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Best Christmas Adverts 2018 – Tech Industry

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Best Christmas Adverts 2018 - Tech Industry

The most entertaining things about Christmas are the creative adverts that every brand makes. We get to see the creative side of every brand when it is the occasion of Christmas. Christmas is all about spreading happiness and the tech industry in the UK knows about it and that is the reason it makes such amazing and entertaining adverts.

Below is the list of best Christmas adverts 2018 – Tech industry:


Apple always steals the show when it comes to Christmas adverts. This year they didn’t just made an advert, but showed a full story. First of all, we would have to commend the song choice of Apple; the song has an amazing melody about it that takes the breath away of the listener.

Well this advert shares the story of an ambitious and hardworking girl writing about something good on her Mac Book. She is doing a job at the bakery where she cannot express her creative side. The only way she can pull out her creative side is through her writing, but she is too shy to say it all out and show the people her creative side. That’s when on a snowy night she becomes frustrated about keeping it all inside. That’s when her dog pushes the window open and lets the pages fly out of her window. She tries her best to grab the pages and runs after them. But anyhow, they reach the public and that’s when she gets to know her worth and she gets to know that she shouldn’t be scared of her talent as the people enjoy her creations.

This is not like all of the conventional ads, it moves you emotionally and it gives an amazing message to the people that they shouldn’t keep their talents hidden and they shouldn’t get embarrassed for what they are good at.

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Through this ad, they tried to show that Mac Book is the gadget that you must have to unleash your creative side. They put it all together so well that the advertisement doesn’t look forced.


Samsung’s advert shows its latest Galaxy Note 9. The ad starts with a girl staring out of her window with no emotions. When she is on her way to somewhere, she unpacks her Note 9 and looks at the phone. After that shot we are moved to a shot where she is a teacher in her classroom and her video calls her family from her class with all of her students. That shot makes us think that even if we are miles away from our family, they are still just a call away. Also that we can make our family wherever we are, we just have to find the people that we are comfortable with like the students are to the teacher in the advertisement.

The ad is closes with the message, ‘if you can’t be together, be together with Galaxy’. The song choice by Samsung is brilliant as well.


Well this advert will surely make you cry! When the ad starts, we get to see a little boy running out of his house screaming that ‘he is going to do this’ and ‘you gotta see this’. Eventually he gathers up all of his friends and they start running towards a house, when they enter the door, we get to see a cute little crippled boy playing Xbox through an Adaptive Controller. Guess what happens next! He wins the game.

That’s when we get this message from Microsoft; when everybody plays, we all win. Just like every other brand, Microsoft gives the message of togetherness through an emotional ad.

These ads are our top picks for 2018. You might also find these advertisements interesting and creative. But the only way to find out is to watch these ads yourself and experience them with your own eyes. Apple’s advertisement is at the top of the list because they have made an animated advert that moves us emotionally with it and the curiosity is kept for almost 3 minutes until the message is revealed to the audience.

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