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Buy a Refurbished Cell Phone – Keep Your Money in Your Pocket!

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Refurbished mobile phones are indeed a lot cheaper than the brand new phones which is why more and more people prefer to purchase these kinds of mobile phones. Here’s a complete guide on how you can find the cheapest deals on the best refurbished phones.  

At the present time, high-end mobile phones have become favourite of all, regardless of the age and gender and the average people upgrade their phones, commonly within 2 years. Hence, the truth is that not everyone can afford the expensive prices of the latest smartphones. If you are one of those who wants a generous price cut at the expense of buying a new handset, refurbished cell phones are the best options for you. Purchasing a refurbished mobile phone is a great way to save some money on the hottest new mobile phones being made today.


What Does Refurbished Phone Mean in Actual?

A phone referred to as “refurbished or reconditioned” is the one that has been repaired or reworked to give a new look and status.

Bear in mind refurbished phones do not always possess any issues with them, often times they are the ones which were bought by the customers, opened up, and after that instantly returned since the purchasers made the decision they did not want it any longer. The moment the boxes had been opened up, they became used; dealers or sellers have to classify these phones as either refurbished or used whenever reselling them.

 Is A Refurbished iPhone A Good Choice?

For buyers with a limited budget, it is already a good deal since as mentioned, a refurbished iPhone ideally should work as good as new. However, it depends upon from where you buy it. So, put your all efforts in searching a trusted seller to get a favourable deal.

How to Save Money By Buying Best Refurbished Phones

Buying a refurbished cell phone might be quite tricky and can leave you, the buyer, cheated or short-changed if you don’t give proper attention to this matter. You must look for some important factors so that you can find the best refurbished phones at cheapest prices else you can also go for payday loans UK online. Here’s what you must keep in mind while saving money on buying a refurbished/ reconditioned cell phone:

What Actually Is Different Between A Used or Refurbished Mobile Phone?

First things first, a refurbished phone is quite different from a used mobile phone. The former is a pre-owned phone which is refurbished or repaired by the company itself. It usually comes with new components with the handset settings restored. Conversely, a used or second hand phone is a pre-owned handset that hasn’t been refurbished. It’s sold in the same condition as it is.

What is Your Budget?

Before starting your search for a refurbished smartphone, it’s also wise to set a budget. Simply consider the price at which you can make a deal. Keep in mind that a refurbished or reconditioned mobile phone is typically sold 25% to 50% less than the original price. So, as a result, you don’t need to invest much amount in your dream mobile phone and your monthly budget does not affect at all.

Which Is The Right Phone For You?

This is another thing that needs consideration before looking for a refurbished mobile phone. You must consider what you want to purchase, either a refurbished iPhone or an Android smartphone? What are the features that you’re likely to need, means which model you want? The whole point in considering a reconditioned cell phone is not only to realise a great saving but also avert you from spending more than necessary.

What You See, and Don’t See, Is What You Get

Whenever you come across an advertisement for a refurbished phone online, be sure to check the actual picture of the handset, as well as, carefully read the product details to know about the features and condition of the phone. Many online ads try to grab the attention of potential customers with pictures of the handset downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s site. In any case of doubt, don’t buy.

Never Opt For the First Option

If the main concern is saving money while you looking for the best refurbished phones, don’t go for the first option. Always try to shop around, consider multiple options, and then compare all of them; I am sure you will obviously find the cheapest deal for your desired phone.

Cheap mobile phone deals do not mean the lower quality handsets, it means a quality refurbished phone at an affordable price.

Where Should You Buy From? The Answer is Reputed Authorised Dealers!

There are different places where you can make a purchase for refurbished or reconditioned phones online. Though eBay and Craigslist are the biggest platforms for shopping refurbished smartphones, bear in mind there are a large number of scamming people offering the lowest quality used phones using the name of refurbished.

To protect yourself from any scam, it’s advised you should buy a refurbished cell phone from an authorised dealer. Nowadays, a large number of authorised dealers/ sellers have come into the market, which are typically approved by popular smartphone manufacturers and you won’t be duped into buying a spurious or defective handset. Hence before purchasing from a dealer, you must take into account the following aspects:

  • You should sure about its warranty from the dealer. Like with the other electronics you get some extended warranty, in case of refurbished phones, you can also get some extended warranty. Usually, the leading dealers offer a decent warranty of 1 year for their reconditioned devices. If you have a seller which is not providing the warranty or not supplying any refund program then you should ignore that seller because there are numerous sellers which provide it.
  • The fact is that many phones often stolen and then sold it online as a used or refurbished phone at a good price. If you have got this phone and the phone owner registered a report then this blacklisted phone will not be activated and you will be in trouble regarding police also. So to inquire about the blacklisting of the product, you must ask the IEMI or ESN number from the seller.

As a final word of caution, never purchase a refurbished iPhone or Android phone, the quality of which you aren’t sure of. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your money. Besides, it’s always worthwhile to check the quality of the phone personally rather than depending on the promising words of the seller.

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