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Apple Tipped to Unveil 4 iPhones in 2018

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Buy Cheap iPhones

iPhones are rather popular phones that are quite costly to buy. Therefore some people look for deals that allow them to buy cheap iPhones. Before buying an iPhone you can check online and also check at different shops to see the deals they have. Sometimes rumors circulate concerning what new products Apple will release for its excited customers. Some people are excited to know which new iPhones will arrive and what exciting features they will have. There are rumors that Apple will release four iPhones this year. Time will only tell if these rumors turn out to be true.

Some people are into Samsung phones whilst others are into the iPhone. It really depends on the person’s choice. Like with other things, phone companies also compete with one another and need to produce the best phone so that people will be attracted towards their company’s phones. Whichever company you prefer you may be excited to learn about what they may offer in the future so that you can plan which phone you want to buy. If you are one of those people who just have to have the latest phone then you may also want to be informed about which new phones are coming into the market so that you can plan which one to get.

Looking to Buy Cheap iPhones?

If you are on a budget, but still love the iPhone then you may be searching for cheap iPhones. When iPhones are released into the market their price is normally very high, like the iPhone X. If you like the iPhone X but are on a budget you can check out the price of a refurbished or used model. Remember that when buying this type of phone you should know the seller or look for deals that have a warranty with them. Also look carefully at the phone before you buy it. Nevertheless, if you want to find deals for iPhones, search different websites online and also visit different phone shops. It may be better to have an idea of several deals so that you can know what the situation is. This may give you an idea of the various deals when it comes to iPhones.

Can One Buy Cheap Smartphones?

Not everyone has a lot of money to spend when it comes to smartphones, therefore, they look for cheap smartphones. You can look at refurbished or used iPhones if you wish to buy an iPhone that is not too costly as a brand new one may be. There are different websites that offer these types of iPhones and you can go to shops to see if they have any.

Rumors Circulating About iPhones

According to Nikkei– According to Nikkei Apple will release into the market its biggest iPhone having a 6.1-inch display. It also has been claimed that this will likely be Apple’s cheapest iPhone. For those of you who love a big screen, you will be excited to hear this. Nikkei whilst citing a source claims that this 6.1-inch iPhone will not be extremely costly because it will employ an LCD display instead of the more costly OLED that the expensive iPhone X has. It will revert to the aluminum chassis that means no wireless charging.

Nikkei believes that this iPhone will be put together using a new manufacturer. It has been claimed that Casetek that tends to be a subsidiary of the iPhone assembler Pegatron may get this contract. Another Nikkei source claims that the company has actually been testing casings for the LCD iPhone model. Casetek has actually made iPads before, but this would be their first iPhone. If this occurs then Apple will limit its dependence upon Hon Hai Precision Industry (or Foxconn) as well as Samsung. Nikkei also claims that Apple will also release the so-called “iPhone X Plus. It claims that this phone’s final size still needs to be agreed, nevertheless it will be 6.2 or maybe 6.3-inches. For those of you on a budget and who also like a phone that has a big screen allowing them to play their games or read novels, news and other things on their phone, this will be good news to them.

Another Rumor- There was a rumor that suggested Apple wanted to cancel making the iPhone X when its successors were to arrive on the market. This seems to not be the case any longer according to another rumor. According to “The Investor” new 5.85-inch as well as 6.46-inch iPhones are being made, having OLED screens sourced from more suppliers. This all is based on “sources” therefore do not take this as being 100% true.

According to DigiTimes- An analyst at DigiTimes claims that four iPhones are being developed, and only three will be released, i.e. an LCD model that will be 5.7 to 5.8-inch, an LCD model that will be 6.0 to 6.1-inch, and an OLED model that will be 6.4 to 6.5-inch. DigiTimes also claims that another model having a 6.0 to the 6.1-inch type of screen is also being planned, but will eventually be scrapped.

Not everyone’s views can be right and time will only tell how many iPhones will be released in 2018. Considering the two-LCD plus one-OLED approach, this will tend to match what Apple pursued last year with their iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, as well as iPhone X. It also has been claimed by DigiTimes that the iPhone SE 2 will be the first of these full-sized iPhones coming to the market sometime in the spring. Apparently, it will have a glass back used for wireless charging. Seemingly, the 3D sensing tech needed for Face ID will no longer be present.

Considering the above points, when the time comes and Apple releases its new models into the market will we 100% know which refurbished iPhones Apple will release and what exciting features they will have. At that time we will also know the exact cost of the phones and whether they are in a price range that you can afford. However, it is recommended that before ordering a brand new iPhone this year, you should consider refurbished phones to buy cheap iPhones.

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