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Why 2019 will be a Great Year for Smart Phones

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Why 2019 will be a Great Year for Smart Phones

Smartphones are becoming more and more popular as the time is passing by. For the ease of people, smartphone manufacturers always try to keep up with the technological evolution, hence launching new smartphones with future forward specifications. 2019 would be the year for smartphones as Apple and Samsung have new plans for their smartphones that will be launched in the year. Samsung is finally planning to launch its latest folding smartphone in the coming year. So if you are in dire need of a smartphone right now then we suggest you to purchase second hand phones for the time being and see what next year has in store for you.

Our Dependency on the Smartphones in 2019:

In today’s era, we are stuck with machines all the time. Wherever we go and whatever we do; we are totally dependent on different machines. This dependency is proving to be harmful for us in many ways including; laziness, obesity, lack of concentration, etc. Here we are looking at the machines in a broader perspective, but the biggest culprit here are the smartphones. The big names in smartphone industry are now taking initiatives to minimise this problem and provide us with certain features that may help us to overcome our dependency on these smartphones. Hopefully in 2019, the mobile phone manufacturers would come up with better ideas to do so.

     Apple Smartphones in 2019:

Apple took its first step in helping people minimise their dependency on their iPhones by launching the feature of Apple analytics in its latest iOS 12.0. This feature in the latest version of iOS helps us in observing the time that we spend on using our iPhones. We can also set up limitations on using our iPhones through this feature that would help us in minimising our addiction with smartphones.

As this feature is launched in the new software and not in the latest model, we can still help ourselves while having an older model of iPhone as well. The only thing that we have to keep in our notice is that the iPhone is updated to iOS 12.0. So yes, you don’t have to spend much on purchasing any of the latest iPhone when you can have this feature in an older model of iPhone.

This feature is very good for the users, but we are expecting even more in 2019 from Apple. We are hoping them to add a feature that would allow the users to move further with minimising their addiction. With the new iOS, Apple might add certain features in its new iPhones that would allow the users to be less dependent on smartphones.

     Samsung Smartphones in 2019:

Samsung phones use Android as their operating software. Android also took an initiative to decrease the smartphone addiction problem from its users. This is the reason that Android launched the feature that calculates the time you spend on certain apps through its Android 9.0 (Pie). Through the Dashboard, the users can see the exact time that they have used certain apps. And they can get an idea about how addicted they are towards their smartphones.

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Just like Apple’s latest software, in this software you can set the limits that you want on certain applications. The great thing here is that when you cross the limit, the app would turn grey; indicating that you are now overusing this application. This feature helps in reminding you to keep a balance between your social life and your smartphone (digital life).

Just as Android has added this feature for the smartphones running on it, we hope that in 2019 Samsung launches such features in its upcoming models that would help the users to maintain a balance between the addiction to their smartphone and their social life.

The Hot Favourite Smartphones Launching in 2019:

2019 would be the year of smartphones with the future forward specifications. We can say this as the smartphone manufacturers are trying their best to compete with each other in the form of launching new innovations in their smartphones. Majorly; Samsung and Apple have the plans to take over the smartphone market with their upcoming launches in 2019. Some of the most awaited smartphones by these manufacturers are:

     Samsung Galaxy S10 – The New Addition to S Series in 2019:

Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be launched in the first half of 2019. Samsung have plans to go big with the processor used in this smartphone as it has confirmed about the processor that would be used in this smartphone; SnapDragon 855. This processor would help this smartphone to be compatible with 5G, and S10 would be the first Samsung device to run on 5G. Through this processor, this smartphone would have faster performance, better graphics, better thermal efficiency and better battery life.

There are more rumours about this device possessing the best features so far added by Samsung in any of its smartphones. One of the rumours is about its shape; Samsung has created a future forward shape for this Samsung Galaxy model. This phone would possess a front camera that would be embedded in the screen of the phone, and would be on the left corner. This camera would merge into the screen when you are not using it, giving you an infinity display experience for real. Also it is rumoured that Samsung Galaxy S10+ would have dual front cameras. With all of this, Samsung is including triple lens rear camera in this model, and it might also add four lenses in the rear camera of S10+.

That’s not it; we are expecting that instead of including the feature of face ID, Samsung is adding an in-screen 3D sonic sensor fingerprint reader that the users have always demanded for. Overall this smartphone would change the perception we have regarding smartphones with its amazing features.

     Samsung Galaxy F – Folding Smartphone in 2019:

Samsung revealed about the Galaxy F possessing a folding display back in 2017. Samsung had plans to launch this model in 2017, but unfortunately it was delayed for start of 2018. With the start of 2018, Samsung delayed the launch again to November 2018. But now, Samsung again delayed the launch to 2019. So now let us hope that this smartphone finally launches in 2019 and makes the coming year the most happening year for the smartphone users.

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This Samsung Galaxy F would have a folding screen that would help the users who tend to be much careless when using their phones. This smartphone would hopefully help the people who break the screens of their phones much often as the screen of this phone would be bendable, making it less vulnerable to screen breakage. But the thing here is that Samsung is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary of the S series in 2019, so would Samsung let the Galaxy F over shine the amazing specifications of S10 and S10+. Well the only way to find out is to wait for these smartphones to be launched.

     iPhone 2019 – A Smartphone After 10th Anniversary:

Although the name of the upcoming model of iPhone hasn’t been revealed yet by Apple, but there are certain rumours that are revolving around about the specifications of the upcoming model. Right now, we are still confused if Apple is reducing the size of notch or its bringing back the hot favourite in-screen fingerprint scanner. Whichever is the case, the notch is being removed from the upcoming design.

Furthermore Apple would include A13 bionic chip for sure in its 2019 iPhone model. This chip would work in improving the processing speed, graphics quality, battery timing and obviously an elevated AR experience for iPhone users. Apart from this, there are rumours that Apple is going to launch triple lens rear camera in its 2019 iPhone model that would be the best camera so far.

The most exciting rumour about iPhone 2019 is that this smartphone would be launched with Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil would be the most adored device by Apple as people would then experience the ease while using the screen of iPhone with the help of Apple Pencil.

How Can I Wait For The 2019 Smartphones?

The smartphones that are planned to be launched by Apple and Samsung makes us wait for them crazily. The waiting part is always the longest and the worst one of all; even days feel like years when we tend to wait for the latest models of smartphones to hit the market. In such situation, the best way to pass the time is to buy any of the second hand phones to make the waiting process easier. If you buy any used phone, you would then have to explore the features of that phone and it takes at least one to two months to explore the features of any phone. If you buy a used phone today, you would be able to explore that phone for at least two months, and guess what! The expected date for the launch of S10 and S10+ is February 2019, and that is just one month from now.

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