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8 Unbeatable Features of iPhone 7

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8 Unbeatable Features of iPhone 7

Do you know about the amazing features of iPhone 7? There are many features in iPhone 7 that you might not know about!If you don’t have an iPhone 7 then you’ll surely going to buy one after reading this article, and we have iPhones for sale available on AlphaSmartPhones.

Below are some of the unbeatable features of iPhone 7:

1.      Retina HD display:

The retina HD display in iPhone 7 is proven to be the most colourful and brightest display Apple have ever launched. The display of iPhone 7 is designed in a way that it gives the user a soothing feel with no extra strain in the eyes of the user.

2.      FaceTime Camera:

The FaceTime camera of iPhone 7 is 7MP. The older models of iPhones had 5 or 1.2 MP front cameras, but Apple finally changed the FaceTime camera and made it better. With this 7MP front camera, you can now take brighter and more detailed selfies. Or you can FaceTime with your loved ones in better quality with this amazing camera of iPhone 7.

3.      Rear Camera:

iPhone possesses a 12 MP f/1.8, 28mm (wide) camera. Through this camera, you can capture more stable and detailed shots. The pictures captured by iPhone 7’s camera always standout from the rest. The colours of the pictures taken by its camera are crisp, vibrant and brighter than the pictures taken from the older models and other competitors (smartphones).

iPhone 7 plus offers its users with dual rear cameras.  12 MP, f/1.8, 28mm (wide) and 12 MP, f/2.8, 56mm (telephoto) cameras that make your picture like it’s taken from a professional DSLR. Both of these cameras work simultaneously when an image is captured. The pictures taken from iPhone 7 plus are even more detailed and the colours are more vibrant and crisp.

You can capture your favourite moments through the lenses of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus and make those moments memorable. You can also record videos in 2160p Ultra HD quality through the lens of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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4.      A10 Fusion Chip:

If you have an older model of iPhone, then you must upgrade to iPhone 7 due to it A10 fusion chip. This chip helped the iPhone to be much faster and smoother in use. iPhone 7 is 2x faster than the old iPhone 6, and surprisingly it is also 40% faster than the astonishing iPhone 6s. So if you are fed up of the lags in your current phone, upgrade to iPhone 7 with a better chip to make the experience flawless.

5.      Amazing Battery:

The one thing that iPhone 7 was most criticized on was the elimination of the audio jack from it. We all know that our heart sank a little when Apple announced that iPhone 7 has no audio jack. But have you ever wondered that ‘what was the reason behind this move by Apple?’

The reason behind this move was to improve the battery timing of the mighty iPhone 7. A 14% larger battery pack than the previous iPhone 6 was included in iPhone 7. This made iPhone 7 more battery efficient. So, with iPhone 7 you can experience better battery timing than the previous models of iPhone.

6.      Better Water and Dust Resistance:

There is another benefit of not having an audio jack in iPhone 7. Surprisingly as iPhone 7 doesn’t have an audio jack, it is more resistant towards water and dust. Due to the elimination of audio jack from iPhone 7, the possible inlets for the water and dust were minimised.

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7.      Stereo Sound:

Oh yes! Apple added stereo speakers in its amazing iPhone 7. Due to these stereo speakers; the sound quality of the phone became better and also the sound in iPhone 7 is 2x louder than iPhone 6s.

8.      Home Button:

The home button of iPhone 7 is built on a new and better design. The home button of this iPhone is totally static, which makes the phone easier to use. Not only it is easy to use, but due to this static home button the fingerprint sensor got better.

Now that you know the unbeatable features of iPhone 7, when are you upgrading to this amazing piece of art? Don’t wait any further and visit AlphaSmartPhones. We have a wide range of iPhones for sale. Explore through the wide range of iPhones and buy your favourite iPhone 7 only from AlphaSmartPhones.


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