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5 Most Sold iPhones of All Times

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5 most sold iPhones of all times

Do you know when iPhone became famous? Do you know about the most sold iPhone models of all times? Hang on, as we are going to answer all these questions in this article!

We are totally obsessed with iPhones and we cannot deny this fact. Whenever Apple launches a new model of iPhone and puts latest iPhones for sale people all around the world wait in long lines just to purchase that latest model. iPhones are considered to be the best smartphone according to the people in the UK.

Turning Point For Apple’s iPhone:

Back in 2007 when Apple’s first iPhone was launched, people didn’t really knew about this smartphone. The first Apple iPhone was known as just ‘iPhone’, and when it was released some people around the world knew about this smartphone because of the hype that was created by Steve Jobs before the launch of this iPhone.

While at the launch of this first generation iPhone, thousands of people actually waited in line to get this iPhone. After the launch of this first iPhone people started noticing the one of a kind display of this phone at that time. The game for iPhone changed with the launch of iPhone 3GS, when people fell for iPhone due to its amazing features in that era.

Now that you know about the history of iPhones, check out the most sold iPhones below:

1.      iPhone 6s:

iPhone 6s is considered to be the best iPhone ever created by Apple. Apple had the highest sales when this beautifully designed piece of art was launched. The reason behind such success of iPhone 6 is that this phone has what everyone needs. From its sleek design to its amazing rear and FaceTime HD cameras, iPhone 6s has been the phone loved by most of the people around the world.

If we talk about the look of iPhone 6s, then this phone has the perfect size and body style that everyone still wants in this era. It has 4.7” retina HD display. This retina HD display has brighter and crispier colours than its predecessors. The display is designed in such a way that it doesn’t put any strain on the eyes of the users and also it doesn’t harm the eye as well.The size of the phone is also perfect, so that it fits in the hands and also the pockets of the users.

If we talk about the camera, then this phone has pretty amazing rear and FaceTime cameras. iPhone 6s has 12MP rear camera that captures the pictures with the best brightness and vibrant colours. The front camera of this amazing iPhone is 5MP HD camera that allows you to take amazing selfies and also to talk to your loved ones on FaceTime in good video quality. Moreover, this phone has a brilliant finger print sensor that allows the users to unlock the phone easily and quickly.

iPhone 6s changed the perception of people towards Apple, and that is the reason that iPhone 6s is the most sold Apple iPhone.

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2.      iPhone 6s Plus:

iPhone 6s Plus is considered as the second best-selling iPhone since its inception. iPhone 6s Plus is basically a bigger version of iPhone 6s. The only difference between these two are that iPhone 6s Plus has a big 5.5” display for people who love bigger phones.

3.      iPhone 7:

After iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iPhone 7 is the most sold iPhone. iPhone 7incorporated some major changes when it was released back in 2016. Before its launch, when Apple announced that this iPhone wouldn’t be having an audio jack, people were really shocked. But Apple had something amazing in mind while eliminating the audio jack from iPhone 7. As a compensation, Apple fitted a larger battery in this iPhone, which makes the battery timing of iPhone 7 much better than its predecessors.

Moreover, there was another innovation in iPhone 7. This innovation had to do something with the fingerprint sensor of the phone. iPhone 7 doesn’t have a conventional home button beneath the screen as its predecessors used to have. Apple named the fingerprint sensor of this model of iPhone as ‘Touch ID fingerprint scanner’. This fingerprint sensor is included in the home button in such a way that to unlock the iPhone, you just have to put your finger over the home button and don’t have to press it in order to unlock the phone.

Furthermore, the look of this iPhone was enhanced even more. Apple previously manufactured the phones with two shades of the same colour on their bodies. But this phone was launched with one shade of every colour that it was launched in.

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4.      iPhone 7 Plus:

With the launch of iPhone 7, Apple launched another beast ‘iPhone 7 Plus’. We referred iPhone 7 Plus with the word ‘beast’, as this phone wasn’t just a bigger version of iPhone 7. iPhone 7 Plus anyhow was bigger than iPhone 7, possessing a 5.5” display, but that isn’t the only difference as iPhone 7 Plus also had dual rear cameras.

Dual rear camera was introduced for the first time in this iPhone. iPhone 7 had the most amazing rear camera result in that era. It possesses a 12MP wide angle rear camera and a 12MP telephoto camera. These both cameras capture the pictures simultaneously. The pictures taken by the rear cameras of iPhone 7 Plus have more vibrant and brighter colours with more depth.

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5.      iPhone 6:

The iPhone that won the fifth spot in the most selling iPhones is iPhone 6. When iPhone 6 was launched, people went crazy over buying this iPhone. The reason behind the increased demand of this phone was that Apple finally changed the shape of iPhone for this model.

For the first time, fingerprint sensor was launched in iPhone 6. The predecessors of this phone hadn’t had a fingerprint sensor, so back then, fingerprint sensor proved to be the latest innovation in this iPhone. Moreover, the screen of iPhone 5s was 4”, so Apple improved the screen size as well in iPhone 6 and made the screen bigger i.e. 4.7”.

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