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15 Things You Need to Know When Buying a Refurbished iPhone

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So you are thinking about buying a refurbished iPhone? It is absolutely a great idea since you can get your desired smartphone without paying top cash as you would if you purchased it directly from an Apple Store. There are a couple of key things that you will need to know before buying refurbished or second hand phones.

  1. Know the Difference Between Refurbished and Second Hand Phones

Refurbished mobile phones look and function like brand new counterparts. That is because all defective components have been replaced, then tested and inspected by expert technicians and then polished and repackaged to make them available for resale. These phones usually come with a warranty as well.

On the other hand, Used or second hand mobile phones don’t go through a refurbishment process, they are sold as it is as their previous owners left them in, whether that condition is “very used” or “almost brand new”. They are quite cheaper than refurbished phones but generally not covered by warranty.

  1. Cheap Prices

Well definitely the cost of a refurbished or second hand iPhone is generally cheaper, but people don’t realise the large amount they can save by buying such phone. Commonly, the price of purchasing a refurbished iPhone over a brand new one will save you 33% or more! That same phone in slightly used condition will on average save you 50% or more over its brand new counterpart.

Keep in mind the prices of refurbished iPhones usually depend on their models and condition, for instance, Grade A refurbished iPhone is quite expensive than other grades but it ensures a phone just like a new one.

  1. Know Where to Shop

In this fast-paced life, the internet has become a great place for buying anything. Yes, there are lots of online places which allow you to buy refurbished iPhones at very affordable prices. If you are in contract with Apple Store or any carrier then you can go to their online stores and apply for upgrade or replacement with the help of their latest mobile phone programmes.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have any contract for your recent handset, you can visit auction websites (eBay, Craigslist) and retail online shops (Amazon, Best Buy, Gumtree) in order to find the best deals for refurbished or second hand phones. Well, most of the people don’t find these places great because of scamming people and so many additional charges.

Another recommended way of buying refurbished mobile phones is to approach certified smartphone dealers or sellers on the web. They are now considering as a trustworthy option because these dealers/sellers are approved by smartphone manufactures. Therefore, you can get a quality iPhone at a reasonable price with full satisfaction. However, it is vital to look for a reliable dealer or seller by considering the following things:

  • Check their certifications, terms and condition and policies as well.
  • Read reviews posted by their previous customers regarding their products and services.
  • Never choose the first one, explore multiple options, compare them, and then go for the most suitable one.
  1. Know About Refurbished Phones Grading

Though there are different sorts of mobile phones that come in the refurbished category, some of them are new, unused, while some others are used ones. That’s why smartphone dealers categorise them in different Grades according to their condition and functionality. Let’s take a look at refurbished phone grading:

Grade A- These phones are almost new ones, not only in looks but also in performance. They often don’t have any scratches or signs of wear etc.

Grade B- These phones might have some slight signs of wear, odd damages, or scratches in addition, but work as well as new ones.

Grade C- These phones will probably have a few marks, scratches, or signs, so they will look like they’ve been already used.

Grade D- These phones will be damaged in some way and will look like second hand devices as they have been well used.

  1. Inspect the Features

Reconditioned iPhones are the phones that have the same features and specifications as a brand new one. These phones are not inferior to a brand new iPhone because you can definitely enjoy all the advanced features on these phones. If you are interested in online purchase, then read the complete product details carefully, as well as ask the seller everything and make sure the selected phone is not thoroughly tested and free from any glitches.


  1. Water Damage

This is another thing you must consider while buying a refurbished iPhone. You must check the chosen phone never gets any water damage experience. Water damage either can put some impacts on touch functionality or at worse, it can make a device useless. So, always consider it and prefer a phone that is never touched by any harmful material.

  1. Unlocking Feature

Did you know refurbished iPhones are usually unlocked? Wow. That means there is no need to get restricted on a particular network service while using an iPhone. Unlocking feature makes an iPhone able to use all network services anywhere across the world. Hence, you should ensure the refurbished iPhone is unlocked, otherwise, you will have to pay separately for unlocking it.

  1. Blacklisting Status

It is one of the most significant things you must consider while buying a refurbished iPhone. When an iPhone is reported as blacklisted, it means it has been lost or stolen. And keep in mind, such phones can’t be activated. So, you must ask the IEMI or ESN number from the seller to confirm the selected iPhone is not blacklisted.

  1. Battery Life

The iPhone is bad for one thing and that is replacing batteries (it’s a daunting task). So, if you are going to buy a refurbished iPhone, you should look out the batter. The battery of a one year used iPhone is regarded cautiously. So, prefer a phone that has a new battery or ask the seller to replace the old one.

  1. Storage Capacity

Similar to the brand new devices, refurbished iPhones also come with different storage capacities. Whether you are looking for a large storage iPhone or a low memory device, you can surely them in refurbished form. Bear in mind the prices are also different according to their storage capacity; low capacity phones are cheaper than the large ones. So, consider the storage space too.

  1. Warranty

The good thing is that like new iPhones, refurbished phones also come with warranties. But honestly, the longer the warranty is good for the better (1-year warranty card would be great). As for getting a warranty, it really depends upon where you buy refurbished iPhone from. If you get it from a reliable shop, there is a decent chance that they offer a warranty for no cost and possibly even an extended warranty for a bit of a premium.

  1. Return policy

A good seller also offers a return policy just like it is usually the case with new mobile phone purchases. You are much safer and confident when a refurbished iPhone has a return policy even though you are less likely to take it back for any reason at all.

  1. Shipping

When you buy a refurbished iPhone online, you expect to have it reach you fast and safely and effortlessly. Therefore, you should buy from a trustworthy seller who offers excellent shipping worldwide or within the country at free of charge.

  1. Safe Payment

Nothing can be more important when you buy a refurbished iPhone than payment methods that are safe. With so much crime going on, if you are not very careful with online dealings, you could fall victim. Only the best dealer can offer known safe and secure payment modes. They should actually have more than two options for you so that you are able to choose a payment mode you surely trust in and feel more confident using for the smartphone payment.

  1. Quality control

Always try to look for certified or factory refurbished iPhone. A good dealer conducts an original inspection and values quality control at the factory level and before you are handed the phone will offer you better quality. Regardless of how sure he is about the smartphones in store, he should still make sure that every refurbished iPhone is rechecked before leaving the store for quality confirmations.

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