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Upcoming in 2019! What Smartphones Are Coming This Year?

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Upcoming in 2019! What Smartphones Are Coming This Year

2019 is going to be the year of the best smartphone launches! We say this thing as the major mobile phone manufacturing companies have leaked the specifications of their upcoming mobile phones in 2019. The leaked specifications of upcoming 2019 mobile phones have changed the perspective of the smartphone users towards smartphones. We say this thing as the mobile phone brands are trying their best to launch the future forward specifications to keep up with the technological advancements and to also launch the best smartphone ever. In this article, we are going to discuss the best upcoming phones.

New Upcoming Phones 2019:

Almost every mobile phone brand has scheduled launch of their upcoming mobile phones in 2019. We are going to discuss the upcoming android phones of 2019 as well as upcoming iPhones. There is a very tight competition between mobile phone brands these days as people have millions of options available in front of them to choose from. The tactic that the smartphone manufacturers use these days is they build up the hype before they have even launched the smartphone. The most common tactic that they use to build up the hype in the smartphone users is that they leak the major specifications of their upcoming mobile phones willingly. The leaked specifications reach the smartphone users through the online sources and this builds up the much needed hype regarding different smartphone models. Below are the new upcoming phones in 2019.

     Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 Mobile Phone:

Samsung is finally going to launch the 10th anniversary smartphone in its glorious S series. We are expecting so much from Samsung on this one as we want the best ever device on the 10th anniversary of S series. Just like before, Samsung leaked some of the amazing features of this smartphone but let us first talk about the release date of Samsung galaxy S10. Samsung recently announced the launching date of this smartphone; February 20th, 2019. So yes, after only a couple of days this amazing phone is going to be launched by Samsung.

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Samsung is actually launching three models under Samsung galaxy S10 umbrella. Namely the models that are going to be launched by Samsung are Samsung galaxy S10e, Samsung galaxy S10 and Samsung galaxy S10+. All of these three models are going to have the best processor ever launched in any of Samsung mobile phones; Exynos 9820 8nm CPU and Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon chipset. This processor and chipset would make these three models the fastest devices ever launched by Samsung. Moreover, the most high-end model of S10+ would possess 12GB RAM with 1TB storage. Samsung is going to launch infinity O displays in these phones that would have no notch to distract the users. Yes, no notch! The users can easily use a full end-to-end screen in these smartphones. Moreover S10+ would include dual front punch-hole cameras that would make your selfies even better than the best. Talking about the cameras, S10 and S10+ would be having triple rear cameras that would make the pictures taken by them even better than the best.

The best specification about these smartphones is that they would be having an in-screen fingerprint scanner. Yes, finally Samsung is launching a phone in S series that doesn’t have the fingerprint scanner at the back, just as S9 and S8.

1. Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 Mobile Phone:      Upcoming 2019 iPhone: 

Just as always, Apple is going to launch the next model(s) of iPhone in the later months of 2019. But we have gathered up some hot rumours and leaks about the upcoming iPhone. The most amazing feature that is expected of Apple is that it is going to include a stylus with the 2019 iPhone model. Stylus is the most awaited Apple product that the users are looking forward for due to certain reasons. Moreover, Apple is predicted to launch in-screen Touch ID in its 2019 Apple model just as Samsung is including in Samsung galaxy S10. The most amazing feature that is expected to be added in Apple iPhone 2019 is the triple rear cameras. Everyone agrees on the fact that Apple iPhones have the best cameras ever installed in any mobile phone. Relating to this fact, the triple rear cameras in 2019 model(s) of iPhone would ignite the much awaited fire in the mobile phone industry. Other than this, Apple is expected to decrease the size of notch in the upcoming model of iPhone, as the users of iPhones are much distracted by the big notch that the current models of iPhone have. The name of the new models of iPhone are predicted to be iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 plus.

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     Upcoming Samsung Galaxy F Mobile Phone:

This phone has been delayed by Samsung since 2017. Samsung galaxy F is considered as the most awaited smartphone by the Samsung smartphone admirers. There might be many reasons behind this wait, but the most amazing feature of this phone is the magnificent folding display. Yes, the display of this phone is going to be foldable. So why is Samsung launching a phone with foldable display? Samsung have this idea that it is going to launch this smartphone as a crossover between a tablet and a mobile phone. If unfolded, the Samsung galaxy F would be considered as a tablet and if folded it would be considered as a smartphone. Other than the folding display, this phone would be having other specifications that would be breath taking as well.

According to sources, Samsung excluded some of the features from Samsung galaxy S10 to include them in the mighty Samsung galaxy F. So we can expect this phone to be one of the best smartphones ever. The bad news here is that the price of this magnificent mobile phone is expected to be twice as the price of any other premium mobile phone. This smartphone can surely be considered as the best upcoming mobile phone in 2019.

Above mentioned are the three most amazing mobile phones to be launched by Apple and Samsung in 2019. We have only discussed the upcoming mobile phones by these two manufacturers as these two are considered to be the biggest rivals in the smartphone industry. Moreover, according to the statistics; Apple and Samsung are considered as the most popular smartphone brands of 2018. Due to these reasons, we have discussed the most awaited smartphones by these both mobile phone brands. We have to wait and see which mobile phone would have it all and which would have a great fall!

Final Verdict:

Samsung and Apple both are trying to manufacture the best phones of 2019. We have to wait to see which smartphone would be the best smartphone of 2019. No matter which would be the best one, all of the upcoming mobile phones of 2019 are predicted to be much better models than the ones launched last year. If you want to buy any of the mobile phones discussed above, you would have to wait for the launch of that mobile phone. But until the launch of that mobile phone arrives, you must change your mobile phone to be up to date with the latest mobile phones in the market yet. The best way to be updated is to buy refurbished phones from Alpha SmartPhones at the best prices.

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