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Best iPhone For You!
Best iPhone For You!

When we talk about the term ‘best’, it varies from person to person. We cannot set the bar by declaring only one iPhone as the best phone available in the market. Every iPhone that has ever launched has something amazing. So we cannot skip the others in the process of declaring only one iPhone as the ‘best.

Apple has raised the bar for other mobile phone manufacturing companies by the highest market share in the UK. How Apple reached there? Apple has always been committed in providing the best quality iPhones to the users so that they can have an impeccable experience while using this mobile phone. We cannot criticize any of the iPhones, as they all have some special features that can’t be ignored.

Moreover, we always look for the best iPhone whenever we are buying a second-hand or refurbished phone. We would let you know about the iPhones possessing the best features according to your preferences:

Display Size:

Display sizes of iPhones vary from one another in most of cases. Everyone likes different display sizes according to their preference. That is the sole reason that we cannot declare an iPhone best on the basis of its display size. But we can surely suggest you the best iPhone according to your preferences.

Small Display Size: If you don’t like bigger smartphones and you are comfortable with having a small one, then the best option for you in refurbished phones is iPhone 5S with 4” display. Looking at the fact that iPhones are getting bigger and bigger with time, we don’t want you to wait for a smaller iPhone to be launched anytime soon. The perfect decision for buying a small iPhone in this era would be iPhone 5S. You must be thinking that; ‘isn’t iPhone 5S a very old iPhone model?’ Well we can assure that this model is still not too old, as you can upgrade it to iOS 12 (the latest Apple Software). Yes, you can have the body of an older iPhone with the internal software of the latest one.

Medium Display Size: If you want an iPhone with a normal sized display then; iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 all are the best option for you. All of these models of iPhone possess 4.7” display that is generally not too big or not too small either. So if you want a phone that you can hold in your hand or put in your pocket as well as watch your favourite movies on, then these iPhones are perfect for you.

Large Display Size: Many people in the UK are fond of having larger displays in their iPhones. If you are one of these people, then you might like the plus series by Apple in iPhones. iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 8 plus have 5.5” inch display. With this display you can watch anything on your iPhone and feel good about the size and quality.


Yes, the camera is another aspect that has to be perfect for many people around the UK. In today’s era, you must have the best camera in your mobile phone to be famous. You can become famous in your actual life with a good camera as you would have more friends that would love to take good pictures from your iPhone. With a good camera, you can become famous on social media platforms as well. People always seek for people that have good pictures on their profiles to follow. So having good pictures would increase the number of your followers on social media.

There are many iPhones available in the market that have dual rear cameras, which capture vibrant and beautiful pictures. Some of these iPhone models include; iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. You can easily buy one of these refurbished iPhones according to your budget.

Slim iPhone:

Many people actually want their iPhone to be slimmer so that it can adjust in their hands and pockets easily. Apple has been trying to make its iPhones slimmer every year. But the slimmest iPhone ever launched is the iPhone 6, with a thickness of about 6.9mm. This iPhone was considered the slimmest phone of the era that it was launched in.

Although iPhone 6 was launched way back in 2014, but this iPhone almost has all the specifications that the latest models have. You can get second-hand iPhone 6 in cheaper rates only at Alpha Smartphones. You can buy this phone and make your life easier in terms of specifications and its slimness.

Better Battery Timing:

iPhones usually have better battery timings than its other competitors, but do you know about the iPhone that has the best battery timing ever? The battery timing cannot be judged by how much the iPhone takes to drain the whole charge. Firstly, battery timings depend on how much you use the phone and the settings that you set in your iPhone.

If you use the brightest light settings in your iPhone, the battery would surely drain faster. That is the reason that we always suggest you put your iPhone at the auto-brightness mode to prevent your phone from unnecessary battery drainage. The other thing that we always suggest is to turn off the unnecessary settings and unwanted applications from your iPhone including the mobile data and background apps.

Once you are done with these things, the battery life of your phone would automatically extend to a better level. Anyhow, we were talking about the best iPhone in terms of battery life! iPhone XS Max by far has the best battery timing than all of the previous iPhone models. But spending more than a thousand pounds on an iPhone isn’t a smart decision.

Despite iPhone XS Max, there are many other iPhone models that have great battery timings. These models include; iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. These models have a better battery life as Apple eliminated the audio jack from these iPhones to adjust a bigger and better battery. No doubt the battery life of these iPhones is better than their predecessors, but you can easily extend the battery life of your iPhone by following the instructions described above.

Headphone Jack:

As mentioned above; Apple eliminated the audio jack from its latest iPhones to adjust a bigger battery. That was a good initiative that Apple took to extend the battery life of iPhones, but many people across the UK need an iPhone with an audio jack due to various reasons. Audio jack is a very useful feature in any smartphone to increase its connectivity.

All of the iPhones that were launched before the iPhone 7 have audio jacks in them. But the best one to purchase is the iPhone 6 and 6s if you want an audio jack in the phone. You can easily find second-hand iPhone 6 and 6s online on our website and can make your life easier with the best iPhones with an audio jack.

Home Button:

Most of us feel comfortable using the home button in iPhones, but you wouldn’t have this leverage in the newer models of iPhone. The home button was included in iPhones till iPhone 8 and 8 plus. The iPhones launched after iPhone 8 and 8 plus have the infinity display feature and due to this they don’t have a home button.

In iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, Apple introduced a future-forward home button with a fingerprint scanner in it. These both are the best iPhones for you if you want a home button on your iPhone.

After reading this article, you must have known that the term ‘best’ variates from person to person. But you can easily find the best iPhone for yourself while checking the features described above.

iOS 12 vs. Android PIE: Which improves your Mobile Experience Better?
iOS 12 vs. Android PIE: Which improves your Mobile Experience Better?

iOS 12 features and Android PIE reviews? This question rises in the minds of every mobile phone user when they are buying a new phone. Android and Apple always try their best to provide people with the best experience they can ever have with the software updates that they launch every year. Either you buy an iPhone or an Android with the latest software version, you will enjoy them to your limits if you want your life to become easy than it was before. To enjoy these latest software updates in iPhones and Android phones you don’t have to spend much to buy a new phone when you can easily spend much less and buy refurbished iPhone or Android phone and enjoy the same features that you get in the latest models.

Normally there is myth that the iPhone users cannot switch to Android and vice versa. But this is a mere myth as one can easily switch between these two and enjoy the specifications of these software. Many of the specifications in these software are alike as Android and Apple both know about the needs of the users and they try their best to cope up with them.

iOS 12 Features:

Let us first describe the latest features that are included by Apple in its iOS to check if these features are worth it or not. Although Apple has introduced a new version i.e. iOS 12.1 but that version only solved the bugs in iPhones. But first let us talk about iOS 12 compatibility; iOS 12 is compatible on iPhone newer than iPhone SE, while iOS 12 release date in the UK was September 17th, 2018. Just like iOS 12, iOS 12.1 is also compatible on these models of iPhone. This is one of the best things that Apple does; it sent iOS 12 update to the iPhones that are almost 5 years older than the latest one. And also iOS 12 update was sent to all of the iPhones on the day of its launch, so you would have to bear no delay in updating your device for the new features. Now that we have a clear view about iOS 12 compatibility, let us now look at the new iOS 12 features.

What’s New in iOS 12?

The question that we should have here is not what’s new in iOS 12 but what are the iOS 12 features that are worth it? iOS 12.1 and iOS 12 features are considered as one of the best features ever launched in any version of iOS. Let us see the new iOS features down below:

     iOS 12 Features To Speed Up Your iPhone:

The first and the most important reason that Apple launched this new version of iOS was to enhance the performance of the iPhones while making the processing speeds of the iPhones faster than ever. The most irritating thing when a user uses a mobile phone is when the mobile phone lags while you are performing some important tasks or if you are running late and you don’t really have the time to deal with all of the lags. In this fast paced world, almost every time we are in such a situation that we need our phone to be faster than ever. Apple knows and respects the users concerns, and that is the sole reason that the best iOS 12 feature is that Apple improved the performance of its iPhones.

With iOS 12 and iOS 12.1 you can swipe left to the camera and the camera would be opened 70% faster than it did before. Moreover, the keyboard of your iPhone now displays 50% faster than it did before. Furthermore, the best improvement is that when you are doing multiple tasks on your iPhone, then your iPhone can launch apps 2% faster than it did before.

In short, if you have an iPhone with iOS 12 compatibility then your life can become much easier.

     iOS 12 Feature To FaceTime With 32 People At Once:

In this busy world, we cannot really call every one individually if we have urgent news to spread around in our friends circle. Moreover, in the official life; most of the times it happens that we have to conduct a meeting but we cannot get everyone on the call at once that delays our official tasks. The good news is that now you can FaceTime with up to 32 people at once either its audio or video. You can sigh in relief after getting to know this as this would help you in saving much of your precious time. Group FaceTime with such a large number of individuals make us in becoming more productive in our lives.

The extra perk that Apple has provided its users with is; when you video FaceTime such a large number of people then it might happen that you get confused about who is speaking. To clear out this confusion, Apple introduced another iOS 12 feature that makes the thumbnail enlarge of the person who is currently talking to make it easier for you to identify.

     iOS 12 Features Related To Screen Time:

This new iOS 12 feature is much helpful for the users in many aspects. To keep a track record of the time you spend on each application, you don’t have to worry about it anymore as your iPhone keeps all of the track record of your iPhone usage. Apple respects our values and Apple itself doesn’t want you to get addicted to your iPhone. There is a real life present out of your iPhone’s digital life and you have to live the reality to the fullest by spending quality time with your family and friends and not using your iPhone every time.

Screen Time lets you know the specific time period of the day that you have spent on certain applications. It doesn’t offer us to set time limits at the moment but it shows the exact time that you have spent on certain applications, so you can get an idea of how much time you are wasting on your iPhone.

Not only for yourself, you can also keep a time track on how much time your kids are spending on the iPhone or iPad and you can further make them aware of not using the devices too much.

     iOS 12 Features of Do Not Disturb Mode:

The do not disturb mode in your iPhone proves to be convenient for the users. But the best thing to know right now is that Apple made this feature even more convenient in iOS 12 and iOS 12.1. Now the only option for you while setting the do not disturb mode isn’t only the time limit that you set. The new do not disturb mode allows you to turn on the do not disturb mode until you leave a specific place. iPhone tracks your location in such cases, e.g. if you need to attend a meeting and you always put your iPhone on do not disturb mode but after the meeting you always forget to turn it off. If that is the case with you then you can easily turn on the option of until I leave this location and once you leave the meeting, your phone would automatically come back to the normal settings. iOS 12 also offers the features such that you can put your iPhone on do not disturb mode until evening or for an hour, etc.

These aren’t all of the new specifications added by Apple in iOS 12 but these are surely the best ones in the bunch.

What’s New With Android PIE?

Android PIE is the latest version of Android. Android PIE release date was August, 2018, but unlike iOS 12 Android PIE update was only sent to the latest models of Android phones or only Google phones initially. This version of Android is also known as Android 9 PIE as this is the 9th update in Android versions. Android PIE update would come to the other models of Android phones until mid of this year like every time. Well now that we know its compatibility, we can discuss the Android PIE features that steal the hearts of people all around.

     Android PIE Update on Battery Life:

Android introduced new features that help you save the battery life of your mobile phone without putting up the battery saver mode. These features include adaptive battery that allows your phone to be smart enough to know your applications usage patterns. The adaptive battery knows the applications that you don’t use much and it doesn’t allow those applications to drain the battery of your phone.

Another feature under this head is of adaptive brightness. In the older versions of Android, when you put your Android phone on auto brightness then it sets the brightness according to the lighting conditions itself. But now you can take a hold on the auto brightness mode, as you can easily adjust the brightness according to the lighting conditions. Your phone would remember your selection on the specific lighting conditions making it easier for you to use your phone. Moreover, this would save the battery life of your Android device much.

     Android PIE Update on Digital Wellbeing:

Over here by digital wellbeing, we are talking about the time track record that you can keep while using you phone. Just like iOS 12, Android PIE also offers you a feature that is just like the Screen Time in the iOS, but this feature in PIE is much better. On the dashboard you can look at the specific time that you are spending on certain applications on your phone. Not only this, you can also track the time when you check your phone in general. This can give you an idea of how much you use your phone and ignore your real life.

You don’t have to worry if you use your phone too much and can’t help it in general. As you can now set limits to the applications that you use on your phone. App timers would let you know when you are about to reach the limit that you have set for certain application and when that limit would be crossed; the application icon would gray out to let you know that you have other things in your life as well.

     Android PIE Update on Do Not Disturb:

Android also enhanced the do not disturb mode used in its new version. In Android PIE, you can easily turn on the do not disturb mode and set time limits on that. Not only that, on do not disturb mode the display of your phone would turn gray scale making it easier for you to get to sleep and not let those bright colours of your display disturb your sleep. You can turn on the do not disturb mode whenever you want to silent all of the notifications and to turn the display to gray scale mode. What’s even better than that!

Final Verdict:

Now that you know the amazing iOS 12 features and amazing Android 9 PIE features, you can now easily select the phone that you want to buy. Both of the software include some of the best features for the users’ ease. You can easily buy refurbished iPhone and get iOS 12 in that iPhone without any glitch. But you would have to check if the Android phone is updated to Android PIE or not before buying that specific phone.

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