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Phone/Gadget of the Week: Apple iPhone 8 Plus:

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PhoneGadget of the Week Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Apple launched its iPhone 8 in 2017. Only a year and a half passed and Apple has already launched four newer iPhone models. Just two months after the launch of iPhone 8, Apple launched its mighty 10th anniversary iPhone X. iPhone X was the iPhone that got much fame, and people didn’t really noticed the amazing features that iPhone 8 has. Only a year after the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple launched three newer models of iPhone; iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Due to this, iPhone 8 became the iPhone model that didn’t get that much fame but if you get to know the cool features of iPhone 8 plus, then you would definitely go for buying a refurbished or second hand Apple iPhone 8 plus.

The phone of the week at Alpha SmartPhones is iPhone 8! This iPhone is definitely the most worth buying device ever. We say this thing, as the features that this iPhone possess are one of the most amazing ones out there. iPhone 8 was the last iPhone that had the iconic iPhone home button and the Touch ID feature. The four iPhones launched after iPhone 8 don’t have the iconic iPhone home button as Apple added the feature of infinity display in those models. Also as the newer models don’t have the iconic home button, they also don’t have the Touch ID feature that all of the iPhone users love. In this article, we would be discussing the features of iPhone 8 plus and after that we would be telling you; why Alpha SmartPhones is the best place to buy a reconditioned iPhone from!

Features of iPhone 8 Plus:

As discussed above, iPhone 8 plus has the features that everyone would love. The cool features of iPhone 8 plus are discussed below:

     Dual Rear Camera Feature of iPhone 8 Plus:

Apple included the dual rear cameras for the first time in iPhone 7 plus. As always, whenever Apple launches a feature for the first time in any of the iPhones, we can expect flaws in the feature. Same is the case here, Apple included dual rear cameras in iPhone 7 plus but the users found glitches in the cameras of iPhone 7 plus.  Apple found out the glitches and included the best and improved dual rear cameras in its iPhone 8 plus.

iPhone 8 plus has dual rear cameras, including; 12MP wide-angle camera and a 12MP telephoto camera. These both cameras snap the pictures simultaneously, hence making the pictures more vibrant and detail oriented. The portrait mode in the rear cameras of iPhone 8 plus takes the breath away of the users as it serves the users with the best bokeh ever in the background of the pictures.

     Touch ID Feature of iPhone 8 Plus:

iPhone 8 plus is the last iPhone launched by Apple with the iconic home button and the Touch ID feature. Although people were so excited with the Face ID feature of the later models of iPhone but their dreams crashed soon at the launching event of iPhone X. On the launching event of iPhone X, the Face ID feature of the phone wasn’t able to detect the Face accurately. This issue made us doubt the credibility of the Face ID feature. Other than this, the Touch ID feature is something that can never get old. The Touch ID of iPhone 8 plus is known as the best Touch ID ever. We claim this thing as the Touch ID of this iPhone is so accurate that you won’t find any issue while unlocking your device, ever. The best thing about the Touch ID of iPhone 8 is that the fingerprint sensor is built into the home button, which makes the experience even better. The home button doesn’t feel like a button and if you press it you would feel if you are pressing a touch panel.

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     Water Resistance Feature of iPhone 8 plus:

The water resistance feature of iPhone 8 plus is the feature that has made the lives of iPhone users easier. Apple included the water resistance feature in its iPhone 7 for the first time and since the launch of iPhone 7, every model of iPhone has become water and dust resistant. Apple iPhone 8 is water resistant for up to 1m for 30 minutes. This means that now you don’t have to worry about the bottle that might leak in your bag or you won’t worry if your iPhone 8 plus accidently slips and falls into bucket of water. As iPhone 8 plus is water resistant, you can easily do underwater photography with this iPhone as well. What’s even cooler than that?

     Wireless Charging Feature of iPhone 8 plus:

Wireless charging feature of iPhone 8 plus was one of the newest feature in an iPhone launched in 2017. For the first time ever, Apple included the feature of wireless charging in its iPhone. The feature of wireless charging proves to be much effective and efficient way to charge your iPhone. With the feature of wireless charging, iPhone 8 plus is compatible with fast charging as well. The fast charging feature lets the users of iPhone 8 plus to charge their iPhones at a comparatively faster rate. The fast charging feature lets you charge your iPhone 8 for up to 50% in less than 30 minutes. This feature is the one that has been the best one so far as the common issue that every smartphone user faces in this era is that the battery life of their phone is lesser and that they don’t get enough time to charge their phones properly.

These are some of the features that makes iPhone 8 plus to be one of the best smartphones ever launched by Apple. iPhone 8 is declared as the phone of the week at Alpha SmartPhones, so we are providing you the best refurbished iPhone 8 plus at affordable prices. We are asking you to buy a refurbished iPhone 8 as there are many reasons behind the fact that; refurbished phones are better than every other option that you might have out there.

Why Should I Buy Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus?

As discussed before, refurbished iPhone 8 plus is considered as the best option for you. We can prove this statement through providing you with many arguments that would make you buy refurbished iPhone 8 from Alpha SmartPhones right away. Below are all the reasons mentioned and described thoroughly for you to have further know how about refurbished mobile phones.

     Get The Most Reliable Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus:

Refurbished iPhone 8 plus is the most reliable mobile phone option for you! We say this thing as at Alpha SmartPhones, all of the refurbished mobile phones are repaired comprehensively before they are listed for sale. Whenever we buy a second hand mobile phone, we check the mobile phone thoroughly. All of the glitches are diagnosed and after the diagnostic, the mobile phone is sent for the repair. Every mobile phone is repaired by the professionals in the mobile phone industry. When the tablet is repaired professionally and comprehensively, the mobile phone is checked again. If any issue perseveres in the mobile phone; the mobile phone is again sent for the repair until the issue is resolved completely. Once the mobile phone comes in 100% working condition, only then it is listed on our website for sale.

     Get Warranty With Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus:

All of the refurbished iPhone 8 plus available on our website comes with 12 months warranty. We are 100% confident on the repair services that we provide, and that is the reason that we have no issues in providing warranties with the refurbished mobile phones we sell. The warranty clause lets you buy refurbished iPhone 8 plus with no worry at all because if any issue is diagnosed after you have purchased the phone or tablet then you can easily get tablet repaired free of cost.

     Get 30 Days Return Option With Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus:

At Alpha SmartPhones, with every refurbished iPhone 8 plus we sell; we provide 30 days return policy with that iPhone 8. The 30 days return policy states that if the customer doesn’t get what he has ordered from our website then he can easily return the device to our platform free of cost and get a reimbursement. All of the refurbished iPhone 8 plus available on our website have accurate descriptions written along with them. Refurbished iPhone 8 plus is available in every condition and storage capacity on our website and you can order refurbished iPhone 8 plus in a wide price range according to the conditions and storage capacities.

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     Get Free Delivery and Easy & Secure Payment Methods with Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus:

At Alpha SmartPhones, we provide free doorstep delivery with every mobile phone that we sell. If you buy a refurbished iPhone 8 then we would deliver your refurbished iPhone free of cost at your home. Moreover, we offer different payment methods for our customers. We have a secure payment policy through which you can easily pay for your device and become worry free as your account information wouldn’t be misused. If any platform misuses your personal account information then you can take legal action against that platform. But this can only be done if the platform has a secure payment policy. At Alpha SmartPhones, we have a secure payment policy and we would assure that your information isn’t misused.

     Get Apple iPhone 8 Plus Deals:

At Alpha SmartPhones, you can get refurbished iPhone 8 plus at the best affordable prices. We can guarantee that you wouldn’t be able to get such reliable iPhone 8 at such affordable prices from anywhere else. We provide a large collection of used and refurbished iPhone 8 plus at our website. You can also find special Apple iPhone 8 plus deals on our website.

Final Verdict:

You can buy the best quality refurbished iPhone 8 plus from Alpha SmartPhones. As iPhone 8 is the phone of the week at our website, you can find the best deals on this iPhone. Through the wide collection of refurbished iPhone 8 at our website, you can buy the best one at the best prices. You can avail all of the perks mentioned above if you buy refurbished iPhone 8 from our website now!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t delay your purchase any further and visit Alpha SmartPhones now before iPhone 8 stock ends!

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