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14 Best First Mobile Phones for 11 Years Old in UK

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Those days are long gone when you could fob off your child with an old, not in use, or toy mobile phone. Particularly now when summer vacations are just around the corner and your child is begging for a mobile phone to get through this season. The question is: if other children have mobile phones then why not yours?

We know your concerns as a parent too and here is something to satisfy most, if not all of them. Research shows that more and more parents are opting to give mobile phones to their children and it’s for good. Children tend to use mobile phones for learning purpose and you cannot ignore the fact that mobile phones enable parents to stay in touch with their children at all times.

In this modern digital world, which we lovingly call a global village, mobile phones have become a necessity for our lives. Almost everyone wants to have their hands on this super cool device that acts as a hub for almost everything we do from shopping to entertainment. Similarly, children too are inspired by them and want to own mobile phones. And it is quite possible that most children know more about technology as compared to most adults. As a result, your children want best of the best, when it comes to owning a mobile phone.

But as a parent, you are always wondering: should your child even have a mobile phone? There is no doubt that mobile phones are extremely useful and provide support in everyday situations. Research has revealed that a lot of children use mobile devices for learning purposes also.

So, when you convince yourself that yes you should get your child a mobile phone. There are plenty of other considerations also, such as the cost.  Buying mobile phones can cost you a lot of money but the benefits outnumber this aspect.

In addition, there are few other reasons to give your child a mobile phone. If your child is out of sight for a long time then he/she can contact you immediately through mobile phone.

Reasons to get your kid a mobile phone
On average, twelve-year old children get their first mobile phones and following are some reasons that show why your child should have a mobile phone.

When your child is outside, there are possibly many things that can go wrong, like earthquakes, bad weather or accidents. God forbid, if your child meets any of these disasters, then mobile phone can act as a lifeline by providing connection between you and your child. Your child can also call emergency response using a mobile phone.

In this fast world both parents and children are busy. In this scenario, mobile phones can be a connecting bridge between parents and their children. For instance, if any of them are late for dinner, they can tell each other about their late arrival so that the other doesn’t have to wait and worry.
Your child will become more responsible if he/she has a mobile phone. For example, they can call their parents to get permission for impromptu plans.

Everyone knows that mobile phone is a costly product and giving your child a mobile phone shows that you as a parent trust them with something valuable. It can help to strengthen the trust factor between you and your children.

Keep in contact with long distance relatives
Mobile phones help your child to keep in contact with long distance relatives, like grandparents, uncles and aunts. Mobile phones also help children to connect with their parents when they are out of town or at work.

Games and videos
Mobile phones come with many fun features. Children can play games and watch videos to keep themselves busy while parents are busy somewhere else.
We are sure that by now you must have had a clear idea about what you want to do in this regard.

What’s the best mobile phone for children that you can buy in the UK?

Now question is that what parents should look for while buying their child his /her first mobile phone. Well, in simple words, there are no hard and fast rules for this. Just buy any mobile phone which suits your child’s needs and your budget of course. And whatever phone you choose, make sure it is durable and easy to use. You can buy a high quality refurbished phone also.  It is recommended that before purchasing the phone; do check for the features such as its display, storage, durability and power.

Furthermore, when buying your children a mobile phone especially a first one. There are many things going on in a parent’s head. And costing is one of them because at this point you don’t know how your child will treat their mobile phone. They might break it or spill water on it and not to mention the functional problems. Luckily, Refurbished mobile phones are an all-in-one solution to these problems. Refurbished phones not only cost less but also offer extensive warranty to relive you from all these worries.

Here are a few suggestions from us.

  1. Moto G5

It’s a steal. Moto G5 is still one of the best mobile phones when it comes to Android’s budget-friendly mobile phones. The build and quality of this phone feels like an expensive one. Although you can find better specs in Chinese phones but if you want peace of mind and a proper UK warranty phone, the Moto G5 is a solid choice.

  1. Elephone P8 Mini

If you like Chinese phones, then Elephone P8 Mini is suitable choice for you. It has an enhanced camera and more storage as compared to the Moto G5.

  1. iPhone 7

    iPhone 7 is one of the best choices for kids these days. It has special waterproofing feature that makes it a perfect smartphone for your child.

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  2. Samsung Galaxy A3 

    If you like Samsung Galaxy S7 but can’t afford to buy it then Samsung Galaxy S3 would be your best choice. It has convenient water proofing feature and nice fingerprint sensor and comes with great design. Its price tag is pretty much low as compared to many flagship phones.

  3. iPhone SE

    This is a special phone and many iPhone fans have been asking for it. This phone can become an ideal companion of your child. It balances both power and price.

  4. Samsung Galaxy S7

    If you have some extra cash then you can think about getting your child Samsung Galaxy S7. It has a Child Mode feature. Although this feature doesn’t come pre-installed, but you can download it from Galaxy App Store.

  5. Alcatel Pixi 3

    perfectly formed and packed with a punch, Alcatel Pixi 3 has a dual-core processor, 3.5 inch display and 4GB of internal storage. Alcatel Pixi 3 has a front facing camera plus 2 megapixel rear camera. If your child is Android fan then this phone is a great starting point.  

  6. Microsoft Lumia 550

    If your child likes Microsoft then Microsoft Lumia 550 is for best him. It has 4.7 inch display, 5 megapixels back and 2 mega pixel selfie camera. It’s good for Skype and WhatsApp video calling. It has virtual assistant also.

  7. Huawei Y3

    Huawei Y3 – another fun yet cheap smartphone. It has a 4-inch elegant screen, which is equivalent to iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. It is perfect for smaller hands.

  8. Monqi kids Smartphone

    As name shows, this smartphone is designed for children. Its software allows parents a strict parent control over what their children can do and see on the internet. This phone has two cons though. Slow performance and poor battery life.

  9. LG G4C

    This smartphone is best for young teenagers. It has 5-inch HD screen with 1.5GHz quad core processor and 8GB of internal storage. It’s like a grown-up phone in terms of size and performance.

  10. Alcatel Pixi 4

    This phone is perfect for children. It is a 5 inch smartphone. Having android marshmallow as its OS, this phone has 5 mega pixel rear facing camera and comes with expandable storage. It offers 720p HD screen for a perfect video watching experience for children.

  11. Motorola Moto E 4G

    This smartphone is an upgrade version of the original Moto E. For an extra £20, you get features like 4G LTE connectivity, enhanced performance and camera results. It is one of the best 4G phones in UK and that too on a budget.

  12. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Active has faster processor and better camera as compared to Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. It is also bit expensive than S7 Active smartphone.

    No matter what mobile phone you choose for your child. It is important to ensure that your child learns the safe use of mobile phones here are a few tips from us.

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