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Apple Loop: New iPhone Specs Revealed, Larger Cheaper iPhone Leaked, MacBook Pro Problems Confirmed  

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If you are a mobile tech lover then you must be looking for the latest news from Cupertino. Well, this week’s Forbes’ Apple Loop concluded on high notes, sharing the latest about Apple’s new upcoming iPhone, features and specs of upcoming iPhones. Apple confirmed faults about MacBook Pro. More news from last week Apple Loop includes macOS 12’s public beta, Apple’s surprising top-selling peripherals at Best Buy and production notes for the A12 chip.
These are some of the major headlines that were discussed around Apple over the last seven days. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Apple shared more details on this year’s iPhone

Apple is expected to announce its low-end iPhone X in September and we have some more details about this phone. Though Apple cancelled the release of iPhone SE 2, the low-end iPhone X is still priced at the same level as Apple’s other flagship phone, iPhone 8. Forbes’ one of the top contributors, Gordon Kelly reports:
“The good news is, despite the budget pricing, the new iPhone (which I expect to simply be called ‘iPhone’ just like the entry level ‘iPad’ and ‘MacBook’) will indeed retain all the flagship styling of the iPhone X: bezel-less design, Face ID, glass back (there will be wireless charging) and leaks strongly indicate fast wired charging will be included free.
The bad news is users will have to compromise with just a single rear camera (which makes sense given this replaces the iPhone 8), there is no 3D Touch, and there will be an LCD rather than OLED display and aluminium rather than steel chassis.”

Features And Specs of New iPhones

As we discussed above, Apple has drop 3D Touch, will use cheaper LCD screen and rely on single lens camera for its upcoming iPhone. But what are its other specs? Let’s discuss below about new iPhone’s features including larger design and chances of a triple-lens camera.
“Super Sized Designs – as confirmed in my schematics exclusive, Kuo states Apple will launch a full iPhone X range this year. The 5.8-inch iPhone X will be joined by a 6.1-inch budget model and a new 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus.
Triple-Lens Cameras – I reported earlier this month that a close source insists the iPhone X Plus will have a triple camera and Kuo notes Apple is toying with introducing this. But a decision has not yet been made if it will come to market this year or be held over until 2019.”

Apple Admitted: MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Issues

Apple has finally confirmed that its MacBook Butterfly Keyboard has issues and it is faulty. And Apple will offer Free Repairs to its customers having the above mentioned issue with their computers. Forbes’ contributor, Ewan Spence, reported earlier this week:
“Introduced in 2015, the butterfly keyboard promised a narrower profile and the ability to design thinner laptop computers around the new input mechanism. Unfortunately for Apple, the keyboards showed a far higher failure rate than previous designs, and most consumers reported that Apple was charging upwards of $700 for a repair if the unit was out of warranty and not covered by AppleCare.
Apple will now offer a free repair to users of certain machines affected by this fault. Users who have had previous repairs can discuss the issue of a refund with Apple. A plain-looking support page updated late on Friday confirms the details.

Mojave’s Public Beta Released

Apple released the first public beta of macOS 12 last week. In its first phase, ‘Mojave’ was tested as a part of the developer program, but now members of the Apple’s public beta program have access to it as well. Ewan Spence writes:
“The macOS 12 Mojave public beta supports the MacBook (early 2015 onwards), the MacBook Air (mid 2012 onwards), the MacBook Pro (mid 2012 onwards), the Mac mini (mid 2012 onwards), the iMac (late 2012 onwards), the iMac Pro (2017), and the Mac Pro (late 2013 onwards, plus 2010 and 2012 versions with suitable GPU support).
This public beta is the same release as the Mojave Developer beta 2 that has been made available previously through Apple’s subscription-based developer program.”

New Apple Chip Production Under Way

Ewan Spence reported:
TSMC has started production of the next generation of chips destined to power the new iPhones that will be announced later this year by Tim Cook and his team. The presumptively named A12 chip will use TSMC’s 7nm fabrication process and offer the iOS handset better power management and increased performance over the competition.

Apple’s top-selling peripherals

A zoomed analysis of Best Buy’s sales rankings tells about the Apple’s top-selling peripherals and top of the list is its wireless AirPods earphones. The lightning-to-3.5mm dongle comes at second. Joe Rossignol reports:
“The data is particularly interesting given that Apple already includes its headphone jack adapter in the box with its latest iPhones, so every customer that needs one should already have one. So, what is driving all of the sales?
[Researcher Joshua] Fruhlinger offered up a pretty reasonable explanation: people keep losing the adapter, thereby having to buy a new one. …Overall, the data suggested that wired headphones remain popular, but remember that AirPods are the one Apple product outselling the adapter at Best Buy, so many customers are also embracing wireless.”

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