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Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Second Hand Phone

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Do's and Don’ts of Buying a Second Hand PhoneDo you want to upgrade your mobile phone? Well upgrading your smartphone can be a worrisome process by looking at the high prices of the latest models. You have to cut down your monthly expenses just to afford the latest model of a certain phone. Spending thousands of pound on the latest mobile phones is not an intelligent decision at all. We suggest you to buy second hand mobile phones if you are looking to upgrade to a better smartphone.

There are many online platforms that are providing its customers with good second hand phones, and surprisingly they provide warranty with them as well i.e. AlphaSmartPhones. We always hear people saying that second hand mobile phones aren’t worth it, but we give you an assurance that if you follow these do’s and don’ts while buying a second hand mobile phone, you will get the best deal and the best second hand smartphone:

What Is Your Budget?

The first and foremost thing that everyone should be clear about is the budget. How much do you have to spend on buying a second hand mobile phone? Deciding the budget for buying a second hand smartphone is the most important task as the process of buying is always dependent upon the budget.

Don’t directly go to the market and start looking for second hand smartphones when you don’t know your budget. While making a budget, we have to consider various things as we don’t want you to spend all of your money on a smartphone and starve later. You have to make a budget for your phone according to the level of your need and your expenses.

You might have a large budget for buying a smartphone if your ultimate need is getting the best smartphone. Your budget have to be small if you don’t ‘need’ but ‘want’ to have a good smartphone. So make a proper budget, and don’t exceed the monetary limit that you have set to buy a smartphone. If you do exceed, then you would have sacrifice some of your‘needs’ in return.

What Specifications Do You Need?

This step also refers to your ‘needs’ and not your ‘wants’. We have unlimited ‘wants’ but we have scarce recourses through which we have to forgo some of our wants and fulfil our needs. Or if you are rich, you can do whatever you want to! But as a rational consumer, you have to identify your needs first.

According to your preferences, you can search online for second hand mobile phones that have the specifications that you need. You might find many smartphones online that have all the specifications that you need. The next thing that you have to do is to read the reviews of those smartphones online or you can consult any of your friends to tell you about which is the better one.

You have to select one mobile phone to help preventing yourself from other distractions (other smartphones). Once you have selected the smartphone that you need, you have to look further to buying that one.

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From Where Should I Buy Second Hand Mobile Phone?

Okay so now, this is a question that needs to be answered according to the level of your need and the time that you have to buy yourself a smartphone.

     Recycling Platform:

The quickest and easiest way to buy a smartphone is through an online recycling platform that is offering the customers with good smartphones. AlphaSmartPhones is one of the leading recycling platforms in the UK which offers its customers with second hand and refurbished smartphones. From such a trusted platform you can easily purchase the smartphone that you need. In certain cases you might find the prices of the phones on a recycling platforms a little bit higher than other options, but this price difference is covered in the long run.

These recycling platforms and specifically AlphaSmartPhones provide its customers with a warranty of up to 12 months with every device that is sold by the platform. Moreover, it provides its customers with 30 days return policy. So if you don’t like what you get, you can easily return the device to our website. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about picking your smartphone up from any place as we provide free doorstep delivery with every device that we sell.

     Other Online Stores:

Other than the recycling platforms, there are many online platforms which provide its customers with good second hand phones. These platforms usually work as a classified ad posting platforms, where people from all around the UK can post an ad for their second hand mobile phone. If you like what they are selling, you can easily contact them and can meet them to check the phone.

Gumtree, Loot, Freeads, UKclassifieds, etc. these all provide such services to its users. You simply have to visit their website, search for your required phone and find the people who are selling that specific phone. You can open the links and can check the description about their phones. If you found the phone to be according to your preference, then you can contact the seller and arrange a meeting.

     Social Media:

Oh yes! Social media is the latest medium where you can find people who are selling their phones. But beware of the scams! You can easily find people who are selling their phones in the UK through different Facebook groups and pages where people advertise.

These pages and groups work just as a classified ad posting platform. They let the sellers advertise for what they are selling and let the potential buyers contact them easily through the direct message option on Facebook.

For this you would have to find these groups and pages working on Facebook in the UK, some of such pages on Facebook are; BUY AND SELL UK, UK Used Phones and Tablets, etc. Once you have joined such groups or pages on Facebook, you would have to skim through the advertisements and find the perfect phone for you. This might be a time consuming task!

     Social Circle:

Your social circle is one of the easiest way to find a second hand mobile phone for yourself, if and only if anyone in your social circle is selling your desired phone. Finding a phone in your social circle can be the easiest or it can be the hardest thing you can ever face!

Even if you find someone in your circle who is selling the phone that you want, we suggest you not to buy it from them! For healthy relationships, you shouldn’t include trade of anything. As in future it might hurt you relationship with the seller!

Meeting With the Seller:

If you are purchasing a second hand mobile phone from a classified ad, you have to meet the seller before you done the deal with him. You have to be a little bit alert when you have decided to meet the stranger from whom you are about to buy a phone! Do a thorough conversation with the seller before the meeting to prevent yourself from theft or scam.

When you have planned a meeting with the seller, meet him/her at a preferably populous place, rather than meeting at a shady isle. Don’t invite them over to your place and don’t go to their place for checking the phone. Arrange the meeting at a restaurant or any other confined place with other people around.

Don’t go alone! Take a friend along. Going alone to meet a stranger (seller) can be the worst decision of your life. Even if the seller is a scam or a thief, he will get pressurised if you are not there to meet him alone. Even if no friend is available to go with you, you can inform your friends that you are going to check the phone, and you would inform them through a single text if the things get even a bit eerie, so that they can arrive for the rescue if you get into any danger.

Also, before arranging the meeting you should inform the seller that you would be testing the mobile phone by inserting your own SIM in the phone and also by checking if the phone is charging properly or not. If the seller doesn’t agree with this, you should look for another phone.

When you have checked the network coverage and the charging. You should check certain things about the phone as well. These things include; camera, calling reception, Wi-Fi connectivity, go to the settings and check about the software version and the legality of the smartphone. Also you should check the audio jack of the phone (if it has one). If the person is providing certain accessories with the phone, you should check all the accessories with the phone as well.

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This the most fun part, NOT! No this isn’t fun at all, this is the most exhausting part of all. Once you have found THE phone, you have to argue with the seller on the price of the phone. Argue with him until you make him sell the phone according to the expected price. Once you are done arguing with him, wrap up the deal and buy the phone from the seller.
Note: Don’t take the cash along with you. When you have agreed with the deal only then arrange the cash, there are ATMs everywhere in the UK and you can use them to withdraw cash to give to the seller.

Check the Phone!

You must be wondering, “Why are we asking you to check the mobile phone again?”
Here we are talking about; if you have bought the phone from a recycling platform. Once it reaches your home, you have to thoroughly check the phone and see whether the phone is same as told in the description or not. If not, you should contact the customer support of the specific recycling platform and return the device to them immediately.

Also if you have purchased the phone directly from a seller, you have to check it again to see if the seller forgot to delete any data from the phone. If he have left some data, you should inform him and after you have informed him, you should remove his data from the phone.

Now that you know all the do’s and don’ts of buying a second hand phone, and you have a complete guide to guide you through the process, we suggest you to buy second hand mobile phones from AlphaSmartPhones only. We suggest this thing as we provide our customers with second hand smartphones in 100% working condition and all of the second hand phones are comprehensively and professionally tested by professionals before they are put up for sale. Moreover, you get 1 year warranty with all of the devices and also you can return the phone within 30 days if you don’t get what you wanted.

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