a very cheap smartphones:

  • 32GB Used form £189.99
  • 32GB Refurbished form £224.99

v) Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Deals

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Deals

Samsung has succeeded to make a much bigger screen deprived of creating a bigger phone. The eternity display is without doubt the future of mobile screens. The rates on the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus deals are lesser than ever, but if they quiet look a little rich for your blood, then you can purchase the smaller Galaxy S8 for less.

  • 64Gb New form  £769.99
  • 64GB Used form £649.99
  • 64GB Refurbished form £599.99

All the Top five deals on one of the best known smartphone dealer in the UK can be conveniently ordered without hesitation except a pre-order check that your desired smartphone may not be out of stock because the market of these smartphones is volatile.  You have to quickly decide for a cheap smartphone because time and tide waits for none.

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