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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Mobile Phones In Schools: Tips To Deal With The Ban

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Changing global dynamics have redefined our physiological needs and safety has emerged as one of the most important things that we seek as humans.  And the importance of security amplifies when you are a parent and your child is not in front of your eyes, be it school or somewhere else. Their safety and security mean the most: you can only ensure that if you are in contact with your children all the time. It actually is very soothing to know as a parent that your child is just a call or text away.  And with the advancement and penetration of mobile phones being connected to your child has become a habit for most parents.

How Many Schools In The UK Have Banned Mobile Phones?

This thought comes in the face of this ongoing debate surrounding the ban on mobile phones in schools across the UK. Many countries such as France and Canada have already implemented this ban to receive mix responses and a lot of retaliation from parents as well as teachers. UK schools’ approaches to mobile phones vary widely.

Mobile Phones Should Be Banned In Schools Debate

Looks like the debate about using mobile phones in schools has engulfed the UK, where more than 90% of teenagers have mobiles. Currently, there is no law in the country barring student’s phone usage in schools. Schools have the discretion to ban phones from being taken into the classrooms or otherwise. The government has delegated the responsibility to head teachers to determine whether this is appropriate.

That is why policies across the UK are inconsistent, ranging from outright bans at some schools to the inclusion of phones as part of lessons in others. The minister for school standards in England, however, has adopted a strict stance on the matter; Pupils should be banned from taking smartphones into school, he told the BBC.

He spoke ahead of the government publishing new guidance for schools, in order to deal with internet safety, social media, and online gaming issues. The minister added, Mobile phones should be banned from classrooms and children should be taught about the dangers of the devices and that he hoped and expected the children to limit their use of electronic devices to focus on socialising and other activities.

Should Mobile Phones Be Banned In Schools? Pros And Cons

There are certain reasons for banning phones in schools and there definitely is a divide but the intent on both ends is pure; to bring out the best in our future generation. We have mentioned all the opinions that weigh in the favour of the ban. Let’s look at some of the arguments that highlight the other side of the story.

A number of empirical studies into mobile phone use among children have conceded varied conclusions to further ignite the divide on the stance. Most parents believe that mobile phones:

     Ensure Your Child’s Safety:

There is no denying that mobile phones are extremely beneficial for parents when it comes to keeping in touch with children and making sure they travel safely wherever they go. They are all the more important for parents with children who have medical conditions. Phones help them to monitor their child’s health at all times. Parents can instruct and remind the child about medication.

 Ensure Your Child’s Safety:

     Raising Responsible Children: 

Instead of banning the phones and forcefully taking them away. It is always a good idea to raise children who are more aware of what’s good for them and what’s not. Why not give them the discretion to decide for them and use the devices responsibly where they keep their phones in their bags and limit there use for educational purposes only. Schools should instead teach them to self-regulate. If you want to enjoy Castle Breakout video game, Visit:


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     Good Educational Tools:

Technology has seeped into education. Children are expected to do homework on computers, research, watch videos, log attendance and participate in study groups online. It gives them power and the ability to see how education can be accessed from anywhere. It is basically their connection to the world and they love them, that’s not going to change.

Good Educational Tools

When There Is A Will There Is A Way

The final verdict on the matter is expected in September. At this point, it is pretty much impossible to predict the ruling. Even now there is a mix of situations: some schools allow them some don’t, some let them bring it and leave them in the teacher’s office or their lockers, and others ensure that even if the children bring these phones to schools the remain on silent mode and inside their bags. This increases the chance of these phones being lost or damaged. Leaving many of us concerned about financial loss.

Then there are parents who recently started contemplating to buy phones for their children and are now caught up between this debate and are not sure if they should invest heavily in a new phone or not. The ideal solution to this problem in this situation is to buy refurbished mobile phones or even buy second hand phones. These phones are the best options you can find for your growing children. You can easily buy these pre-owned or refurbished phones at a reliable store like Alpha SmartPhones. Another advantage is that they come with an extensive warranty replacement offer. They are pocket-friendly and reliable which makes them ideal for growing children who handle them very roughly. To facilitate you we have compiled a list 14 best first mobile phones for 11 years old in the UK.

Apps To Ensure Safe Use Of Mobile Phones

Even more, there are numerous apps that you can use to ensure your child’s safety at all times in both the digital world and the real world. You can monitor their phone activity, teach them safety lessons, or even track their current location to ensure they stay away from harm.

Given below is a list of some of the best apps you can use to ascertain that your child is secure and making good use of their mobile phone:

     Kaspersky SafeKids (available for download on Android and iOS)

It is an all-inclusive tracking and controlling tool for your child’s smartphone. You’ll be able to control your child’s smartphone from a dedicated dashboard. This includes which apps and websites they can access and for how long.

     SPIN Safe Browser (available for download on Android and iOS)

A browser is the most important thing when it comes to research and surfing the internet, use this app to prevent your child from accidentally accessing something inappropriate on the web.

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     TrueMotion Family Safe Driving (available for download on Android and iOS)

Reckless driving is a major point of concern for the parents of teens. With this app, you can not only track your teen’s driving habits but also motivate them to drive safely.

     Life360 Family Locator (available for download on Android and iOS)

This app helps you track your child’s location and chat with them anytime you like is probably the best way to keep them safe. This app can even keep your whole family connected all the time by keeping a complete record of where they are currently and where they were the whole day.

     Safety for Kids (available for download on Android and iOS)

It is a game style voice-narrated app in a very clear English and the vocabulary is also very basic. It instructs the child to become more responsible and teaches them how to conduct them in everyday situations.

We at Alpha SmartPhones love and care for our customers. This was an effort on our part to give you some tips and tricks to manage this situation effectively. Hope this was helpful for you. If so, please spread this by liking and sharing this post.

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