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Apple Has Some Nasty & Big Surprises for You

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The year 2018 is the year of change for Apple as it does some historical changes to its iPhone line-up. The changes are in terms of display size and cheaper pricing. But the latest information has exposed one nasty surprise from Apple. And as per the surprise, the Apple’s new phones may lag Performance wise.

According to the famous French site, iGeneration, that did Geekbench tests for Apple’s new iPhones and revealed some staggering results.

Breaking down the outcomes for the iPhone 11.2’ (expected to be the iPhone X Plus as the iPhone 8 Plus was identified as the ‘iPhone 10.2’), it revealed that Apple’s forthcoming iPhone has merely 10% greater single-core performance and only 5% greater performance as compared to its previous years’ models.

This would add up to the littlest generational chipset overhaul in Android or iPhone history.

To make it clear for you, the precise numbers of the test are as follows:

iPhone X (2017) – single core: 4206, multi-core: 10,123

iPhone X Plus (2018) – single core: 4673, multi-core: 10,912

Talking about these results, MacRumors reports:

“We asked Geekbench founder John Poole about the results, and he said there was nothing “obviously wrong” that stood out”.

This is a shocking news for iPhone fans as they would not be expecting this. Well, there is news that Android phones like the Galaxy Note 8 are performing faster than last year’s iPhones.

Geekbench also revealed some fascinating specification data: a bounce from 3GB RAM to 4GB RAM and L1 instruction cache and Data Cache from 32KB to 128KB should help the real-world multitasking deficiencies where Android phones have lately had the advantage over iPhones.

Moreover, Apple has already conveyed that its iOS will be far more fluent and efficient as compared to its previous iOS versions and adding more compensation, iPhone X Plus buyers will also enjoy a higher screen resolution than ever before.

Nonetheless, in the historical context, the numbers are undoubtedly disappointing.

According to Gordon Kelly:

“The iPhone 6S delivered a 70% faster CPU and 90% faster GPU than the iPhone 6. The iPhone 7 boosted its CPU 40% and GPU 50% over the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 8 offers a 25% faster CPU and 30% faster CPU than the iPhone 7”.

Forbes’ last week Apple Loop has a lot to offer. The news from the Cupertino includes a zoomed look at the design of Apple’s new iPhone X, some informational details about Apple’s new fast charges, iPhone leading the world sales chart, updates in iOS 12 public beta and mystery MacBook Pro leaks.

Dummy Models of new iPhone

A team from 9to5Mac finally got their hands on the dummy models of 2018 iPhone line-up. The dummy models include the 6.5 inch iPhone X Plus, iPhone X second generation and the ‘budget’ iPhone X (it is expected that this iPhone X will replace the iPhone 8).

Forbes’ Gordon Kelly writes while taking a closer look at the models:

“Looking at the flagship model first, the dummy units illustrate that Apple will be able to crowbar the massive iPhone X Plus display into a chassis no larger than the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus thanks to its adoption of the iPhone X’s so-called ‘bezel-less’ display. Moreover, the budget iPhone X will also offer a bezel-less design and potentially for less money than an iPhone 8.”

Apple is getting ready to Match Android fast charge with its new iPhone

News from the Apple Loop revealed some more details about Apple’s sat charger which Apple is planning to include in the box with its latest upcoming iPhone. With its new fast charges, the Apple is aiming to reach parity with other fast smartphones chargers powered by Android. Forbes’ Ewan Spence reported earlier this week:

“The latest leaked images around the new iPhones show Apple’s new charger, and the standout feature is that these chargers are USB-C based. That means Apple will package the new iPhone X handsets with a USB-C to lightning charging cable. Given the latest MacBook machines only have USB-C ports on them, Apple is finally shipping a charging cable that offers dongle-free connection to its own hardware.

The inclusion of the fast charger is welcome, although I do wonder why it has taken so long for Apple to do so. The next question is when Apple will release hardware that will enable fast wireless charging using Apple’s AirPower.”

Mystery MacBook Pro Benchmarked

After getting the details published by online benchmarking tool Geekbench, Ewan Spence from Forbes takes a look at the potential updates to the MacBook Pro for 2018 and writes:

“The question now is if Apple will give any new MacBook machines a platform at a key event. Given the developer community was gathered at WWDC, one of the key moments was rejected. Apple’s March event placed an educational focus on the iPad (and relegated talk of macOS machines to ‘that big box the teachers use’). Even the updates to macOS announced at WWDC were either cosmetic or to provide support for iOS.”

iPhone Tops the Sales Chart but with a close competition

This May, Apple’s iPhone tops the sales chart with best-selling smartphone, according to the data shared by a Counterpoint Research. But it was not a clean sweep. Surprisingly, the lower-priced iPhone 8 topped the chart while the Apple’s flagship phone, the iPhone X managed to take third place. With a close margin, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus came at 2nd while the Xiaomi Redmi grabbed 4th spot in the sales chart. Chance Miller reports:

“[This month] Apple’s iPhone 8 barely edged out the Galaxy S9 Plus. Both locked in 2.4 percent of the global smartphone market during the month, with the iPhone 8 ever so slightly coming in first.

As for the iPhone X, it accounted for 2.3 percent of the global smartphone sale market share – making it the third best-selling smartphone during May of 2018. In fourth was the Xiaomi Redmi 5A, while the iPhone 8 Plus came in fifth.”

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