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How to Rearrange Apps on iOS 11?

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Reading Time: 4 minutes

Are you looking for a simple way to rearrange all the apps on your iPhone or iOS device? Do you find it difficult to move the apps one by one? If yes then you should know that there is a simple way to do this.

When you wish to move several apps at once, it can be annoying having to drag them among screens one at a time. If you have a cluttered home screen you can clean it up really quickly.

How to Rearrange Apps on iOS 11

New iPhone User

There is a difference between Android and iOS, and so their usages are different. You need to know the different tricks that can be pursued to make it easier to use an iPhone.

You may be stressing that you have spent much on buying your iPhone and now you do not know how to use it properly. It is good to know the different and exciting things that your phone can do so that you can take full advantage of it. I suggest you to download Trivia World & test your IQ level. Therefore, read about the different tips and tricks that can help you extract all the benefits that your device can provide you with. You will be amazed to know how many exciting features an iOS device can offer you.

Some Processes Are Tough To Do On An iPhone

If you have an iPhone then you may feel that some things are tough to carry out on it. Specifically, if you are new to using an iPhone, you may find it difficult. You also may be confused and not know how to do some things. For instance, it may be quite tough for some users whilst transferring songs and videos to an iPhone.

Some functions on an iPhone may be tough to do if you do not know the tricks. If you need to rearrange the apps on your iPhone you may find it problematic, especially if you have too many apps on your phone. Therefore, getting to know the handy tricks for using an iPhone or iOS device can be useful.

Problem Of Moving Apps Individually

We often install too many apps on our iPhone that is starts looking messy. The process of moving apps individually is rather tough and time-consuming. Using iPhone becomes annoying because of such a mess on the home screen.

Most of us may not have enough time and arranging apps might waste some of our time. That can lead to more annoyance and anger.

Rearranging Apps

You can simply rearrange apps on your iPhone or iPad that has iOS 11. It is possible to easily place several apps inside a folder to make their access easy to you whenever needed. It is also possible to drag some apps from one screen to another, in one go. With so many apps the screen really looks like an untidy heap.

Steps to Rearrange Apps

If you need to rearrange your apps on the iOS device you can follow the below.

Start off by simply holding any app to go into edit mode. After this hold on to it and then drag it. When you have done this, drop it particularly onto another app. You will notice a new folder will be created. After this, you can drop more apps specifically into the folder.

A good idea is to form folders that are based on categories. You can, for example, form separate folders for different apps like one for social apps so you can know where to access and launch them.

Moving Several Apps At Once

If you need to move several apps all at one time on your iOS device you can do the below.

You can start off by going into edit mode. Then hold on an app then tap on some other apps. Do this with another finger. Next, you can drag all these apps where you want to and then drop these.

Remember to not let go of the original app that you are holding with the first finger. This process can be repeated with multiple apps. You can then drop all the apps that you need to wherever you want to.

By doing this it will be easier and simpler to clear up the home-page and will make it more organized. The benefit of this is that you can locate whatever you want to easily. You will also be less likely to disturb the design of the home-page due to a finger slip. It is also a good way to begin organizing apps into folders.

Resetting Your Home Screen App Layout

When you wish to remove folders and want to rearrange apps from the beginning, this can be done easily. You can easily reset app layout and that without needing to reset the iOS device. This is a much better and less hectic option. To do this read this article on.

Start off by going to the Settings app present on your device. When you have opened this you can then click on General. Tap Reset after this. After you have done this you can select the Reset Home Screen Layout. Tap on Reset that will appear in the popup. Your device’s Home screen layout should be reset to factory settings when you have done this.

You may need to quickly locate an app and find it tough if you cannot find the app. Therefore, you can arrange your apps in folders to make life easier.

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