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In 2016, iPhone 7 was the biggest blast in the history of smartphones. It was an unusual device at that time. iPhone 7 is still in the market with the same fire. Apple has created a huge success at that time. Later on, Apple has updated its designs but not their features. The first invention was done by only the iPhone 7. After some time, the iPhone 7 Plus was introduced. It has the same features and looked almost the same as having a different phone case. But the question is then how apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus makes a difference with each other. There are few differences as well, just like their shape, body structure, camera features, dual camera, etc.

The best part of the iPhone 7 was that it has replaced the headphones. iPhone’s headphone jack is over now. This has made every phone on fire that how could it happen that a phone can be used without headphone. But Apple proved it and made this invention successful up till now. iPhone 7 replaced its physical home button to completely touch button by having sensors and vibration feels at that place. Two high power cores are used in it to perform the functions of the laptop in the laptop by mixing it with the new A10 fusion processor. Apple has decided to move on so they made a lot of changes in their phones. The main revolution was done with the iPhone 7. That’s why it made a huge difference from other phones not with every other smartphone but with Apple phones as well.

Aggressive changes in such technologies like change in floppy disks, USB ports, iPhone 30 pin connectors, flash, optical devices; was the clear vision of future technology. But the question arises, are these changes sufficient or beneficial for the future? And such changes are successful or not? If these upgrades are easier or not?

iPhone 7 is somehow a waterproof phone. But it is water-resistant, that does not mean you put it all the time in water and left it there. They are resistant for about half an hour. Till half hour it will not affect it but later on, it will make some changes or might it will stop working. But of course, it was the initial step of revolution to make a push.

Now if we see what makes iPhone 7 different from the iPhone 6 which was released before the iPhone 7. We see three main differences between them. The first one is of their antenna; the antenna colours of iPhone 7 bend with the body on matte black and glossy jet black; not with every colour because Apple has limits with the colours. The second difference is of the bumps of camera that was seen in iPhone 6.

but in iPhone 7 it was beautifully moulded into curves that looks artful. And the most important and third difference on which the whole world was shocked is the replacement of headphone jack.

The world has thought that the design of iPhone 6 is unbeaten and no one can design such phone again. But Apple is so good at beaten his designs as they did for iPhone 6 and made another adventure by designing iPhone 7. iPhone 7 is still a phone that is not ever compared with other phones. It has best looks that can never be compromised ever. Apple replaced the physical home button with a tactic engine jolt. When pressure is applied over it, it will create a sensation and feels like a click. Tactic engine jolt is beneficial in this sense, there is no threat of damaging the physical button in any case. And the jolt will continue its working till the life of the phone.

iPhone 7 captures the wide range of colours in its photos. One can see a visible difference in their photos. As they cover a wider range of colours. It has a sharp and clear visible LCD. Due to that colours are specified and glowing picture may be captured. Now, if we talk about the speakers of Apple phones. We can say that one of the best features of iPhone 7 is the addition of stereo speakers. They are the total number of two speakers. One is fit in the phone at the bottom and the other one is in the earpiece. And it has amazing sound, louder than before and of course clear.

I think we should discuss more the headphone jack because it is most important to discuss here rather than the other features. Apple said that they were needed to fit other stuff in the phone like a better camera, tactic engine and huge battery that required more space so they eliminate the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. The minor reason is also that Apple wanted to make iPhone 7 a water-resistant phone and for that, they were required to block as many holes from the phone. But of course, that’s not that much important to discuss here. As a replacement of headphone jack, iPhone starts shipment of ear pods.

So far, iPhone cameras are one of the best cameras that anyone can own. iPhone 7 made changes in their cameras. People use most of the phone for photoshoots especially Apple phones, so they were needed to badly work on that so they did. A new faster f/1.8 lens, in addition to flash and the optical image stabilizer, is an addition with the new camera. Front cameras are very important these days because people want to upload their stories daily. For the iPhone 7 is the best one. iPhone 7 has an excellent front camera with sharp and bright retina flash, 7-megapixel sensor.

iPhone 7 has met up the requirements of the market. Everyone needs these features which they added up in their phones. Updates iOS 10, replacement of headphone jack with the better camera slot, wide batter. Introduction of ear pods also made revolutionary changings in this phone. The world is shocked by seeing this phone. iPhone 6 also possess such features but iPhone 7 made changings according to the time. Till now this changing is unbeaten.

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