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Story and Traditions of Twelve Days of Christmas

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Story and Traditions of Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas is celebrated on December 25th every year, but the celebrations of Christmas lasts till January 5th. Do you know the reason behind the twelve days celebration? Well if you don’t, you would find every detail that you want to know about it. And if you do, you might find out some new information to add up. Continue reading if you want to experience with the tale of the twelve days of Christmas.

The celebration of Christmas starts on December 25th with the birth of Jesus Christ. Below you will find a detail about everyday that we celebrate for Christmas celebrations.

December 25th – Christmas Day – Celebrating Birth of Jesus:

There is no record of the birth of Jesus (Son of God) in the history; even we don’t find an exact date of the birth of Jesus in the Bible. Although the birth of the Jesus is recorded even before year 1, but the first recorded date that we find in the history is in 336 when the birthday of Jesus was celebrated on December 25th (during the rule of Roman Emperor Constantine). After some years, Christmas was officially declared to be celebrated on December 25th by Pope Julius I.

Well December 25th is celebrated with the full spirit in today’s era. People all around the UK decorate Christmas trees in their houses. Children wait for the Santa Claus to bring them their favourite things as presents. Elder people meet and greet their family and friends over Christmas dinners. All of the people exchange gifts to celebrate the event of the birth of Jesus Christ.

December 26th – Boxing Day – St. Stephen’s Day:

St Stephen’s day is celebrated in the memory of St. Stephen who was the first Christian Martyr. In the UK, the celebrations of this day dates back from about 800 years. The word ‘Boxing’ comes from the tradition; back then the churches used to open ‘alms box’ (collection boxes) for the poor. The more fortunate people used to donate for the poor to spread love all around.

Traditionally on this day, the servants were given a day off from their work to go meet their loved ones and celebrate Christmas. Today this tradition is not seen around in most of the places, but we still celebrate Boxing Day with the full spirit to spread the love for Christmas celebrations.

December 27th – St John the Apostle:

St John the Apostle was one of Jesus’s disciples and friends. This day used to be celebrated in the memory of St John the Apostle and his contributions as being the author of multiple books of the New Testament.

December 28th – The Feast of the Holy Innocents:

This day is celebrated in the memory of the day when Herod (King of Jews) tried to find and kill the newly born Jesus. Joseph saw an angle of the Lord in his dream, and the angel asked him to take the mother and baby Jesus, and further escape to Egypt until it is safe for them to come back. Meanwhile, Herod ordered his workers to kill every child of age 2 or below in Bethlehem and its surrounding areas to make sure that Jesus was killed. But by the grace of the Lord, Jesus was kept safe in Egypt until the death of Herod.

December 29th – St. Thomas Becket:

This day is celebrated in the memory of St. Thomas Becket. Being the Archbishop of Canterbury in the 12th century, he challenged the King’s authority over Church and was murdered on 29th December 1170 for doing so.

December 30th – St. Egwin of Worcester:

This day is celebrated in the memory of St. Egwin of Worcester. It is recorded in the history that St. Egwin; a possible descendant of the Mercian kings, was the part of a noble family. He received the hatred from people who resisted his teachings about clerical celibacy and marital morality, despite of being a proctor of widows and orphans, good bishop and a fair judge.

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People showed resentment in front of his superiors. To put his case before the Pope, he undertook a pilgrimage to Rome. It is recorded in the history that when he was crossing the Alps along with his companions, the Alps were parched. The ones that didn’t believe in his sanctity sarcastically asked him to pray for water just as Moses did. The other who had a strong belief in him honestly begged him to do so as well. As he prayed to the Lord, a stream of water burst out from a rock.

St. Egwin became a great Benedictine abbey of Medieval England in the tenth century. He died on December 30, 717.

December 31st – New Year’s Eve:

Christians all around the UK celebrate Pope Sylvester I on this day; he was one of the oldest Popes (dated back in the 4th century). New Year’s Eve was traditionally celebrated in the UK as a day for games and sports. During the middle ages, the sport that had popularity all around was ‘Archery’. Back then, a rule was made that all of the males 16-70 years old were obligated to practice Archery on Sunday’s after Church. This was a good initiative taken by the then King, as in case of war; many trained Archers would have been participated.

New Year’s Eve is still celebrated all around the UK with full spirit. People welcome themselves to the coming year by arranging parties and dinners with their acquaintances. Fireworks are observed all around the UK on the New Year’s Eve to celebrate the start of the New Year.

January 1st – Mary, the Mother of Jesus:

This day is celebrated to welcome the New Year. This day is also celebrated in the memory of the revelation on Mary. Before the birth of Jesus, one day God sent angel Gabriel to a virgin girl named Mary to reveal that she is going to give birth to the son of God. He also told Marry that her cousin Elizabeth (who has been considered as barren) would give birth to a child and she is six months pregnant. After the revelation, Marry rushed to check if it was true and checked on Elizabeth, Mary found her to be pregnant. That was the time when Marry accepted the favour that God has blessed on her.

In today’s era, New Year is celebrated with the same high spirits and people all around the UK meet and greet their acquaintances for parties and dinners.

January 2nd – St. Basil the Great and St. Gregory Nazianzen:

January 2nd is honoured in the memory of St. Basil the Great and St. Gregory Nazianzen, who were known as two bodies, one soul. These were two friends from Cappadocia, a place in Turkey. Their friendship began in school when they were little kids; they further became bishops and were the backbone of Catholic Orthodoxy in the time period of doctrinal struggle and confusion. St. Gregory’s great achievement includes; completion of the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed which is recited in Church every Sunday and the definition of the divinity of the Holy Spirit.

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St. Basil the Great and St. Gregory Nazianzen, both proved to have much influence over the followers and they were considered as the most influential Christian teachers ever. See Also:

January 3rd – Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus:

On this day, Christians all over the UK celebrate in the memory of the event when Jesus was officially ‘named’ in the Jewish Temple. Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus is celebrated in a vast number of Churches in the UK.

 January 4th – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton:

January 4th is celebrated in the memory of St. Elizabeth Ann Selton. She was the first Saint in the 18th and 19th centuries.

January 5th – Twelfth Night – Epiphany Eve:

The twelfth night is the last night of the 12 days celebration of Christmas that is celebrated all over the UK. Traditionally people used to arrange big parties and dinners to celebrate this occasion. In the traditional days, usually the parties consisted of role reversal (servants being served by the rich people). This practice is recorded in the history from the time of medieval and Tudor, when twelfth night was known to be as the end of winter season which had started from All Hallows Eve (Halloween) on October 31st.

Twelfth night was traditionally started with a dessert; a rich cake made from milk, flour, butter, dry fruits and spices. All of the people used to enjoy eating that cake. There were many other traditions we can see in the history on this day.

Final Verdict:

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