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Reconditioned Mobile Phones Save Money

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With technology continuously evolving, everyone wants to have a smartphone that boasts of all the latest features, so that they don’t leave out on anything exciting. But, if you are not in a position where you can spend hundreds of pounds on a brand new mobile phone, you can simply check out refurbished phones as these can help you save money. Refurbished/ Reconditioned mobile phones are phones that have been restored to be as good as new. The best thing about such phones is that they are offered at very reasonable prices, therefore, you can get your dream smartphone without stretching your budget.

All of these things are normally marked down to about 15% to 50%, so it is the best way to save on the gadgets.

Refurbished Phones- What Does It Mean For You!

You are probably cautious about refurbished phones as you feel that these devices will be faulty in a way or somehow malfunction easily. In some way, you are right as some of these handsets had been returned owing to their being defective, nevertheless, keep in mind that only about 5% of those phones are defective. But no worries, when you buy a refurbished or reconditioned mobile phone from an authorised dealer or seller, they will make sure that all devices are reworked, repaired, and inspected by expert technicians to restore their normal conditions.

Below is some reason why mobile phones are considered as refurbished:

  • Sometimes customers change their minds for no real reason. They usually send back the phone as it is to the manufacturer or retailer; they don’t even open the box or use the item. Then, these are sold as refurbished phones, complete with warranties and practically new.
  • Certain cosmetic errors such as scratches, dents, cracks, or signs of wear or damage may make force a customer to send back the handset back to the store. These rejected items are often sent to refurbishment centres and then presented for sale at affordable prices.
  • Many local smartphone stores often use the real mobile phones on display so that customers get a better idea of what they are getting. Advanced phones that are used in this way are also placed as refurbished stores at discounted prices.
  • Some customers often open the boxes and find to get the wrong colour or wrong model, and then send these handsets back for whatever reason. These phones with opened boxed are also sold as reconditioned.

Functional or Usability Defects:

Certain refurbished mobile phones that have some functional defects, these are repaired by qualified technicians using original or finest quality replacement parts. All other defects are diagnosed and fixed too, and then these handsets are tested by professionals and restored as per manufacturing standards.

So What Are Some Other Advantages of Buying Refurbished Mobile Phones

No doubt the key reason for growing in popularity of refurbished phones is lower prices. It is a worthy idea of buying a reconditioned iPhone or an Android phone because you not only save money but also get some other advantages which are mentioned below. Take a look at these to make sure that there is nothing wrong with purchasing refurbished mobile phones.

Look and Work Like New Phones

Though refurbished mobiles are not new phones, they look like new phones and their functionality is also very much close to the new ones. The reason is that these mobile phones have been reworked, fixed, tested, and repackaged for resale.

Refurbished phones are these days sold in 4 categories which are made by dealers according to their condition.

Grade A- These phones are almost new as brand new ones. They don’t have any dents or scratches on the body and they function as good as new handsets.

Grade B- These phones might have some minor signs of wear, scratches, or marks in addition.

Grade C- These phones will possibly have some scratches, signs of wear and will look like they’ve been used.

Grade D- These phones will be damaged in some way and they look second hand ones that have been used.

Multiple Choices and Essential Accessories

When you go online for shopping a reconditioned iPhone or any other smartphone, you will find a large number of options for all smartphone brands. These online stores are approved by manufacturers, therefore, no matter whatever make or model you want, you will surely get it. As well as, you will also get all essential accessories with your phone when you make a purchase from a reputable store.

Advanced Features and Specifications

Today people love to own the latest smartphones because of their exciting and advanced features but the truth is that they are quite expensive. But really thanks to smartphone dealers which give you a refurbished option to buy your favourite latest phone at an affordable price. Yes, refurbished phones have all advanced features and specifications which their brand new counterparts have.

Free Shipping

Nowadays, online shops have become the biggest places for buying refurbished phones. This is because that online dealers or sellers not only offer the best deals but also deliver your purchased smartphones at your doorstep without charging any shipping fee.

Unlocked Phones

Did you know brand new iPhones are locked to a particular cellular network, which means you can’t use any other network services on them until you unlock your iPhone? Well, on the other hand, refurbished mobile phones are usually unlocked phones, so you are free to use any network services of your choice on your handset.


Warranty is another advantage which satisfies people while buying refurbished phones. Generally, you are given about 6 months to about a year warranty when you buy a reconditioned iPhone from an authorised dealer’s shop.

Money Back Guarantee

A good seller or dealer also announce 7-days money back guarantee to give you ultimate peace of mind. Because it’s so natural when you see any defect in your newly-purchased thing, you want to return it and get your money back.

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