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Black Friday Phone Deals 2021:Our Predictions

 Experts make 3 predictions for Black Friday 2021

1. Smartphones: Black Friday is the best time of year for Apple discounts. AlphaSmartPhones tend to offer the best deals of the year. One thing to keep in mind: Avoid any other retailer Black Friday sale. We will offer better prices than Apple's faux holiday sale etc.

2- Airpods: At the start of the holiday season, we offered air pods of 2 generations - for just in a very inexpensive price. It's a price I haven't seen so far this year, which leads me to think that these amazing pods won't get cheaper than that during the holiday season.

 3- PS4: Unfortunately, buying a PS4 is going to be near- impossible this holiday season. So my advice is to hunker down and try to score one during a PS4 restock event before the holiday rush. Sure, we'll see PS4 black on games and accessories, but the consoles themselves will be hard to find. I wouldn't be surprised if at least one store makes shoppers line up in the morning for a chance to buy it. To avoid all that, make sure to bookmark our PS4 camouflage tracker for the latest updates on when to buy the PS5.

iPhone Deals:

  1. Black Friday iPhones
  2. Black Friday Samsung phones
  3. Black Friday phone accessories

AlphaSmartPhones' present Black Friday phone deals offer the best opportunity all year round to bag a bargain on any number of coveted devices. Regardless of whether you're on team Apple or team Android, there are going to be fantastic options throughout this month. We've put together this handy guide to Black Friday phone deals to tell you everything you need to know, save you some hard-earned cash, and score you the right device. While there are already a few retailers and carriers here and there launching their Black Friday sales (which we've listed below), we would expect the vast majority to launch their best prices at the end of the month.

What are the top Best Buy Black Friday 2021 deals?

Since we've been covering Black Friday phone deals for a couple of years now, we've got a pretty clear idea about what should be coming down the line. Expect huge discounts on unlocked devices, big trade-in rebates from the top carriers, and maybe even a newly released iPhone flagship...

Our deals for Black Friday

This year AlphaSmartPhones bring a factor you haven't seen over Black Friday before – stock issues. A few key devices are struggling with both stock and delivery dates. This means if you see a deal you're liking, it is worth grabbing it straight away. Black Friday will fall on November 26, but you can expect a large array of Black Friday deals to drop way before that date. Retailers love an early sale, phone carriers included, so definitely expect to see discounts as early as late October. We'll be updating this page regularly throughout the year, including with the deals as they drop, so feel free to bookmark and revisit at a later date. This is when we'll hopefully see the best budget devices as well as big flagship discounts on the google pixel 6, iPhone 13 series, the OnePlus 9 and Samsung's Galaxy S21 trio. However, something to keep in mind this year is the stock issues we're seeing. A lot of big handsets like the iPhone 13 series, Google Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S21 range might struggle to stay in stock during Black Friday.

Black Friday phone sales at a glance at AlphaSmartPhones

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