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How to Find Cheap Smartphones Deals UK?
How to Find Cheap Smartphones Deals UK?

Buying a new Cheap Smartphones can be quite a hassle. You think you know what you want and have a budget, but there are so many pricing options in the market that it often becomes impossible to find the best mobile phone deals. The biggest problem here is that everyone offers a different price for the same device, and it can get rather confusing as to which are the best mobile phone deals and whether you are being scammed out of your money.

So how do you find the best Smartphones deals? It can indeed get rather frustrating to go to your local market and have to go from shop to shop finding the best prices. It can get even more difficult if you’re looking to buy an old or refurbished phone, since there is no fixed price or even a price range that you can go by. In such a case, it is very easy to fall prey to scams that are trying to get your money by selling you a device that is worth a lot less than the cash that you spend.

Find Cheap Smartphones Deals

To save yourself from the trouble of scouting the local market, you can easily find the best Cheap Smartphones online! You might initially be skeptical about buying a phone off of the internet, but the fact is that there are now several reliable UK sellers who give accurate and well-priced deals, along with a smooth buying process. They present the best mobile phone deals on their websites for you to browse through, and it is only a matter of choosing what you like and paying for it, and you get your new phone within the day, Click Here!

While it is, of course, natural to be paranoid while buying off of the internet, the key is to go for providers who are verified. These are sellers who are trusted in the market and have several customer reviews to speak for their reliability. Trusted providers, like Alpha Smart Phones, will provide you with several services to make sure that you buying experience is smooth and that you can easily trust them with your money. They provide several benefits of finding the best mobile phone deals with a trusted provider, some being the following:

Payment Guarantee – A verified provider like Alpha Smart Phones will always make sure that you enjoy the best mobile phone deals along with complete security. They include a 3D secure option in their purchasing, which means that all your personal information remains safe and encrypted, and you don’t have to worry about your personal or financial information being stolen as part of an internet scam.

Best Price Guarantee – Reliable providers such as these provide the best price guarantee along with the best mobile phone deals. This means that you will definitely not find a better deal anywhere, and that you don’t have to scout other websites to compare prices; you will be able to find the best prices all on this one website, and that is an absolute guarantee.

Product Quality – Alpha Smart Phones ensure that you get only the best quality products, and they are read to provide a guarantee for that. If you are not satisfied with the quality, you can return the purchased device!

Refunds & Returns – On top of that, you can get a full refund on your purchase if you decide to return the device within 30 days. Certified sellers are determined to give you the best iPhone 7 deals and they are ready to go to any lengths for it!

Best Deals of Refurbished iPhones

It is natural to be paranoid when buying a refurbished phone. However, you don’t have to worry about getting a faulty phone if you choose the right provider. It is all about finding the best mobile phone deals!The motivations to find refurbished iPhone deals are fairly basic; for one thing, iPhone 6 deals don’t come shabby, and not every person can serenely stand to get one. While the costs of more established models do fall when more current ones turn out, brands like Apple are famous for rapidly stopping more seasoned ones, making it difficult to get your hands on another rendition of your most loved phone.

You can either buy a new or a refurbished one and look for the best mobile phone deals in either, but the last is the better decision, since it isn’t only any utilized phone; it is one that has been examined, tried and repaired for you, and gives the most extreme usefulness, saving you from issues that an utilization phone may start showing annoyingly not long after the buy.

Benefits of Cheap Smartphones Deals

The clearest factor to enable you to choose from among the best mobile phone deals and decide whether or not to go for refurbished iPhones is the cost. On the off chance that you are into modest smartphones, you will either need to get one that is normal however new, or one that is an incredible phone yet is refurbished. In the event that you need an iPhone yet are low on the financial plan, the best mobile phone deals for refurbished phones are the way to go!

Another benefit of the best mobile phone deals on refurbished phones is the extensive variety of accessibility. For instance, if your most loved phone is the cheap iPhone 5S, you can’t purchase a fresh out of the plastic new one any longer since Apple has ended it. You can, be that as it may, peruse refurbished iPhones and find the best mobile phone deals with devices that look and work great as new, and that too at an exceptionally sensible cost! That is why you need to go through the best mobile phone deals on reliable platforms.

This is an imperative factor for the individuals who need phones that will keep going long – in which case, new modest smartphones are the correct decision. Be that as it may, in the event that you get a kick out of the chance to change your phone frequently – consistently or two – you will love refurbished iPhones. So, what are you waiting for? Browse the best mobile phone deals today and get a cheap smartphones that suits both your taste and your pocket!

Important Considerations while Want to Find The Cheap Smartphones
Important Considerations while Want to Find The Cheap Smartphones

It is absolutely correct if you name the current era as the smartphone generation. No talk is complete till the latest cheap Smartphones is discussed. An unending debate among various brand devotees endorsing their favorite brand and product is the part and parcel of today’s life. Currently, when there are so many available choices users normally keep on bench marking the basic parameters to complete the buying of the cheap Smartphones. We being your well-wishers decided to sum up the important considerations.

Budget Matters

Of course, the first and foremost thing is to thoroughly visit your pocket and bank details. Buying any smartphone for sale that is beyond your capacity is surely going to give you a tough time. An Installment plan can work fine provided you can make payments regularly, else change your priorities and figure out best smartphone as per your affordability.

Condition of Cheap Smartphones

It is too dependent on your finances. The more you have the better you can afford. However, if you wish to stick to your favorite brand you are at liberty to browse for refurbished like new, used or cheap smartphones from the most authorized dealer in the UK. It is to remember that normally current year flagship device of famous brands like Samsung and Apple will be available only in brand new condition, so don’t tie false hopes. However, one version older sets like iPhone 7, 7plus or even Galaxy S7 and S8 can be hunted in refurbished or used conditions.

Vigilance is immensely required while picking the authorized dealer for refurbished sets. Since these smartphones for sale are pre owned, a technical hand is surely needed to reinstate the state back in mint condition. Referring to Alpha Smartphones is indeed the most credible choice. The platform offers the amazing smartphone for sale deals. Pick the deal that complies with your pocket and requirements.

RAM- The Bigger the Better

RAM and memory are two different things but frequently confused with one another. Plainly speaking RAM is the transition place of data prior processing. The bigger the RAM the speedier processes are. Real effectiveness of bigger RAM is especially seen while multitasking. Since smartphone screen, dallier, and keyboard are always on the go when handling the device these items are always a part of your RAM occupying nearly half GB. So while finalizing smartphone for sale keep the spare RAM availability in your mind. Android sets have upgraded their RAM with 3GB and 4GB with pricier versions. 2GB is, however, a decent figure to look for.


A brief homework is required pertaining to storage count while deciding exact smartphone for sale. Work out your storage and streaming patterns, youth and mobile freaks normally utilize cloud storage to keep storage free by syncing with Google cloud. Older people who are less versed with technology feel it ok to crowd their storage. Since 4GB is very easily filled with operating systems and app updates 8GB normally don’t justify with modern day needs. A large number of users undertake 16 GB as the least consideration while purchasing any smartphone for sale.


Trends change and so the screen preferences. Small and big screens are in vogue off and on. This year its big screen time where Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to be almost 6’’. Where size is entirely a choice, pixel density is something that needs to be considered. Users are more interested in crisp and fine image and video quality rather than screen size.

Experts have benchmarked DPI range at 250 minimum before qualifying for the bucket list. Latest smartphones for Sale easily cross 400 DPI but that result in increased cost. Not to forget that higher DPI means more battery consumption to fuel Pixel integration. Researchers suggest that DPI ranging 300-500 is an equilibrium position for efficacy and performance.

Battery Performance

If you opt for a brand new smartphone then numeric value expressed in mAh holds significance. The larger the value the longer it lasts. But if your pick is second hand smartphones, battery performance can be a tricky part. Performance may speak conversely to stated figures when your device is in second hand condition.

Here comes the reliability factor that is the foremost foundation of Alpha Smartphones. The well-equipped diagnostic lab carefully assesses each and every component of mobile phone prior offering for sale. So you are at absolute peace. Even if any battery related issue is discovered within the stipulated time period, a warranty can be claimed to make up the loss.

Exciting Camera

Today smartphone cameras have exhilaratingly overpowered the digital and conventional cameras. The feature is well pondered while picking any deal. All credit goes to the love of selfies and social media connectivity. Aperture, sensor size, and larger pixel size are to be carefully assessed while concluding camera efficiency. Bigger pixels and wider apertures make a picture-perfect combo. 8MP is the bare minimum requirement for majority users these days.

Operating System Counts

Operating system testifies the resultant appeal and performance of your smartphones. Users normally hesitate to switch between iOS and Android, but each of it has its respective pros and cons. Android is an open source OS product by Google and employed by various manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, LG, iPhones for sale  and many more. It offers greater compatibility with a range of devices. Conversely iOS being the only child of Apple is limited to Apple products only. However, this limitation has offered greater security from bugs and invasion as compared to Android.

To cut the long story short prior deciding your telecommunication partner you need to estimate the maximum positive points a smartphone offers according to the stated price and condition. If you are ordering a pre-love set then do consider best price guarantee, payment protection, fast delivery, post purchase warranty, easy ordering and mobile repair facility in case of an unfortunate eventuality. All these traits are although hard to find these days yet Alpha Smartphone is the single name that actually lives up to the expectation of the whole UK.

Effective Tips to Improve iPhone 7 Battery Life Running iOS 11
Effective Tips to Improve iPhone 7 Battery Life Running iOS 11

Most of you already have iOS 11 on their iPhone by now and having a great time. The features it offers are amazing. Overall iOS 11 is pretty good, but the question here is how iOS 11 effects your phone’s battery. There are tips that will help you increase your iPhone 7 second-hand battery life without a lot of trouble.

Regardless of what version of iOS 11 you have on your iPhone 7, one thing that most of us are concerned about is our phone’s battery life? After all, we would not like to run to the nearest plug every couple of hours. You would hate to see the low battery sign, especially when having no place to charge your phone. So, to make things easy for you we have come up with a list of some really amazing tips that will improve your iPhone 7 second-and battery life.

Tips to Improve iPhone 7 Battery Life

If you search the internet you will come across numerous tips on how to improve iPhone 7 Battery life. It is a little difficult to differentiate between the effective tips and the useless tips. Now one has to be more selective as iOS 11 is known for draining away iPhone 7 second hand battery or for that matter any iPhone running iOS 11. To ensure that you do not waste your time on tips that are not helpful, we have come up with a list that will improve the performance of your phone’s battery life.

These tips are as effective on iPod or iPad as they are on your iPhone. However, ensure that your Apple devices are running iOS 11.

1. Give iOS11 Sometime

Once you install iOS 11 on your used iPhone 7, you need to give it some time. It usually does take around a day or so to re index every to cache everything. You do not have to freak out right after updating your phone to iOS 11. However, if things do not work out and your battery is draining away quickly, then you need to tweak a little in your phone’s setting.

2. Disable App Refreshing

There are certain apps that are always running in the background. Even though you think you have closed the app, it still is running in the background. When an app is running in the background it is bound to consume some phone’s battery. If you want to improve your used iPhone 7 battery life, you need to disable the feature.

You go to Settings and then tap on General. There look for the Background App Refresh option. Tap on this option to disable the feature. If you do not want to disable all apps, you should at least disable apps with heavy background apps.

3. Keep a Check on Phone Battery Usage

Before getting down to the remedies you need to know about the reason. Similar, before you start making changes to your phone’s settings, you should check your used iPhone 7 battery usage. You should check the apps that are draining away your phone’s battery. Go to Settings and then tap on Battery. There you will be able to see all the apps and the amount of battery each one is using. To see the amount of time each has been running on the screen, tap on the clock icon. The icon is located at the top right corner of the screen and it looks like a clock.

4. If Wi-Fi is On Disable Cellular Data

When your iPhone 7 is connected to the Wi-Fi, there is no need to keep the cellular data on. You can turn off your cellular data via 2 different methods. You can see the Data Cellular icon in control Center now, so open Control Center and tap on the icon. If you need to turn it back on simply, tap on the icon in control center again.

The other method is slightly longer. For that, you need to go Cellular and then disable the Cellular data. However, do remember that you need to turn your cellular network on once you disable the Wi-Fi on your iPhone. Doing this will improve your used iPhone 7 battery life. You don’t have to worry about the fact that you will miss important calls as this has nothing to do with it. If you want to save the battery as well as your cellular data then you would hate that Facebook is refreshing and eating away your data.

5. Keep Your Flashlight Low

Now with iOS 11, you can control the level of your flashlight. As we know that the flashlight is among the biggest battery drainers, therefore it is always better that you keep it low. You need it for the light; you can always use the low-level light, as this will have less impact on used iPhone 7 battery.  Long press on the flashlight icon and then select the power level.

6. Disable Airdrop, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

We do understand that Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Airdrop is important, but you do not need them all the time. If you keep them enabled, they are going to drain away your phone’s battery. Disabling them will ensure your iPhone 7 battery life.

When you are not using these features, you can easily disable them by going to Settings and tapping on each icon individually. There is another way to enable and disable this feature i.e. open control center and tap on the icon. To disable Airdrop, simply swipe your control center up and look for the AirDrop option. Tap on the option to disable and enable it. Remember, if you use the Control Center to turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, they will not be turned off. They will simply be disconnected from the current network available and will reconnect the moment they find a new one.

7. Enable Wi-Fi Assist

Another way to improve iPhone 7 battery life is to enable the W-fi Assist option. It means that your phone’s cellular network will take charge when the Wi-Fi signals are weak. Thus, it will improve the battery of used iPhone 7 for sale, as it won’t attempt connecting to Wi-Fi with poor signals. To turn this feature on, go to Setting. Scroll down and tap on Cellular. Look for Wi-Fi Assist and toggle this option on.

8. Use Low Power Mode

This is perhaps the best way to save your iPhone’s battery. Once you enable the feature, your phone will automatically disable a bundle of features. Some of these features include the ones that you typically cannot disable yourself. You can quickly enable the feature by telling Siri, Turn on Low Power mode. You can even insert a new toggle in the control center. Lastly, you can do it the orthodox way i.e. go to settings, battery and finally tap on the Low Power Mode.

9. Turn off Widgets

You might think that Widgets are really cool, but they are also an additional tax on your phone’s battery. They do seem convenient, but it you want to improve your iPhone 7 battery life, you need to disable the widgets. Applications like Weather, location services and maps are a huge burden on battery.

To disable the widget, first, you need to bring forward the Today View. You can do that by swiping to the left on your Home screen. You can even do the same gesture on the Lock screen. After that got to the bottom of the page and look for the edit option. Tap on this option, a red minus button will appear in front of each app. To remove the app simply tap on this button. You can add the app back again, go to the app and tap on the green button.

10. Put your iPhone Face Down

There are two types of users, one who place their iPhone upside down and second who place it face down. It turns out that one method is better than the other and you need to know which one is better. Apple now has included a battery saving feature that enables once you place your phone face down. When the display of your phone is against the surface, the notifications are muted. They will not be able to activate the display thus will save the feature.

11. Disable Auto Playing Videos Apps

If you are running tight on your cellular data and battery, we believe that disabling the auto-playing video feature in certain apps is going to be of great help. Twitter and Facebook are famous for playing the videos automatically. This is a waste of battery especially when you do not even want to watch these videos.

12. Disable Auto-Play Feature on Facebook

Launch the app and then tap on Menu tab. From there tap on Settings, Under Settings, you will be able to see the Account Settings option. Tap on this option and then search for the Videos and Photos option. Finally, search the AutoPlay feature and choose “Never” option.

13. Disable Auto-Play Feature on Twitter

To disable this feature on Twitter, launch the app and tap on the profile icon. There you will see Settings, tap on it and then on privacy. Under Privacy look for the Data Usage option, tap on this option and finally tap on video Auto Play. Here, you will again have to select “Never” to ensure that videos aren’t played automatically.

14. Disable Hey Sir Feature

Hey Siri is a great way to allow this VA to help you out, however, it does have an impact on the batter life. Siri is always running in the background as it is always listening for the request feature. If you don’t use the “Hey Siri” feature, you should disable it. To turn it off, go to Settings, look for Siri & Search option and toggle it off.

15. In-app Locater Services Only

Location services are perfect for knowing about your surroundings, you can learn about the palces and areas around you. However, they are also among the worst enemies of your phone’s battery. Many applications tend to use the location services by default.  We recommend that you use in-app location services only or deactivate them permanently.

To deactivate the location services go to Settings, tap on Privacy, Location Services. You will get the option of completely disabling Location services. This might not be useful for many especially who tend to use the Maps app a lot. So, the better option is that you go through each app and disable services accordingly.

16. Reduce Motion

To improve and enhance your iPhone experience, iOS offers unique motion features such as parallax effects on the home screen or app-launching animations. These motions do look cool, but affect the performance of iPhone 7 battery repairs. You can deactivate this feature by going to Settings, tapping on General and then on Accessibility. There enable the Reduce Motion feature.

17. Turn off Raise to Wake Feature

iOS 10 came out with Raise to Wake feature, it was for all refurbished iPhone 7 UK, it may seem cool but it can get annoying as well.  Whenever you rise your phone, the display is turned on. Despite that fact that you do not want it. Every time you lift your phone, the display will be turned on. This is bound to consume the battery of your phone; however, you can disable this feature. Got o Settings, tap on Display and Brightness and turn off the Raise to Wake option.

18. Disable Auto-Brightness

When you have the complete control over your phone’s screen, we doubt you need the auto-brightness feature. You can easily adjust the screen brightness using the Auto-brightness feature. If you enable this feature, it is just going to affect the performance of refurbished iPhone 7 UK battery life. So, disable the feature by going to Settings, then to General, tapping on Accessibility and finally on Display Accommodations. Now toggle off the Auto-Brightness feature.

Alpha Smartphones

When you plan to buy a high-end smartphone, you usually have to invest a handsome amount. However, things are changing now, you can get your hands on a high-end phone at a reasonable price. Visit Alpha Smartphones and you will be impressed by their cheap smartphones deal. You will be able to buy any smartphone may it be an iPhone or a Samsung. They offer the most competitive prices in UK.


Battery of the phone is among its most imperative part. You can enjoy your phone as long as it has power life. Cheap iPhone 7 is a great phone, but it does have battery issue. However, you can improve iPhone 7 battery life by following some simple yet effective tips. Turning off Cellular network when you are connected to Wi-Fi, disabling AirDrop when you are not using it, disabling Wi-Fi when not in need can help the performance of your phone’s battery.

Your Dream May Come True with Refurbished iPhones
Your Dream May Come True with Refurbished iPhones

High-end newest smartphones are no way affordable for common users. So you can’t go for these products just by the hack. Breaking hundreds of pounds or more threshold is not easy even if you badly desire to buy any latest exciting eye catching mobile. Apple with widely loved cheap iPhones and all other rival, are rapidly replenishing the market with more powerful mobiles embedded with more and more features. Accordingly, price tags are getting pretty heavy. Refurbished iPhones are an exception though. The dream to own a new smartphone of your choice therefore always remain a dream.

Used iPhones nevertheless are a sigh of relief due to reduced prices. But the cheap rate is a sort of stigma confusing many others who really never experienced using a refurbished smartphone. Clarity on this issue is quite appropriate here so that your dream may come true with Refurbished iPhone.

The Myth About Refurbished iPhones

 You might have encountered many terms such as ‘reconditioned’ or ‘pre-owned’ or ‘open-box’ mobile phones, all interchangeable for what are known as ‘refurbished phones’. What are these in reality? Some mobile users think refurbished are some lower quality mobile sets which are not certified by ‘quality control, hence thrown in the market by manufacturers at a reduced price. Alternatively, some people consider those second hand smartphones are resold after giving excellent look like a new one, advertised as a refurbished phone.

The Reality of Refurbished iPhones

To gain confidence prior buying the one, these misconceptions should be removed once and for all revealing truth and reality. This is correct that refurbished iPhone or any smartphone for that matter is never a brand new mobile. Nevertheless, any refurbished iPhone was once a new smartphone bought by the first customer who sold it to any smartphone dealer after use. In most of the cases, if such a smartphone is an excellent condition and is as good as a new one, the company hand it over to their engineers for testing and fixing any shortcomings in its software. Hardware including covers is also checked and wherever necessary replacement of parts with genuine original parts is ensured.

What is The Difference with Used iPhones?

Refurbished iPhones are different from ‘Used’ phones greatly in the sense that they might have even not been used at all by the original buyer. Not very often though but such phones may still be in original packing when returned (sold) to market. However, they are mostly least used and functionally flawless. Despite that, all these smartphones are given a rigorous treatment concerning kind of health check to guarantee it look like and work like new. Cheap used  iPhones are neither lower in quality nor equipped with 100% brand new components. That is the reason the price is less than a brand new iPhone.

Used iPhones on the other hand, are simply second hand iPhone 6 which are apparently working fine but internal components and functions may or may not be long-lasting. Although sellers like Alpha Smartphones still stand behind such deals as well, with limited one eighty days warranty. But unlike refurbished iPhone which is invariably backed with 12 months solid warranty, used one is comparatively dependent on your luck.

So that is why this term ‘Refurbished’ is coined to distinguish from used iPhones. Reduced prices of such mobiles hence must not be mistaken for anything like compromised quality or functionality.  You are logically correct if you now understand that refurbished iPhone is a kind of NEW iPhone but at the reduced price.

Good news!  You can enjoy grabbing an almost new iPhone at easily affordable cost. Is your dream coming true?  Excited to order?   But just hold-on.  A few words about what you should bear in mind whenever you go for the purchase.  Because after all, you are not buying a brand new iPhone, to secure your hard earned money, you must check at least three points enumerated below:

  1. i) The Cheap Smartphones Dealer:First and foremost important consideration is the dealer’s reputation in the UK. To have a peace of mind your deal should be 100% price protected i.e. dealer owns the confidence given to you about the best offer by all means. Customer’s reviews on the website of Alpha Smartphones, for instance, can significantly help you learn a lot about smartphone dealer. This bit of research work will save a lot of your time and money. Your satisfaction must come from words of mouth from those who have already gone through satisfactory deals with Alpha Smartphones and are enjoying sweet memories.
  2. ii) Not the Warranty Alone:Price of refurbished iPhone once established as the best offer from Alpha Smartphones, the second vital information you must gather is how easy and tension-free is  ‘refund’ procedure and practice. In case you couldn’t accept the ordered mobile due to some reason, you should be sure to exercise your right of returning the device within given time receiving back refund without any worry.  Only best dealers take special care of quick and smooth refund to earn a good name. So it is not the warranty alone but the hassle free refund, as well that is important.Be alert as some dealers do offer you a most attractive price but without warranty. Never pick such a deal as it may become a part of trash very soon and so do your spent money.

iii) Red Flag: For costlier purchases as well as refurbished phones make a habit to read fine print marked with red flag ‘as is’. Reading it will be astonishing revelation indicating clearly the refurbished phone as ‘can’t be returned’ or cash ‘non-refundable’ at all.


How to make your dream come true with a refurbished iPhone without worrying about all the obstacles that may fall in your way? In the UK Alpha Smartphones is the answer.  There are definitely plenty of cheap smartphones sellers out there in the UK, some exclusively in refurbished phones deals. Then why Alpha Smartphones only, is briefly summarized below:

  1. i)Refurbished iPhones offered at Alpha Smartphones are refurbished by Apple Company’s experts. Latest techniques and fault diagnostic tools are used to detect and rectify any malfunction either in hardware or software prior to presenting refurbished iPhone at Alpha Smartphones.
  2. ii)You can conveniently decide to choose your deal out of wide range of iPhone models at guaranteed and most lucrative prices available at Alpha Smartphones. So you can always enjoy liberty of choice for cheap deals.

iii) It is ‘Five stars’ rated smartphone outlet which is only due to extraordinary and highly professional ‘customer care’ services for which Alpha Smartphones is famous for.

8 Benefits of Buy Used iPhones from The Certified Seller
8 Benefits of Buy Used iPhones from The Certified Seller

Smartphones today are more like disposable products. People are mentally convinced to trade it for a better version or simply sale it sooner or later. The market for cheap used iPhones are flourishing at a much faster pace than new Apple products due to various reasons. The top prime reason is the impeccable quality one can enjoy in used iPhones as compared to any other brand. For the same amount of pounds, a large number of users willingly buy second hand iPhones rather brand new smartphone from any other manufacturer. Apple is the name of class and customers verily acknowledge it. However, the source of buying cheap used iPhones are always a burning issue. The mobile market is swarmed with ample options, and choosing the right dealer is a challenging task in itself. But, once you pick the right dealer you will be enjoying following perks.

1)-Each iPhone is Once Tried & Tested

If you land on the right platform for buying used iPhone like Alpha Smartphones you are at a peace of mind indeed. Every single iPhone is thoroughly assessed both internally and externally to pinpoint any operational fault. If found any, the device is reinstated in fully functional condition by the top skilled engineers and technicians. The whole procedure is carried out in the diagnostic lab that is furnished with the state of the art technology. So while picking the right used iPhone deals you are literally carefree about the working of the mobile. Remember that second hand iPhones from relatives or from unauthorized shops are a big no as they have no quality assurance measures and procedures to verify the operational efficiency of iPhones. Reduced price may although appeal you initially but the discovery of faults, later on, will leave you helpless undoubtedly.

2)-Used iPhones are Fairly Cheap

Buying used iPhones from authorized dealers is, in fact, a treat for eyes and relief for the pocket. The latest iPhone models are although the apple of eye for everyone yet beyond buying capacity. However, the satisfaction of still owing a sophisticated product can be enjoyed if contacted the right dealer like Alpha Smartphones. The company is renowned all across the UK for the most economical deals that too with the flawless quality. You may come across with cheaper price tags but too low prices are alarming and raise questions about the credibility of the dealer. Scammy deals here in the UK have really caused a financial distress to the victims depriving them of the paid amount and placed trust.

3)-Used iPhones Gives The Same Feeling of Newness

Used iPhones, when purchased from the open market, are full of scratches and dents. The flawless feeling is really hard to find and customers feel reluctant to buy for low aesthetics. But the situation is really converse if you deal with the right company. Known to entire UK mobile fraternity for ages deliver cheap used iPhones in the same original look. Without any apparent imperfection, the mobile phones excite you the similar way as new or refurbished iPhones. It is to remember however that used phones are ranked according to their conditions and priced accordingly. The one in mint condition is exactly like new, used for a brief period. Refurbished phones like brand new will cost you more than cheap used iPhones. So you are at liberty to pick the best deal as per your pocket. Same models with different GB and colours are also available. The platform offers endless options when buy used phones so you can materialize the best deal according to your discretion.

4)-The Device Owes no Stigma

Buying second hand iPhones are always risky. It is therefore suggested to always check the status of phone prior buying to confirm it’s not stolen. One precautionary measure is to purchase the used phone from a certified dealer like Alpha smartphones who provide IMEI number printed on the box of the phone. Although the company offers only authentic smartphones on sale still customers can verify the status of the phone with this IMEI number.

5)-The Phone is Unlocked

Smartphones available on authorized platforms are in ready to operate condition. To avoid customers from any hassle all used iPhones for sale are unlocked and fit for use. You may need to contact carrier and follow some procedure if you buy a used phone from an unauthorized place.

6)-Price Protection

Online shopping has its own inherent risk. The vulnerability of critical data is the foremost issue that is carefully tackled by authorized dealers of smartphones. If you choose the right dealer you can enjoy complete price protection via 3D secure payment option. This greatly enhances financial security by implementing an additional security layer on all debit/credit card transaction. Companies issuing credit card ask the clients to maintain a secret password via extra authentication step. Also, the customers owe the right to cancel the trade from finalization of a iPhone deal to 30 days post delivery period. The customer is at liberty to return the device if it’s broken, faulty or does not comply with the stated description.


Customers can enjoy up to 12 months post warranty period from authorized dealers like cheap Smartphones. In case the device needs repair after the expiration of warranty you can still contact the same company for repair works although you need to pay charges for this favour. Customers are also encouraged to read and understand terms and condition of warranty before claiming.

8)-Easy Return

Customers can enjoy easy return no question policy while buying from the right dealer. If on receiving the used iPhone customers feel unsatisfied they can simply return the device within 30 days and get the entire refund. Point to remember: since brand new sets are also available for sale on the similar website, they are not eligible for a refund if the box is opened, for any related issue warranty need to be claimed with the relevant manufacturer.

How To Reduce Cost? When You Buy Refurbished iPhones
How To Reduce Cost? When You Buy Refurbished iPhones

So you are thinking about purchasing a refurbished iPhone. It’s definitely a great idea since you can get a smartphone of your choice without paying a high price. But a key question that should arise in your mind is that from where you can buy refurbished iPhones? The answer is quite simple i.e. Shop refurbished phones from a certified smartphone dealer/seller online.

When you buy a refurbished iPhone from a certified dealer, you will truly get a chance to reduce the cost of your demanded handset. A lot of benefits you can grab by making an iPhone purchase with an online seller, which will save you more money. To know about the detailed benefits of online shopping from online stores read this article.

Refurbished iPhones- The Cheap iPhones to Buy

Before getting into the details about the advantages of buying a refurbished iPhone, you must know something important about it. Refurbished iPhones are usually returned or sold to manufacturers and buyers because:

  • The previous iPhone owner changed their mind and made a decision of switching to the latest
  • The previous owner was not satisfied with the device and returned it.
  • The previous owner returned an iPhone as it was malfunctioning.

After getting returned these handsets, manufacturers or buyers follow a refurbishment procedure to make them available for resale in the market. They are thoroughly inspected, polished, and repackaged to give them a great cosmetic look. It’s not enough if they have some fault or damage; then they are repaired by expert mobile technicians to fix all issues by replacing hardware and software components. As a result, they are restored to their perfect working order.

Although refurbished iPhone are cheaper than brand new iPhones, it is a truth that they are loaded with lots of exciting features. Unlocking is the key attribute of cheap smartphones, which enables users to use different networks of their choices instead of getting restricted at one. So, simply approach an authorized online store and get a refurbished iPhone of any model that fits your needs and style!

Go For Certified Online Stores! To Buy Refurbished iPhones

No doubt, buying a refurbished iPhone is a smart option for those who can’t afford the expensive prices of brand new iPhones or simply don’t want to invest a huge amount in a brand new handset. Due to gaining popularity in the UK, refurbished smartphones are now available at a large number of local and online stores. If you take a consideration of online buying option, you will obviously find it worth taking.

You can also visit a Craigslist website such as eBay or Amazon for purchasing refurbished mobiles. But it can be risky because where a buyer is an unknown person and the chances are you could pay more for a low-value product. So, to ensure purchase protection and ultimate customer satisfaction, approaching an authorised smartphone dealer/seller online is the wise decision. They are directly involved in the entire buying procedure, so you can get the best ever deals for refurbished iPhones.

Benefits of Buying Refurbished Phones from Certified Online Stores     

Take a look at the benefits of purchasing refurbished phones from certified online stores. They will certainly help you save a lot of money on the purchase of your desired iPhone.

·         Simple & Fast Ordering Process

Almost all the smartphones dealers have their websites where they offer their stock of refurbished phones for sale. So, you have no need to go outside from the house and spend money on visiting different local shops. Simply head over to an online store, find your favourite iPhone, and confirm your order. It will take a few minutes and you will get it without any trouble or delay.

·         Cheapest Deals on Refurbished iPhones

Though refurbished phones are offered at reasonable prices at online stores, there are lots of deals presented for the sale of refurbished smartphones. They offer a variety of cheap iPhones and many other brands; you can easily find any model in different colors and storage capacities. Their offerings definitely save you a lot of money.

·         Free Doorstep Delivery

Another benefit you can enjoy by making an online purchase is free doorstep delivery. Yes, authorised stores not only provide fastest doorstep delivery but they don’t charge any fee for it.

·         90-180 Days Warranty

When you buy a refurbished iPhone from a certified online store, you will see that their offered products are in under warranty of 90-180 days. If you experience any issue with your products during the warranty period, you can come back to the store for free services.

·         No Hidden Charges

If you consider owning a brand new phone, you will get informed that you have to pay some extra charges (mobile insurance) with the actual price of a handset. Conversely, online stores don’t charge any hidden cost at the time of purchase of refurbished iPhone.

Final Words:

After knowing the benefits of buying refurbished Phones from an authorized online store, you would get maximum satisfaction about this popular option. However, it is advised that you should be sure to protect yourself and to choose a trustworthy and reputable store so that you don’t end up getting scammed.

Which Refurbished Mobile Phone Have the Resale Importance?
Which Refurbished Mobile Phone Have the Resale Importance?

In the present era, mobile phones are getting popularity as more and more people are buying latest smartphones. Due to the growing competition in the market, mobile manufacturers are upgrading their phones with advanced exciting features. But it is the truth that most popular brands offer their latest mobiles at a very expensive rate that most of the people can’t afford. To serve them, the trend of refurbished phones is growing fast. However, now the question is; is it worth to buy refurbished cheap mobile phones?

The answer is very simple, yes! Refurbished phones are just like new phones loaded with plenty of features and available at low prices. They are reworked, repackaged, and then made available for resale in the market. They are fully inspected by expert mobile technicians, so you can get the same level of quality and functionality as the new ones.

No doubt, buying a refurbished phone not only save you a lot of money but also make your phone wish come true. Well, it’s advised that you should approach a certified dealer/seller to buy cheap refurbished phones. The reason is that authorized dealers offer their cheap smartphones with both warranty and guarantee. They usually provide 1-year warranty and money back guarantee under which if you are not satisfied with the purchased product, you can give back to them and get your refund.

Cheap Refurbished Mobile Phones- A Worth Buying

Refurbished mobile phones are now commonly available at anywhere in local and online markets. They come in different makes, models, and colours so that everyone can choose the one according to his/her needs. Whether you are dreaming of an iPhone or wanting for a latest Samsung Galaxy, refurbished phones can meet your all desires. Have a look at some top mobile phones of Apple and Samsung which have resale importance in refurbished condition;

Samsung Galaxy S8

The latest launches of Samsung, Galaxy S8 has become a dominant addition to Galaxy family. The key feature of this masterpiece is the redefined larger screen of 5.8 inches Super AMOLED capacitive display protected with corning gorilla glass 5. Along with this, Samsung Galaxy S8 has the highest specs when it comes to many of its features. The upgraded Android operating system, 12 MP camera with phase detection autofocus, fast wireless charging, and fingerprint and face recognition sensors make it one-of-a-kind smartphones.

It is still available at an expensive price that many people don’t want to spend. So, buying it in a refurbished condition is the smart way to own this fantastic phone. Check out cheap smartphones deals at Alpha Smartphones to find out the cheapest price for a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is also one of the most selling Samsung products since 2016. The curved 5.5 inches Super AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 5 provides the sharpest, brightest, and most durable touchscreen ever possible. This wonderful piece of smart technology is full of stunning features that grab the attention of people. The Aluminium coated frame with sleek body makes its looks absolutely stunning. It also possesses record-breaking charging power, the incredible camera of 12 MP, heart-rate monitor sensor, fast Wi-Fi and much more that will not disappoint you. To get your hands on this advanced handset, don’t miss out the latest cheap refurbished phones deals at Alpha Smartphones.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6

Since 205 until now, Samsung Galaxy S6 is an intriguing offering of the Korean mobile giant. The reason is that it has brought an intuitive feel to user experience with the help of its significant advanced attributes. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is pleasing to the eye with sturdy and thin metal body and 5.1 inches Super AMOLED capacities touchscreen. Powered by 1.5GHz octa-core Samsung Exynos 7420 processor, it ensures better performance as compared to its predecessors. Don’t forget to look at the exclusive deals on cheap phones at the UK’s big smartphone selling platform to save money on purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Buy iPhone X

The Anniversary iPhone, iPhone X can also be found in a refurbished condition. It is a wise solution to own this classy yet costly handset at a pocket-friendly price. It packs with cutting-edge technology and unique advanced features. There is larger touchscreen, stronger case, higher performance, improved camera, fast Wi-Fi, long-lasting battery, and modern sensors that make it worth updating over old models. Want to own this dreamed handset on a short budget? Find out the latest refurbished iPhone X deals at Alpha Smartphones.

Apple iPhone 8

Recently launched, iPhone 8 is an impressive smartphone produced by Apple. It combines great screen technology together with some inspiring specification. The 4.7 inches LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacities touchscreen with 16M colors provides a sturdy, brightest, and sharpest display. In Addition, the Hexa-core dual processor, 12MP camera with advanced capabilities, long-lasting battery, fingerprint sensor, dust and water resistance, improved connectivity are some of the best attributes that persuade people to own the iPhone 8. If you are looking for a slim and stylish smartphone which is loaded with incredibly advanced features, the Apple iPhone 8 is the perfect gadget. To get it at an economical price, head over to the Alpha Smartphones website and look for cheap mobile phones deals!

Apple iPhone 6 for Sale

Apple iPhone is still in huge demand; because of its exciting and advanced features, people are a huge fan of it. It is aesthetically designed not only by looks but also by its software specs. The 4.7 inches LED-back lit capacities touchscreen and the sleek aluminum body are the most significant features that catch the attention of every phone user. Further, it is packed with a plenty of software advancements such as Dual-core 1.4 GHz Typhoon processor, 8 MP camera with face/smile detection, Siri natural language commands, and much more. If you are wishing to own this decent iPhone, visit Alpha Smartphones for discovering the latest cheap mobile phones deals.

Apple iPhone 5s

Since 2014 until now, Apple iPhone 5s is winning the hearts of people because of its powerful performance and amazing specs. It is a small 4 inches smartphone having a thin aluminum body with LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacities touchscreen of 16M colors. That means, it not only looks great but also provides a wonderful display experience to its users. Moreover, the improved advanced camera, powerful battery, upgraded processor, and fast Wi-Fi are some other attributes that make it one-of-its-kind handset. If you are a fan of iPhone 5 still in 2021, you can grab it at a very reasonable price. Don’t miss out the refurbished phones deals at Alpha Smartphones to save money.

9 Features & Functions of iPhone X to Relish
9 Features & Functions of iPhone X to Relish

The Apple iPhone X is one of the latest smartphones launched by Apple on the occasion of their 10th Anniversary. Before its release, Apple promised to change everything with their latest masterpiece, iPhone X. And now the iPhone X has definitely succeeded in its mission and the reason is its inventive and exciting features and functions. If you want to buy iPhone X then continue reading on to find out about its exciting features and functions. The iPhone X does not have the home button and the fingerprint sensor as well. It has a fancy fresh camera system.

Planning to Buy iPhone X?

Are you thinking about buying the iPhone X? You can look at various iPhone X deals to check out the one that is the best. This can be done online or by visiting different mobile phone shops. You can also get a refurbished iPhone X. Before buying this phone you may wish to know what it has to offer. If this is the case then read on.

Features & Functions to Relish

Below are some innovative and impressive features and functions you should know before or when you buy iPhone X;

1- Tap the Phone to Wake

Due to the fact that the Home button is no longer present in the iPhone X, you now have one less way to wake this phone. It is possible to still press that side button present, but this is not the only way possible. This phone has a tap to wake type of function, Apple has built this into the exciting iPhone X’s display. This does sound exciting. You just need to tap it one time to wake it up.

2- Its Brightest Screen

The iPhone X boasts its amazing display. It has a 5.8-inch Super Retina type of screen that will fill your hand as well as amaze your eyes. Therefore if you want a phone with a screen of this type then the iPhone X is for you.

3- Its Amazing Selfies

This phone has new portrait lighting options (i.e. in beta) so as to give your bokeh-effect photos extra theatrical drama. The iPhone X also has this on its front-facing camera. Simply go to selfie mode and it is possible to tap Portrait so as to gently blur your background as well as make your mug pop. Users are also able to select from lighting options, i.e. natural, stage as well as stage light mono, studio and also contour. Nevertheless you need to remember that Apple employs two rear cameras so as to get portrait mode on its iPhone X, 8 Plus as well as 7 Plus, its portrait mode selfies only rely upon one camera lens, aided by software, Therefore do not expect that you will get the same quality level as well as detail like the dual-camera portrait mode.

4- Unlock the Phone Using Your Face

This sounds exciting, right? You may have been attracted to the iPhone X because of this cool feature. Face ID claims to be simple as well as reliable. You need to take time and carefully set up this wonderful feature.

5- Disable Face ID Quickly

If you need to quickly disable the Face ID present on your iPhone X you will not need to go into settings so as to do this. Simply press the side button present five times and your Face ID will then be disabled. You will then have to enter the passcode so as to get access to the phone. This feature may turn out to be useful to some.

6- Face ID Helps You Save Your Precious Time

Face ID claims to be able to let you go to your password protected websites like Amazon. This will no doubt save you the time needed whilst typing in your password every time. You need to opt for this feature, therefore if you are into tight password control then you simply do not have to use this feature.

7- Dim the Screen When You Are Not Looking At it

The iPhone X has the ability to know when you tend to be looking at its display. It, therefore, is able to instantly dim the screen when you do not look at it. It also has the potential to automatically bring back the brightness to the standard setting you set, once you look at the screen again. This is amazing and is also good for saving your iPhone X’s battery life.

8- Hide Information Present in Notifications

This is a pretty cool feature present in the amazing Face ID camera tech of the iPhone X. You do not have to do anything to activate this. As stated above this phone knows when you tend to be looking at its display and also when you are not looking at its display. If you get a notification that displays on the screen, for instance, a text message pops up and at that time you are not viewing the display, you will be excited to know that the preview content of this particular notification will not show. When you then look at your iPhone X’s display, it will know that you actively look at it and will then automatically show you the preview content.

9- The Helpful Reach-ability Option is Still Present

Reachability was added to the iPhone 6 as well as 6 Plus. This feature allows users to drop their screen down on the iPhone’s display when they wish to easily tap buttons present at the top which may just not be in reach of their thumbs. This feature is also present in the iPhone X. It needs to nevertheless be enabled first. Proceed to Settings then to General then Accessibility, beneath the Interaction section toggle upon Reachability. When you are inside any app simply swipe down upon the new home bar, (around half an inch above this), your full screen will then slide down so that you can reach those top elements.

After reading the above it is up to you whether you wish to buy cheap smartphones. You can check out iPhone X for sale online or at some shops and get the one that has the best deal.

Here’s Why Most iPhone Lovers Are Looking for Refurbished iPhones?
Here’s Why Most iPhone Lovers Are Looking for Refurbished iPhones?

The iPhone is the most popular mobile phone of all time. It attracts millions of people across the globe as it bundles hundreds of advanced features. There are some competitors out there in the market, which trying to provide a tough competition to Apple iPhones. But every single time of upgrading, iPhone has something unique and innovative that makes it different from others. However, it is a truth that it is quite costly and lots of people can’t afford to buy a new one. So, how can you get a hold of your favorite iPhone model without spending the premium retail price? Buy Refurbished iPhones that make it easy and affordable for everyone to own an iPhone.

What are Refurbished iPhones?

Refurbished iPhones can come from reputable smartphone dealer or even for Apple store. They are used and have been upgraded, remodeled, repaired, polished and repackaged to be sold at discounted prices. These phones may have been returned by their customers for numerous reasons so typically they are still under the manufacturers’ original warranty.

Commonly a third or even half the prices are offered for cheap smartphones. Therefore, buying a refurbished iPhone is the best way to shop and get the quality handset for a fraction of the price.

Why iPhone Lovers Are Looking for Refurbished iPhones?

Refurbished iPhones are now in huge demand not only in the UK but all around the world. Because they are cheaper and therefore much more affordable compared to their brand new devices. This is the key reason why most iPhone lovers are looking for refurbished iPhones.

But the price is not an alone reason to buy a refurbished phone, take a look at some other ones! I am sure you will definitely get a fair inspiration to own a refurbished iPhone such as second hand iPhone 6.

1- The refurbished iPhones come with quality, fresh components considering that their damaged parts have been looked at as well as worked on. All faulty parts are replaced and new original ones installed so that these phones not only get a new look but also function like the brand new ones.

2- The software of refurbished or second hand iPhones is reliable. The expert iPhone engineers handle all previous glitches ensuring that every attribute is addressed as you get the most reliable software and hardware components in the phone.

3- As the refurbished iPhones are reworked so they are loaded with multiple features which you can’t find in a brand new handset. For instance, unlocking, a key feature that increases the demand for refurbished phones. When you buy a brand new iPhone, you will find it locked to a particular SIM network that means you can use any other network of your choice on it. However, with an unlocked refurbished iPhone, you are not restricted to a single network, you can use any of your favorite networks anywhere.

4- Refurbished iPhones are remodeled so you can find them in different color schemes and storage specifications. Such as, you are looking for a second hand iPhone 6, you can get it in black, silver, and gold color with a storage capacity of 16/32/64/128 GB. That means, these iPhones not only suit your budget but also fit your specific needs.

These phones have also been tested by expert iPhone engineers to ensure the quality and performance same as like the new ones. They put through many tests at the refurbishment factory so that users can enjoy a great mobile experience.

So Where is The Best Place To Find Refurbished iPhones For Sale?

If you are considering buying a refurbished Apple iPhone, you may visit a local smartphones shop in your town, which sell such kinds of iPhones. However, the chances of finding these iPhone dealers that have an extensive selection of quality iPhones are very low.

The best place to buy quality refurbished iPhones for cheap would be online. There are many online stores that offer refurbished smartphones for sale. They have some of the best package deals on refurbished phones and can get you your favorite for less. But only a few who are trustworthy and certified by manufactures.

Why You Should Buy Refurbished iPhones from Certified Seller?

1- Online smartphones stores have made mobile phone purchasing easier than ever before. With just a simple click, you can book order to get your desired phone at your doorstep. It saves you time and removes all hassle that you have to face while buying a refurbished phone from local shops.

2- By making a purchase from a certified online store, you can get 90-180 days warranty for all products offered. Furthermore, you can return them back within some days of purchase and get your money back if you are not satisfied with your purchased handset.

3- Online stores offer a large variety of refurbished phones of all major brands including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony, and LG etc. So, if you are looking for an iPhone, you can check out the latest collection of refurbished iPhones for sale, available at a top-rated online dealer.

4- Authorized dealers have a team of expert mobile phone technicians to make sure the quality and performance of their products. They thoroughly inspect all devices applying different quality checks.

5- The prices of refurbished phones presented on online shops are also low. Additionally, you can find different seasonal and special deals to avail more discount on buying refurbished products.

6- They also provide fast and free delivery services to deliver your ordered phone to your front door.

All the above benefits of online buying will definitely convince you to find an online certified dealer/seller for buying a refurbished iPhone. However, be sure that when you are in search of smartphones dealers, they have valued customers and rating reviews. Other non-authorized online dealers who have refurbished iPhones for sale may have a cheaper price but may not have the quality assurance as a reputable authorized online store.

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