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Is It Ok to Buy Refurbished iPhones?

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Is It Ok to Buy Refurbished iPhones?

The handsets produced by Apple are very luxurious and appealing ones. Everyone wants to own a marvellous phone that is dashing to look at and hold. But these looks bear a lot of worth that is not easy for some to afford. The iPhone freaks with deep pockets can obviously afford it and those who cannot, save for months to buy themselves iPhone handsets. But there are still other crazy fans who are desperate to get an iPhone but their budget doesn’t quite stretch enough. So, if you are desperate enough to own an iPhone, there is a perfect alternative for you and that is to buy a refurbished phone!

Buying a refurbished iPhone is a great way to do so. This blog is armed with the information for you that will enable you to buy refurbished iPhone with utter confidence.

Buying directly from the brand will always establish a good bond between you and the brand. So, if you visit the Apple store you will get humble and warm welcome as well as support. You will be able to ask away any question you have in your mind and can always expect to get a good and reliable advice.

However, there is a downside of owning one of those prestigious handsets by Apple i.e. the high price they are pinned with and another one is that you won’t get any discounted offers to avail. The discounted iPhone deals can be found from other retailers but even those deals are expensive.

And this is one of the many reasons, that people tend to convert from iOS to Android because they are on a very constricted and limited budget and cannot afford Apple gadgets. But, before taking any step, any decision, do some research first. Switching is not the only option if you are low on budget. You don’t need to kill your desires just because you have limited funds. You can always find discounted deals on iPhone in various places, especially on older iPhone models. All you must do is to search for the best place to buy iPhone.

What Is A Refurbished iPhone?

Refurbished is a word with vast boundaries that covers a lot of different scenarios. And if you are planning to buy a refurbished phone for yourself, you need to know what a refurbished phone basically is. That way you can avoid frauds and scams.  Let us walk you through it so are able to differentiate between what you are paying for and what you are getting.

A refurbished iPhone is the mobile phone that is professionally tested by the manufacturer or the trader and fully repaired wherever it was necessarily needed. The refurbished mobile phone comes with warranty. It might or might not have the original packaging and accessories. Since it is repaired so there might be a slight chance of some cosmetic damage signs, which is very unlikely to be found by the naked eye.

Some of the users sell the iPhones they have owned for quite a time, just because they want to raise some funds to buy a newer model or for any other monetary reasons. They are the used mobile phones that are in good condition and not damaged.

Since there is a variety of types of refurbished mobile phones in the market, a grading system is often used to make it more understandable to the users. And, while you are looking for the refurbished handsets, make sure that you go through the listings very carefully because the meanings of refurbished phones might vary manufacturer to manufacturer and trader to trader. But the generic grading system is as below:

Grade A — Near mint condition, so the iPhone should look like new.

Grade B — Minor cosmetic damage, such as light scratches, or small chips.

Grade C — Looks used with clear signs of wear.

Guidelines For Buying a Refurbished iPhone

When you buy a used thing, there is always a risk and danger associated to it. It might be a stolen device sold to the retailers. Now, this scam must be avoided because buying a stolen mobile phone is also a crime and there is a risk that it might get locked down in future by its real owner. Paying money worth the unlocked phone and getting the locked phone down the line doesn’t sound fair. So, before you buy the phone carefully check if it is scam free. There are several ways to ensure that you’re making a safe investment:

Ask for an original receipt or a proof of purchase

Nowadays, everything is documented. Documentation provides an evidence so it is excellent to keep a record of everything. So, if you want to get to know the authentication of the seller, you need to see the documents. Either the product is bought from Apple store or the third-party seller, they should have the original receipt. It can be a digital receipt or a paper receipt, but it should exist. Documentation, on one hand, helps you claim the warranty and on the other hand provides you with the assurance that the iPhone is genuine.

Check the IMEI number

The human fingerprint is something that is different in every individual. And that is something that can differentiate between two human beings. Similarly, mobile phones also have such unique fingerprints and they are called IMEI number. It is the unique number of the mobile phone that identifies the mobile phone globally because this number only exists for one mobile phone.

So, in case, your mobile phone has been stolen, you can report it with its IMEI number to the carrier, the phone will be identified wherever it will be in the world and will be locked. This means that your SIM will not work with a locked phone, so you’ll want to double check the IMEI to see if it has been reported as lost or stolen.

Check the seller’s return policy

The return policy is literally the peace of mind! You can buy stuff and if it is found damaged or faulty, you can return it back in the same condition with the same package within a few days. The big resellers have an established brand shop and they usually offer the return policy to its customers. But the private sellers do not offer any kind of return policy as they are not well established and are not bound by the laws.

Check the iPhone before buying

When you are buying a mobile phone in person, make sure you ask your seller to bring the phone charged. That way you can turn it on and check whether it is working correctly or not. If the phone is unlocked, put the sim inside and check if the receiver is working correctly or not by calling r sending text messages.

The most important thing to check in your new iPhone is that if the iCloud is present or not. Because without the password, getting iCloud removed is an uphill battle you wouldn’t want to fight in. so, always make sure about these particulars as they are necessarily needed.

Always meet in a safe public place

Whenever you set a meeting with your seller, make sure that you both have agreed to meet somewhere in public. A coffee shop maybe, where you both can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and you can also check your new iPhone in front of the seller.

If the seller is honest and is not trying to sell you the stolen mobile phone, he won’t feel uncomfortable meeting you in a public place. You can also take a friend with you to accompany you.

Best Places To Pick Up A Refurbished iPhone

Refurbished iPhones can be found anywhere from retail to online stores. There are a variety of deals offered for the refurbished mobile phones and you can get whatever deal suits you best.

Some online websites buy the used iPhones, refurbish them and sell them. Now you can buy refurbished phones from the Apple store directly.

Buy a refurbished iPhone from Apple

Apple itself is selling refurbished iPhones, what is better place to buy a refurbished phone from? Every iPhone is fully tested and in working condition. They are redecorated with the brand-new battery, a fresh outer shell and a new box. You will get the iPhone with 12 months warranty. Apple support is generally excellent if you should run into any problems. You also have the option of going into an Apple Store.

Apple has launched it refurbish store of iPhones in the US and is actively working on it. But the UK Apple refurbish store is still in the processing and is worth keeping in mind.

Buy a refurbished iPhone from a big retailer

Since UK Apple refurbish store is still not launched, you can look for retailers and big stores such as Walmart and Best Buy. They offer an extensive range of refurbished iPhones and the best thing is that they offer good discounted deals than the manufacturers.

The refurbished iPhones are sold with the cable and charger and are also thoroughly tested. They might not be in a perfect condition and might have scratches and scuffs on it since it is a used mobile phone. The standard 12-month warranty is offered with the refurbished iPhone you buy but always check and confirm the terms of the warranty before giving away the money.

Buy a refurbished iPhone from an online service

Online services are also an excellent alternative to buy yourself a refurbished iPhone from. Various online websites in the UK buy iPhones from people, refurbish them, and then sell them. And they also offer big discount offers than the manufacturers. But the online services support the shipping process and the physical interactions or the face to face meetings lack here. The safest, most used sites for refurbished or used tech would be Amazon’s marketplace, eBay, AlphaSmartphones and Gumtree. Still, you should be wary of buying through these sites, as there are lots of fakes and scams everywhere.

Shopping from Amazon and eBay requires you to make sure to check the seller feedback. Following this will satisfy you with their trustworthiness and honesty.

Gumtree might give you the opportunity to talk to your seller in person but if that doesn’t happen you can get your iPhone posted to you. You can pay through the PayPal which is very good and reliable service providing you with that extra bit of security.

AlphaSmartphones is the One stop solution for buying, selling and repair of your smartphones. Buy refurbished phones of any make or model you love. It will be a Perfect Deal as you will get a quality phone of your choice without paying a lot. They offer you the highest-quality refurbished phone at a guaranteed cheap price. They have factory refurbished iPhones and are checked by expert technicians, so 100% functionality and best performance are guaranteed.

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